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This is in response to the prompt of the day at the Hogwarts Online forum. The prompt was Boats.

Cooking Through Grief

Before she had arrived, the cupboards in the small flat held only the basics. Some bread, a few sandwich makings and the occasional dish their Mum had sent home with them just so she would know they weren't starving. Their oven had never been used, and in fact she had to wash a thick layer of dust off before she could even use it. Things were different now, like so many things these days. The cupboards were now full of ingredients, things needed to make meals and things needed to make sweets. Any empty space after that was filled with biscuits in different containers. On one of the counters were three different kinds of cake and a trifle. In the oven was a batch of lemon bars. Nearby was a casserole already put together and just waiting for its turn in the oven.

Katie Bell was cooking her way through the grief of losing her parents. Due to the fact that she now had to remain hidden, she had only been told where their bodies had been buried by Order members. Not even her brother Keith was able to go. At times it didn't seem real, one minute her Mum had been making dinner while Katie told her about the latest letter she had received from George. The next, they heard the loud cracks of apparition followed by her Dad's muggle gun firing off shots.

Katie remembers how her Mum quickly jumped over the counter and stood on one side of the kitchen doorframe, motioning for Katie to do the same. They began to fire spells into the family room, which was now full of Deatheaters, while more spells and muggle bullets came down from the landing above the living room. They were going to die, Katie knew that. How could they survive; one wizard, two witches and one muggle were no match for the ten Deatheaters that were in the living room now. Only two had fallen, one to her Dad's gun and another from a spell that Keith had fired.

"Get Katie out of here!" Her Dad had shouted and seconds later Keith had apparated into the kitchen and had grabbed Katie's arm. The last thing Katie saw was her Mum apparating to join their father on the landing. She fired off one more spell, before Keith apparated out of their kitchen and landed in Diagon Alley. He then dragged her down the street towards the Weasley twins' shop.

That was the last she saw of Keith as well, except for the occasional note he was able to pass on to Katie through the twins, he disappeared as soon as George had promised that he would look out for Katie and that she could hide in the flat for now. Word came of her parent's death. All because her Mum who was a Pureblood had married a Muggle they had killed them. That had been three weeks ago.

So instead of crying about the fact that she would never see her Mum again, Katie cooked every recipe her Mum had ever taught her. She made biscuits and cakes, bars and soups. The other day she had made ice cream from scratch and used it in her Dad's peanut butter banana boats. She cooked, so she wouldn't cry because they were in a war and even though she was no longer able to fight on the outside she was not about to let those who could continue the fight to go hungry.

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