I. Love. Breach. She is my new favorite! "Shiny, shiny!" *shudders* She's so cool and creepy! I was literally having major chills throughout the whole episode of Breach! For an avid writer, and fanfic lover like myself, Breach is like a creative goldmine! Now, I know that I've shown a liking for Noex and Circex, but Brex (Breach/Rex) is striking me as the pairing with the most awesome potential yet! Think of the complexity! Think of the possible development. Think of the...Breachness! Now, something like this can NOT be accomplished in a Oneshot. Therefore, I'm gonna make this a Chapter fic. Just a warning: I have a bad habit of taking forever to update Chapter stories if not sufficiently motivated. Therefore, I'll need REVIEWS if I'm gonna keep going! Anyway, here's the scoop in this fic: When Breach caused that crazy portal explosion that brought Rex back, she WASN'T sucked up. Instead, she's being held prisoner by Providence, temporarily devoid of her powers. Rex, still thinking about his experiences in her "doll house", can't keep away and tries to reach out to her. Oh this is gonna be good... *rubs hands together*


Breach sobbed uncontrollably as she fell to the ground. "Lost...all gone...it's all gone...everything..." She whimpered and clutched at her head with her smaller pair of hands. Her larger hands moved in front to form a shield against the approaching people of Providence. "I...can't run away..." She gasped, trying once more to make a portal. She wanted out! She needed to make one of those beautiful doors! They would take her anywhere, anywhere she wanted! They always did! That's why she made them! Where were they now?

"Secure her!" One of the Providence people called out. A bunch of guns clicked, causing Breach to shudder violently. Such a scary sound...

"Go away! Stay away!" She trembled and tried to back away until she found her back to a wall. They were still coming. Why wouldn't they listen? "I said...Stay...AWAY!" She raised one of her oversized arms and swung with all her might, knocking down a row of people. They were still coming. Did they never learn? She raised her arm again when a sudden blow to the back of the head sent her into a world of blackness. Before she blanked out, she could see that face...his face...so close...


She had always been her daddy's little girl! He always said so! She was the perfect child! Little Briana, she had been called. "A beautiful name for my beautiful little girl." Her father had been fond of saying. Yes, that's what he always said... He played with her, he walked her to school, he talked to her, he tucked her in, he read her bedtime stories, and he bought her the prettiest dolls in the world. Briana loved her father more than anything! Then...something changed. She changed. Then her daddy didn't love her anymore. She could remember that day so clearly...

"I'm gonna get you!" Her father called out, laughing. They were playing tag in the back yard. It was sunny outside. The daffodils were in bloom. Briana carried her favorite china doll in her arms as she ran from her father who was "it".

"No you won't!" She called back, giggling like the little nine year old girl she was. "I'm too fast for you!" Her short black hair flowed in the breeze and her brown eyes were wide and excited. She'd beat him this time! No way would she go inside being "it"! Her skin was flushed with the heat of the day and the laughter that kept bubbling up from her throat. Daddy was gaining on her! That feeling of childish panic, the knowledge that she was going to lose overcame her. 'No! I can win this round! I just gotta go faster! I just gotta get further away! Then he won't catch me!'

A strange bubbling feeling welled up underneath her skin but she didn't pay it any mind. Just the heat of the day. She could ignore that.


Her legs were pumping at a speed that she had never thought possible. Her sides were tingling.


She heard her clothes rip, even though she hadn't caught them on anything.

'Faster, further, faster, further!'

She suddenly became aware of another pair of limbs sprouting from her shoulders. Surprised, she skidded to a halt. She gave her new fingers and experimental flex. She could control them as well as her own arms, which had moved down above her waist. Oddly enough, this felt perfectly natural, as if she had had these limbs all along. She knew what to do with them, even! She opened one of her large hands and paused as a strange, wonderful sensation started to build in the palm, forming a solid ball. Then, she threw the ball. A pretty black and red circle appeared in front of her. It called, beckoned for her to enter.

'Where will you take me?' Briana had asked.

'Anywhere you want.' The portal replied.

Briana pictured a beach, a pretty beach with white sands and a crystal ocean. Slowly, she stepped into the portal. Almost immediately, she was on the very beach she had pictured. "Oh!" She gasped as a dolphin leaped out of the water. "Daddy, come look at-" She froze and her eyes grew wide with horror. She had forgotten her daddy! Where was the portal? On instinct, she held up one of her new large hands. A new portal appeared.

'Take me back home to Daddy!' She ran into the portal, hoping against all hope that he hadn't been worried.

When she stepped out of the portal, she knew that something was wrong. Her daddy was standing a distance away but his face was much whiter than it should be. His eyes were wide and fearful. What was he afraid of? She took a step closer. He took a step back. She froze. Was he...he couldn't be afraid of her!

"Daddy?" She whispered, moving closer. He moved away again. "Daddy, it's Briana! It's me!" Tears were starting to well up in her eyes. Why was he backing away? She wasn't scary! She had a cool new power! 'I know! I'll show him!' She opened one of her hands and threw a portal next to her father. He let out a yell of horror and bolted. "Daddy! Wait!" Briana ran after her father, but he had already gotten in the car and driven away. "Daddy..." She fell to her knees, raw despair washing over her. She sobbed uncontrollably for a long time. Then, she turned to the still-open portal.

