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Sakura wasn't a coward. She didn't like being a coward, and she just didn't go there. So as she sprinted through the forest, away from her attacker, she felt pathetic. She was blinded by pain, jumping from one tree to another on pure instinct. Although the noise was faint, she could hear her attacker behind her, slowly but surely gaining on her.

Sakura put her hand to her abdomen pouring the slightest amount of healing chakra into the gaping wound that left her woozy and weak. She couldn't use so much chakra, she told herself. She knew that she would only really have enough to either close up her wound, or make a powerful blow on the man behind her. She couldn't spend so much healing herself when she knew that she would eventually have to fight the man who was somewhere behind her in the forest, surely getting closer and closer. She was just so drained.

She hadn't known what she was getting into, and that was her first mistake. Tsunade had told her it would be a difficult mission. And, being stupid, Sakura had chosen to ignore her sensei. A mission to simply not be seen, to simply deliver a message from Konaha to Suna, Tsunade had said. Sakura hadn't believed Tsunade. As foolish and naïve as Sakura had been she thought that the mission was easy, deliver a message? Sakura could take on half an army and live to tell the tale, sending a message would be no problem. But it was.

Sakura had set off, quietly, easily hiding herself, keeping to shadows and covering her chakra. But someone, someone who was still pursuing her now, had been hiding too.

Sakura winced as her footing missed and she had to catch herself, more chakra wasted, not to mention the fierce burning pain that shot up from her abdomen through her body at the sudden movement. If only I had seen the importance of the message, Sakura thought, if only I hadn't been so stupid.

Sakura couldn't think of why the ninja would want the message. That is what she had summed it up too. If the man wouldn't have wanted to attack her for any other reason than taking the message, yet the message was so simple.

Colors started to appear before Sakura's eyes, and her medic background told her she had to stop moving. She had to heal herself or she would die before she even lifted a finger to fight the attacker. Groaning, she made her way to the ground hiding behind a clump of bushes. Her vision blurred, making her feel as if she was cross-eyed. Sakura made a quick decision, not sure if she would regret it or not, and emptied what was left of her chakra into her wound. Sakura felt some power come back to her. Yet, as soon as the power came, exhaustion of using up her chakra flooded through her.

Sakura forced herself to stay awake and alert. She listened to the barely audible plush of feet against the wet moss on the trees. She could sense the person moving on. Could it really be that easy? She listened through the heavy beating of her heart in her ears. Plush, plush, plush. The man continued one, seemingly unaware of Sakura hidden in the bushes behind him. She was safe. She was safe.

All she had to do was stay alive until a Konaha nin could find her, or until she had enough strength to make it back to her village on her own. Her breathing was heavy, as if she couldn't get enough air. She squeezed her eyes shut, willing herself to be better. To make it.

Footsteps. Sakura's eyes snapped open. There were several, maybe three or four people. Whoever the people were, they weren't trying to hide their presence by any means. Heavy footfalls slammed against the trees, and the group seemed to be bickering. Their chakra's hadn't been hidden in the slightest. Through her haze Sakura couldn't sense if they were from Konaha or not. Instead, she just hoped against hope that whoever they were, they wouldn't be there to hurt her. Then, overwhelmed by pain, everything faded to black.

Halfway between consciousness and unconsciousness, Sakura heard voices.

"I don't know why he took her."

"I think we should have just left her there," Sakura didn't like this voice; it was high, definitely female, and very obnoxious.

"That's because you're scared of her," Sakura got the feeling these people didn't like each other.

"She can hear you, you know," A different voice said. Sakura liked that voice. Was it talking about her? It was so beautiful, sultry, rich, and … Wait, Sakura thought, freezing, much more awake, I know that voice.

"Great, now she's awake, that's just what we need," It was the obnoxious voice again. Sakura had the feeling she wouldn't get along with this woman very well. Sakura didn't hear the signal, but she was aware that the two people were gone and she was alone with that voice. With that man.

Sakura opened her eyes. Gray, boring stones were above her head.

"Do you want to explain?" The voice wasn't so nice anymore. Sakura wasn't in dreamland. She was very wide awake now.

"Sasuke," Sakura said cold and reserved.

"Do you want to explain?" He repeated. Sakura ignored him. She had a right to remain silent. There was a sigh from across the room. Sakura wanted to roll her eyes. "You owe me an explanation," Sasuke said as if he was explaining something extremely easy to a four-year-old.

Sakura sat bolt upright at this comment. Anger flowed through her she and she seethed. Sakura looked at the man who had ripped out her heart, and thrown it to the wayside.

"I owe you nothing," she spat at him, his statue like face didn't change any by the hatred sewn through her words. In the back of her mind Sakura told herself that her head was spinning slightly, and her chakra hadn't fully recovered. If she would've followed this thought, she would've stumbled upon the fact that she wasn't dead of blood loss, but Sakura was too busy being furious at the man before her. He raised an eyebrow.

"You owe me nothing? I saved your life."

"Saved my life?" Sakura shrieked, her voice rising with her temper, "Saved my life? You captured me!"

"I did not capture you," he said stubborn as always. As stubborn and beautiful and graceful and deadly as he always was.

Sakura snorted, "Well, then you need a better definition of captured. You took me unwillingly and brought be to wherever-the-heck here is," Sakura looked around. It was a dimly lit stone room. But other than that it wasn't like a prison at all. It had a wide open window that showed, for what she could see, rolling hills. She was sitting on a plump white bed, and there was artwork all over the walls. "Where is here?" Sakura asked, the anger no longer in her voice, already knowing his answer.

"And why would I tell you?" He was leaning against the wall, with a Shikamaru relaxation, but Sakura could tell if she made a move toward the window, to escape, he'd have her trapped.

"I hate you," It sounded childish, Sakura could tell this, but she didn't care. It was so true.

"Hn." He said. Sakura squinted her eyes and resisted the urge to mimic back 'Hn.' "Well," Sasuke said, suddenly very, very close to Sakura at the end of the bed, "You'll give me the explanation later I guess," and then he was gone. Sakura shuddered. Why hadn't she been smart, and watched what she was doing when she was sending that message in the first place? Now look what you've gotten yourself into. She thought to herself.

Clearing her head of Sasuke, and the situation that she was now in, Sakura thought of the wound she had suffered. Her abdomen had been healed. It wasn't done as well she would've done it, but it wasn't killing her either. Her chakra still had a major deficit, she wouldn't be making any escape attempts yet, although that would stop her from planning them.

Sakura sighed and slowly stretched her legs of the bed, easing the weight on her feet, and slowly, so slowly, stood up. She felt a little sick, like it was her first day on a boat, but other than that it wasn't so bad. She made her way over to the window.

There were guards everywhere, and she'd need her full strength if she was going to escape. Sound. She told herself. That was the only place that she could be. They had taken her all the way from Suna to Sound. She wanted laugh at the ridiculousness of it, but the thought of them taking her all the way just made her more nervous about the events that would come.

Sasuke. Sakura thought to herself. What are you up to?


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