Chapter 27



Masan's college graduation 18 years later.

I was in my bedroom finishing up getting ready. Edward came flying in, "I will be ready in ten minutes. The baby didn't want to come into the world."

"No problem, darling." I walked into Edward's office and our music room. I wandered the room looking at the pictures of our family on the wall. The first picture I saw was the one our husbands had taken of us while we were all pregnant together. My belly was biggest because I was two months further along than they were. Fortunately for me, I had almost a weird morning sickness in that I just wasn't hungry during my first trimester and only put on two pounds after losing almost ten pounds while on vacation and then the food poisoning. Then my appetite kicked in and I gave Emmett a run for his money. Rose and my tests all came back fine. Esme delivered her second child the second week of November and stayed off until the first of the year. We were all busy at the office picking up the excess work load while Esme was off. On Christmas Eve, while I was curled up in Edward's arms, I said, "You guys should hire a physicians' assistant to help you out."

"Are you applying, Bella?"

"I am a nurse."

"But you could be physicians' assistant."

"Yes, that would be actually cool but not until all our kids are in school would I go back to school. And I would still want to be a good mom."

I cuddled up to her and said, "I think I know the perfect place for you to work so that you could have that flexibility." After Renesme was born, Edward brought me home text books and slowly as I had time, we started studying together. I have to admit the anatomy lessons were fun and led to great sex lessons, as well. Once all the kids were in school, Edward put me back in school, as well. We arranged my classes for while the kids were in school. I finished up when Masen was in sixth grade and the party that Alice and Edward threw me was amazing. That night when everyone left Edward played his piano for me including a new song he had written for me. The song ended with Edward playing me into a climax.

By the way, Edward had survived his little minor surgery. All the boys had gone together to have it done. When they continued to be whiny and needed us to help take care of them, we kept taking care of them. Edward thanked me for taking care of him. I finally told him I'll continue to take care of you, but when you decide you are ready to have sex again let me know because that will be when I no longer have to be your waitress. Esme had told all of us that she thought they were all pushing their luck; so I left our bedroom and went to take a shower. I came out in my towel claiming I forgot my clean pajamas. I noticed Edward's snack dish was now on his night stand. As I got close to the foot of our bed, I found myself back in bed minus my towel very quickly, giggling, "I guess you're all better."

"Yes, I am."

"Edward, were you?"

"No baby, I wasn't."

I pulled back some and said, "Really."

"Okay a little, but bring your ass over here for me."

"Only after you play with a part of me that has really missed you." And eventually, Edward proved he still worked perfectly well as a male specimen. As I was cuddled up against him to go to sleep, I said, "All your parts appear to be working okay since we just made love three times."

"Yes, I think so, too," and he kissed my neck and we fell asleep. A couple days later the kids were all playing and the moms were working on a snack and Alice said, "Are your guys overly zealous since they have fully recovered from their surgery and we called them on it. Like they are trying to prove their manhood."

Rose and I giggled and said, "Yes."

"Wait a minute," and I grabbed the paper work. "Twelve times for intercourse and go in for a sperm count test."

"Ladies, how many?" Rose asked. "I'm at 9."

Alice said, "I'm at 10."

Bella said, "I'm at 11."

"You guys want to make some money for spending and Bella are you ready to tease your husband and get interrupted."

"Oh yes."

"Garage and car in twenty minutes."

Edward came in to the kitchen and I asked, "I'm out of large trash bags; can you go to the garage and get me some?"

Three minutes later Edward hadn't come back in so I leave to help him. "Edward, what is taking so long?"

"I can't find them."

I reach up in front of him and said, "They are right here behind the paper towels."

As I bring them down, I am in his arms on the washer and told, "You're so sexy." I groaned into his kiss and moaned, "Party." Other adults supervising and his hand was cupping my breast while we continued kissing. I found his manhood and I said, "Baby, you're so hard and excited is that all for me."

