Chapter 1

May 5th


My big sister Rosalie has been married for five years to Emmett while I finished high school and my four year college degree; my degree is in registered nursing the same as my sister. My sister and I had been by ourselves for the last eight years since our parents had been killed in a plane crash. As a result, we both now refused to fly. Emmett helped us get through the tough times and which led to Rose falling in love with him.

Sadly, two years ago Rose found out she couldn't have children.

After my college graduation, celebration dinner with Rose and Emmett, and then going to a few parties with friends, I spent the night at my new home and I got up early in my new apartment. I called Rose and asked, "Can I come over for breakfast?"

"Of course, Bella. You know you can come over whenever you want; we didn't take your key away," said Rosalie.

Once I got there, I asked Rose, "Where's Emmett?"

"At the gym," said Rosalie "What's up, sis?"

"I just wanted to thank you again for my own apartment as a graduation present. It's perfect for me," said Bella.

"You're welcome; you deserve it. You came out of all this very well-rounded and balanced even after everything we have been through," Rose said.

"Thanks to you and Emmett. You two are responsible for who I've become."

We talked about the apartment and where I thought I would apply to for being a nurse over breakfast, our favorite croissants and fruit. It was one of our parents' favorites. "But the real reason I came over is because I want to give you a graduation present, as well"

"What do you mean?" Rosalie asked.

"Rose to thank you for the last eight years, I want to carry the baby for you and Emmett that you can't."

Rose's mouth dropped open and said, "You what?"

"Rose, I want to carry your baby for you and Emmett. We know I can because when you couldn't, you had me get tested to make sure that it hadn't happened to me as well. We have your eggs and, of course, Emmett can easily supply the sperm. You have done so much for me that I want to give you something back." Rose stood up and walked into my arms on the couch and was crying and I rubbed her back telling her how much I loved her. "Rose, I wanted to do this for you two years ago when we found out; but I needed and wanted to finish school first. Then once I completed school, I planned on volunteering; I hope you will let me." Rose continued to sob. "I know I was selfish to wait until I finished college; but I needed to finish school first for me, you, mom and dad."

Rose blubbered, "You weren't being selfish."

Emmett came in and saw us both crying and ran over to us and asked Rose, "What is wrong?"

"Emmett, nothing is wrong. Bella just volunteered to give us the greatest gift of all."

"What? Rose, you have me worried? You never cry, please. What is going on you two?"

"Emmett, Bella just volunteered to carry a baby for us. She wants to thank me by carrying our baby since I can't."

"Oh my God. Isabella, you would do that for us? You would be our Baby Oven?"

"Yes, I would. You two are my family. Emmett," I said with a smile, "did you just call me your Baby Oven?"

"Yes I did," Emmett said with a smile and a chuckle. "If you are going to allow us to put something inside of you and have it grow in your nice warm body, then yes you are our Baby Oven. How soon do we start? Bella, should we go practice now?"

"Emmett, that is gross. If you ever suggest that again, I'll …."

Then Rose said, "No Bella. I will lock him out of our bedroom for a very long time if he even tries that with you."

Emmett then pulled the three of us together and said, "I am just kidding, you two."

"Emmett, I am not kidding about this though. The only part of my naked body you are going to get to see through all of this is my expanded belly. Whenever there is a possibility that you may see any other part of my body, you will be asked to leave the room."

"Bella, I want to see them put the fertile eggs into you."

"Rose, please tell him no." and I started almost crying. "Rose, you can come in and watch. Plus I will want you to hold my hand but, no Emmett please."

"I'm sorry Bella. I was only joking. I understand and can accept that. How soon do we start?" asked Emmett.

Rose said, "As soon as I can get the three of us an appointment."