'Anywhere you want...'

'Take me away. Far away.' Briana told it before diving through.

She landed in a patch of flowers, pretty pink flowers. They smelled really pretty. Slowly, she sat up. Her eyes grew wide when she realized that there was someone standing right in front of her. She looked up and found her eyes locked with those of a man. He was tall and pale, with long black hair. Briana could sense something else in him as well...a sense of...power. She gazed fearfully up at him for what felt like centuries. Then, his face broke into a smile.

"Well, now. How did you get here, little one?" He knelt down so that he was at her eye level. His eyes were a strange, but wonderful color! They were black, but with a reddish tinge to them, as if a rose petal had been burned thoroughly but not completely enough to be charred. They flashed in concern when he realized that she was crying. "Why, what's the matter?" He reached out with a pale finger and wiped the tears from her cheeks.

"Y-You're not s-scared of me?" Briana whispered, leaning into the man's comforting touch as he continued to dry her moist cheeks.

"Do I have reason to be?" He asked calmly, his voice and eyes remaining tender and kind.

"Because I'm scary." Briana murmured, feeling fresh tears starting to flow. "Daddy ran away from me. I'm scary. He doesn't love me anymore."

The man's eyes flashed in anger and Briana recoiled. Then she realized that the anger wasn't directed at her. "He has no idea!" The man snarled. "What you have is a gift, not a curse." He nodded at the area behind her, where the portal had been a few moments before. "You can travel wherever you want, yes?"

"Yes...that's what the portals said." Briana looked away. "Maybe it's my new arms. Maybe they're scary looking..."

"I don't think so." The man said, reaching out to touch her shoulder. "I don't think you're scary. I think you're quite a beautiful child."

'My beautiful little girl...' Her father's words came back to her but she quickly pushed them away.

"Y-You do?" Briana's eyes glittered with new hope.

"Absolutely." The man nodded in a sincere way. He wasn't lying. "You know...you may be just what I've been looking for. You see, I am like you. I have the ability to do things that other people can't do."

"Really? Can I see?"

"You already are." The man waved a hand, indicating the entire area. "Everything here, every tree, flower, and blade of grass is a part of me. I can control the earth and communicate with it."

"Wow!" Briana's eyes widened with admiration. "That's so cool!" She stood up. The man stood up with her.

"Maybe you can help me. You see, I'm trying to find other beings like myself: misunderstood, shunned, powerful. I want to make it so that we never have to be ridiculed by the ordinary folk ever again.

'Ordinary folk...like Daddy...' This time, the thought filled Briana with bitterness. He had turned away from her lovely gift! He hated her for what she was! To not have to worry about being hurt again... "I'd like to help!" She finally said.

The man's smile widened. "May I ask your name, child?"

"Briana! My name is Briana! What's your name?"

"Van Kleiss." He extended a hand. "So, Briana, do we have an agreement?"

Briana shook his hand without a second thought. "We sure do!"


Breach opened her eyes slowly. Everything was dark. On instinct, she tried to throw a portal. Nothing happened. 'What?' Then she remembered. She had been knocked out...by him! Her mind was overwhelmed by a thousand conflicting thoughts. That happened a lot when she thought about him.

He knocked her out! He hurt her on purpose!

He was so beautiful...shiny...new...interesting...

He broke her toys! He hated her special home she had made...

He had a nice voice, nicer than anything she had ever heard!

He thought she was "creepy". Just like everyone else...

His eyes...those reddish black eyes...they looked just like Van Kleiss's eyes...

She shook her head angrily before standing up. She had to get a look around. Where was she? She started to walk but was stopped by a pane of glass. 'Huh?' She turned and started to walk in another direction before being stopped in a similar fashion. 'Hey!' She tried walking every which way. A pane of glass stopped her every time. They had put her in a box! Her eyes grew wide with fear. She didn't want to be kept in a box, all alone in the dark...quiet...dark...quiet... She slowly sank down into a seated position and began to rock back and forth, her eyes scrunched tightly shut.


Breach's head shot up. It was him! His red-black eyes were gazing at her with...concern? No, not quite... Affection? No way! What was that look...Sympathy! That's it. Why would he look at her like that? It was his fault she was in there! She glared at him silently.

"I thought you'd get hungry...and the food they usually give the Evos here is kinda awful looking...I saved this from dinner." A compartment to his right opened and a plate of steaming hot food entered. Breach didn't move toward it. She merely continued to glare. "Um...well I'll come and...check up on you later." With that, he walked out an unseen door and vanished.

'No!' She didn't want him to leave! She liked him! He was nice! Shiny...interesting... She tried to follow him before being stopped once more by the glass. She fell to her knees and let out a shriek of agitation. "Stupid glass!" She shouted, her yellow-green eyes flashing with rage.

She sat there fuming for awhile before sniffing the air. That food...it smelled really good... She turned toward the plate and inhaled deeply, trying to figure out what it was. Meatloaf...mashed potatoes... She took the fork in one of her normal sized hands and began to eat. 'This tastes...really good...' She cleaned the plate before leaning back against one of the glass panes. 'Really good...' With a sigh, she closed her eyes and fell into a troubled sleep.

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