"Oh yeah, wrap your legs around me."


He groaned, "Against door sex and we won't get caught!"

"You are horny."

He slid my dress up to my hips and pushed my thong to the side I loosened his shorts and helped him get his manhood free and drop his shorts and boxers. As he was about to push into me against the door into the kitchen I heard Rose and Emmett's voices saying, "I think she sent him for trash bags," and the door handle jiggled. "Oh shit," Edward said at me. I giggled but stayed wrapped around him; even though he was trying to put me down.

"The door is stuck," Emmett said.

"Emmett, no, it's not," I said.

"Oh, you two. No way, Edward, you'll win get in here. Put my little sister down and put yourself away and get in here. You have two minutes."

I smiled and said, "Win what, Edward?"

Emmett hollered, "Jasper, help now dude!"

"Edward, what is Emmett talking about?" I asked.

"Bella, come on let me put you down; I need my shorts back."

"Not until you tell me. I think I hear Jasper's footsteps."

"Okay, the three of us made a bet over who would have his wife twelve times first. We're one away so I tried to take advantage and get you in the garage and win."

"Emmett and Jasper back off Edward needs his shorts back on."

"We don't want to see his tent either, Bella," Jasper said.

"No problem, his bubble has been busted."

Edward and I slipped inside the house and I said, "How much did each of you guys bet?"

"100?" Rose asked.

"No," Emmett answered.

"200?" Alice asked.

"No," Jasper answered.

"What?" I said. "Edward how much?" and he held up five fingers.

"500," Alice, Rose and I all said very loudly.

"Ladies," I turned and smiled they got my thinking immediately.

We each walked into our husband's arms and together we said, "If you want to make love to us anytime soon, the $500.00 a piece is ours for shopping with." We gently kissed their cheek, then just smiled and walked away.

The boys quickly left the party and when they returned to the house, we were outside with the kids. My husband came up and wrapped his arms around me and one of his hands slid the money into my bra and said, "Have fun spending it!"

"I will and I'll leave it there so you can undress me later and finish what we started in the garage. I love you Edward."

"I love you, Bella," and I got a kiss. We girls had a blast shopping with the boy's money that weekend. Rose and Alice helped me pick out some beautiful underwear to where for my husband. Edward and I would shop on line and pick out underwear together now, too.

Masen played baseball and was about to graduate from college the first time from USC and would be continuing on for med school to follow in our footsteps. He was just like his father and had girls beating down his door. Liza was a junior at University of California at San Diego. She was a dual major in marine biology and psychology. She was working at Sea World as an educator and loved it. She was rarely home and we had to go see her in San Diego. Renesme was a freshman at Harvard; she was studying law there. Her father and I couldn't be more proud of her.

Then there was Rose, Emmett, Katie, Garrett and Carlie. Rose carried Carlike until the eight month fine. All of her initial tests that Esme had run were fine. But one day at the office, she really started cramping up. When Edward took a look which Rose hated and screamed at us about, Esme had gone to the hospital to deliver a baby so Rose was stuck with Edward, she was dilated though. Edward had me take her to the hospital and he had called ahead and Esme was waiting. In the car, Rose told me, "Bella, your husband's hands are amazing. No wonder, you two are always making love and touching each other."

"Rose, shut up about my husband's hands or I will tell Emmett. None of us wants that." Unfortunately for Rose, she was now on bed rest in the hospital because Carlie wanted to come out way to soon.

When I came to see her one afternoon, she was complaining, I said, "I understand. Well thanks to Katie and Garrett, your other beautiful children." and she then got to play with Nessie before I headed home for the evening.

