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How shall I break this tie? I decided to re-read e v e r y vote submitted and the majority of people thought that while Pikachu/Hello Kitty would be hilarious, Snape would most likely kill me, then Hermione. Others said MadHatter/Alice was used way too much. So do I use Hatter or Pikachu? Read to find out. *evil grin* By the way, if you want to see the exact costumes they wore, it should be on my profile page. I say should because fanfiction hates me and it takes forever to update my profile. :D I suggest you look at my profile after you read on, otherwise it will spoil the surprise.

"Absolutely, positively no way in hell am I wearing that." Snape sneered at abomination Hermione tried to call a costume. "What is that blasted thing anyway?"

"It's a Pokemon." Hermione explained calmly while secretly squealing in joy on the inside. That look on his face was beyond worth it. "It's called a Pikachu. I'll be going as Hello Kitty." She smiled widely at him.

"I refuse. You wear it, I won't." He crossed his arms, silently daring her.

"Okay, I'll be Pikachu, you can be Hello Kitty." She pulled a extremely short dress out and handed it to him, followed shortly by white cat ears.

"You've gone bonkers, woman!" His eyes were as wide as saucers, "No way in hell would I consider wearing this." Although a voice suggested that he would enjoy seeing her in it. No, bad Snape! He scolded himself. Last thing he needed was to lust after his student. Even if she would look good dressed like a cat.

"I figured you would say that." She sighed dramatically and with a flick of her wand the costume disappeared and were replaced by something different. "Thats why I picked up this at the last minute."

"Better. . . sort of." He mumbled. The costume he held was now a lot brighter but preferable to. . . that yellow thing. The new costume consisted of a very colorful top hat, the top was yellow, the base green with a blue and red rim. Next came a crazy white wig which he soon found out was attached to the hat. There was a white button-up shirt with a silky blue vest covering it, to top off the top was a huge lighter blue bow and a orange overcoat. Next came lime-green pants and simple black shoes.

"Its by far, too colorful." he complained after closer examination.

"You did promise me, are you going back on your word? We could always switch back to Pikachu. . . "

"No, no, no! This is fine. . . What are you wearing?" He looked around but she wasn't holding a costume.

"It's a surprise. You'll get to see it when I come to get you. You better be ready!" She held a pointed finger up at him and looked stern, but the look was lost due to her grin. "I mean it. I don't mind force dressing you."

"I'll be ready." Was all he said when she left and he began to get dressed in his rooms while she changed in the empty potions classroom.

Moments later when they were both fully clothed he heard a faint knocking at his door. When he opened it he was shocked. Hermione looked. . . He didn't know what to call it. She looked seductive, but also so innocent he couldn't quite call it that. He couldn't tell if she was blushing underneath the make-up, but he strongly felt that she was.

Hermione's costume stopped about four inches above her knees, it was a beautiful light blue dress with a white apron and short fluffy sleeves. The sleeves ended in a strip of black, and her apron had two big black buttons holding her shoulder straps in place. Under her dress was a pretty layered tulle petticoat. Her shoes were heeled and black with knee-high socks. She had styled her curly hair into sleeker, tamed curls and wore a pretty blue bow in her brown hair.

Simply put she was adorable.

"You look. . . Pretty." He complimented her, which made Hermione's eyes widen for a second. She hadn't expected him to compliment her, even if they were sort of becoming friends.

"You look quite dashing yourself." She winked at him and if Snape was capable of blushing he would have. Clearing his throat he offered her his arm, "Shall we?"

"Why, lets." She said and they both walked arm in arm to the Great Hall. Everyone who saw them had to do a double-take. It wasn't just the fact that Hermione looked so. . . Beautiful, but the hated potions master looked pretty nice himself. Not to mention they were walking arm in arm, which was the biggest shock of all. Everyone knew Snape hated the know-it-all and Hermione had been acting up around Snape a lot.

When they finally reached the great hall it was like Hermione expected it to be. The room was dark and decorated and already full of fourth years and up dancing. The music itself was a mixture between newer popular songs and eerie slow waltzes. It was simply amazing. Girls were dressed as fairies, princesses, muggle witches, and other various characters. The male wizards were also dressed in muggle costumes. Was that Harry dressed like Dracula with a red-haired Egyptian princess?

The music quieted down as if on cue as soon as Hermione and Snape fully entered the room. The song was one Hermione recognized, Dark Waltz by Hayley Westenra.

"Would you like to dance?"