Rose delivered Carlie one week early and vaginally. I have seen Rose and Emmett emotional before but when I put Carlie in Emmett's arms and he touched her and then put Carlie in Rose's arms. There was not a dry eye in the whole room and I was amazed no jokes or anything from Emmett. They just sat there with Carlie between them in utter awe. That was the moment I knew I wanted to become a physicians' assistant for sure. Now Katie is working for a publishing company after graduating last year. Garrett is playing football for the Seattle Seahawks this year. We all have a trip to see a game planned and yes we are flying. Emmett's parents love it; they drop in and check on him once in a while. Carlie is a freshman at University of California in San Diego. She and Liza will be roommates in the house that we had bought down there for them so that we knew Liza and now both girls would be safe. Carlie was also a water person; she had spent the summer on Pacific Beach as a lifeguard. The two girls were the best of friends.

Now Alice, the pixie and Jasper, Jaime, Alex, and Jason. The five of them making up the last third of the best friends family. Once Alice knew we were both having girls, our husbands were hoping that Jasper got a boy out of this pregnancy batch. The boys had won the bet with Alice for once on this one when it was announced that she was having a boy. Alice took it well; the other five girls got all of Alice's shopping and styling trips. Alice carried her son, Jason to her exact due date. She woke Jasper up at the regular time; they got the kids off to day care. Then she said to Jasper take me to the hospital where three hours later she was sitting in her room all cleaned up looking like she hadn't even delivered a child when Rose and I came in to check on her. We just smiled and said, "Perfect pixie as always," and we all giggled. Jaime was the artist in the family which kind of disappointed her mother because she was always wearing a painter's smock. Alex was on the USC basketball team and you should see Alice cheering for him at the games. It was pixie versus Goliath. But Alex loved his mother completely. Jason was also going to USC to study architecture just like Jasper.

We took large family trips together but more just for weekends as the kids grew. We would take our own weeklong family vacation. Emmett and Rose surprised us all one day when he came in an applied for a job at the office as well. "Why? Edward asked. "Emmett we are looking for a new nurse to replace Bella."

"Well you guys, we have our own surprise for you."


"Emmett wanted better hours so he has completed his classes to become a registered nurse while Bella finished up her degree."

"Why didn't you tell us big brother; we could have studied together?"

"We wanted to surprise you; so do I get the job?"

We all raised our hands and had a massive group hug.

"It was definitely a family run office and we couldn't ask for more. Our practice had an amazing reputation even after hiring Emmett as a nurse. We loved working together and still being together at nights and weekends."

Soon I felt arms wrapping around me and bringing me back to present day and said, "I am ready beautiful, where have you been?"

"Walking down memory lane."

"How was it?"

"Wonderful, perfect, incredible." Edward was nuzzling my neck and kissing it.

Then we both heard, "Mom and dad, come on, we have to go?"

Edward kissed my lips, took my arm and away we went to see our son graduate from USC.

All the Masan's, McCarty's, Hale's were present and accounted for and the cheers that went off for his name could be heard through the whole stadium. We took everyone out for a celebration dinner and then the kids all broke out in different groups to do different things. All of us old parents were told we could go home and go to bed because we needed our rest. We went to our favorite club in Long Beach that night and danced and played remember when as well. We got home at 1am that night and Edward carried me to his piano. He had written us many more songs and recorded them for me but never left me doubting myself again. He had learned his perfection was better suited for playing me and our love life was still just as incredible. I got you a present for the mom of the graduate.

"Edward," I said.

"Quit complaining, just open it."

I did and smiled, "Two airline tickets to Hawaii for our anniversary."


"Will there only be two of us or are others joining us? Like three kids or other adults and kids."

He took the tickets from me and rolled me under him and said, "That is the best part of the present it is only for us. I want some time with just you. Like when we got married and I wanted to take you to Hawaii because I had to share you with so many for so long so please allow me to take you away and not share you for a week that is all I am asking."

I reached my arms around his neck and said, "I would love to spend a week with you in Hawaii in July. Just don't bring me home a baby oven this time."

"Very funny, Mrs. Isabella Masen. I love you."

"I love you, Mr. Edward Anthony Masen."

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