"I would love too." She smiled and took his hand as they walked onto the dance floor, the violin darkly beautiful, the voice just starting to sing.

We are the lucky ones
We shine like a thousand suns
When all of the colour runs together

I'll keep you company
In one glorious harmony
Waltzing with destiny forever

The arm around her waist held her mere inches from his body, she felt nice and warm and wanted to rest her head over his heart but didn't. Couldn't. If anyone thought Alice and the Mad Hatter dancing together to a waltz was odd they didn't say anything.

Dance me into the night
Underneath the moon shining so bright
Turning me into the light

Time dances whirling past
I gaze through the looking glass
And feel just beyond my grasp is heaven

They twirled to the music, keeping time to the music without trying. It felt so natural to be in Severus' arms. Wait, No. She thought, Professor Snapes arms are not to be comforting. You stupid, silly twit.

Severus himself was fighting his own battles, the music and dancing were making him feel relaxed. Her hand on his shoulder, other in his hand felt right, and he knew it was wrong. She was his student. He was an old man.

Sacred geometry
Where movement is poetry
Visions of you and me forever

Dance me into the night
Underneath the moon shining so bright
Turning me into the light

Dance me into the night
Underneath the moon shining so bright
Let the dark waltz begin
Oh let me wheel - let me spin
Let it take me again
Turning me into the light

The music stopped and so did they. They didn't even realize that everyone had stopped to watch the couple dance. Hermione really was blushing now and Severus cleared his throat to stall.

"Punch?" He asked.

"Please." Her voice was breathless from the exertion of the dance, and she tried to tell herself it was also the reason why her face was flushed.

After her Professor walked away she was swarmed by her friends Ron, Ginny and Harry. Parvarti and Lavender were also there but she wouldn't call them friends.

"What are you up to, Hermione?" Harry asked, "When did you learn to dance like that?"

"Fourth year, same as you. Besides I'm not up to anything, I'm just having fun."

Ron sputtered, "With the Bat of the Dungeons? What is he wearing anyway? Matter of fact what are you wearing." His eyes suddenly bugged out when he realized how short her skirt was.

"Please, Ron." Ginny rolled her eyes as she began, "Hermione can wear what she wants and dance with who she wants. Besides, Professor Snape looks hot tonight."

"I have to agree." Piped in Lavender, Ron's date.

"Ginny! Lav!" His face turned red as he stared at his girlfriend and sister, "You did not just call Snape hot."

Harry looked pale, "Ginny, I think you need glasses, love."

Parvarti just laughed before speaking up, "Anyway hottie is coming back, lets leave the couple alone." Hermione wanted to protest that they weren't a couple but Parvarti was already dragging the boys away with the help of the other two girls. Soon after Severus offered her a cup.

"Thank you." She took a sip and was pleased, it tasted like mangoes.

"You're Welcome." He played also took a sip of his drink. "What did the dunderheads want?"

Hermione playfully swatted his arm, "They're not all dunderheads. Well not completely." She was stumbling over what she was trying to say and huffed in frustration. "Ok Ron and Harry can be idiotic, but Ginny has a good head on her shoulder. Parvarti isn't so bad either."

"Miss Brown?"

"Barely tolerable, I'll admit to that." She smiled and he smiled back.

"I have to ask. . . " He began.


"Are you going to finally bring an end to your game?"

"Game? What game?" She blinked up at him innocently causing him to laugh.

"You know what I'm talking about."

"I'm afraid I can't." She said sadly, but her gleaming eyes said different.

"Why not?" Now his eyes were gleaming, and he had to admit as much as he wanted her to stop. . . He didn't.

"I have a list."

"You have a list."

"Yes, and until I finish the list I can't stop." She lowered her voice and whispered the last words into his ear as if it was a dire secret.

"Then I'm afraid one day I will have to make my own list and get back at you."

"That won't work."

"Why not?"

"I'm too smart." She stated smugly, "I would immediatly catch on and not let it bother me.

"I see." was all he said to her, but the wheels were already turning in his head. He just wouldn't let her be refuse to be bothered.

"I know that look!" She accused, "You're up to something! Well fine, make your list. I shan't care."

"What list?" He asked just as innocently as she had earlier. She didn't look amused and actually pouted at him.

For the rest of the Ball the two laughed and danced with each other, barely noticing anyone else was in the giant room with them. When the Ball was finally over Hermione walked with Professor Snape to the dungeons and bid him goodnight with a hug.

Both wanted to kiss the other, but neither dared to cross that line.

Not yet, anyway.