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Witches: A Forever Destined Vignette

Part 1/?

Six weeks have passed since the ordeal on Alderaan. Shane had worked diligently on translating the complicated language written in the Journal. Unfortunately, he still had a long way to go and had yet to discover who it belonged to or where it had originated from. However, he had began translating what was an ancient tale of a great series of battles between good and evil known as the Great Sith Wars, with many of the events in the diary being previously unknown stories and not previously recorded in any history archive. Count Dooku strongly believed that the stories in the journal would eventually reveal everything they would need to know to defeat the Sith. Shane continued daily to work hard on the translation.

Meanwhile, there had been a significant development in the Republic in the last couple weeks in regards to the planet known as Dathomir. It was an ancient planet, usually avoided like the Bothan plague, because of the mysterious occupants, often known as the Dathomir Force witches. The planet Dathomir, which was predominately ruled by Queen Rayna and her entirely female cabinet, had just recently requested entrance to the Republic. The Jedi Council and the Chancellor were very curious as to why now of all times did they want to be a part of a governed body of planets like the Republic. They wondered why Dathomir's primitive, primarily warrior-like female tribes, where men were either servants, slaves, or second class citizens, would have any interest in the Republic or the Jedi. The long fought civil war on the planet had ended with the crowning of Queen Rayna, who was as benevolent as any ruler Dathomir had ever seen and she claimed she wanted to bring even more change to their troubled planet. This was met with violence committed by resistance pockets made up of small tribes that wanted to overthrow Rayna and return Dathomir to the way it had been. This violent resistance was led by Rayna's own evil sisters. Rayna had pleaded with the Jedi Council several times in the last few weeks to plead her case and the senior members continued to negotiate with her.

"Has the violence quelled at all lately, Your Highness?" Qui-Gon questioned, as he sat around the holocom in the Council Room with Yoda, Mace, Dooku, Kit, Aayla, and Obi-Wan.

"No, unfortunately, things have only grown worse. My sisters are attacking villages with a vengeance. They do not want to bring needed civilized change to our savage world. I beg for your help, Masters," she said humbly. She was a beautiful woman and one of three powerful Force witch triplets. She had long brunette hair and striking violet eyes. Her sisters looked identical to her, except one was blonde with striking blue eyes, and the other was a red head with striking emerald eyes. Her blonde and red haired sisters, Riana and Roxana, were pure evil and used their powers as such.

"Your Highness, the Jedi Council never turns down those in need, but at the same time, we cannot fight a war for you," Mace stated.

"Master Windu is right. If we were to arrive with our Clone Troops, it may only escalate the fighting," Qui-Gon added.

"I realize that and I feel that I may have a suggestion that could lead to a diplomatic solution," Rayna stated.

"Hear your suggestion, we will," Yoda prompted.

"As you know, our society does not have males in roles of importance and power, though I have been trying to make us an equal society. However, there is one man I believe may draw the attention of all the tribes," the Queen stated.

"What interest do you have in my grandson, since I am assuming you are referring to him?" Dooku asked suspiciously.

"The Prophecy of the Chosen One dates back for centuries here on Dathomir. He is both revered and feared here and I believe he could bring our planet to see that joining the Republic is for the greater good. He is the only man that could gain the respect and attention of every woman on Dathomir," Rayna stated.

"And why should I send my son to Dathomir when we know exactly how men are viewed and treated on your planet? I'm not going to send him into a den of prowling Nexus," Qui-Gon said firmly.

"I understand your apprehension, but he would be welcome to bring his wife. She is a strong woman of power in the Senate, is she not?" Rayna asked.

"Yes, Padme is one of the most outspoken and influential Senators in the Republic," Dooku answered.

"Yes, you will find no one more skilled in diplomacy or passionate about democracy," Mace added.

"I understand your reservations and that is why I am willing to offer a diplomat of my own to visit Coruscant and plead our case to your personally. If you then see that we are sincere in your need for aide and desire to truly become a part of the Republic, you can then send the Chosen One and his wife to see our planet for themselves, if they are in agreement," Rayna offered.

"Who do you plan to send to us?" Qui-Gon asked.

"You may be familiar with her, for before she was one of us, she was one of you. May I reintroduce, Callista Ming, my most trusted advisor," Rayna presented, as a woman, who was about Anakin's age, came to stand before them. Since her padawan days, she had been a part of a group of rogue Jedi that disagreed with the Jedi's strong involvement in the Republic, believing that the Jedi should operate outside the Republic and out of its jurisdiction in order to serve as needed on more planets and not just those within the Republic. But during the Clone Wars, the rogue faction Ming had been a part of was drawn into the war when it reached the outer rim. They assisted in many battles and some perished. Callista vanished by the end of the Clone Wars and no one knew for sure if she was dead or alive, much less where she was if she was in fact alive. And now, it seemed that question had been answered.

"Callista, it's been years since we've heard from you. We didn't even know if you were alive or dead," Qui-Gon stated.

"Nor did you probably care," Callista mused.

"Yes, the strife between us has always been a bit more personal, I suppose," Qui-Gon replied.

"Aw, are you still mad at me for trying to seduce your innocent little golden boy?" Callista goaded.

"Why would I be? You failed miserably at it, as Anakin wasn't interested in you in the slightest," Qui-Gon goaded back. Callista smirked.

"Touche, Master Jedi. It's too bad too, he was and still is one of the most attractive men I've ever see and I've been around," Callista replied.

"Callista, how did you come to be a part of Dathomir's society?" Mace questioned.

"Well, after most of my friends and family were slaughtered in your damn war, I found myself crash landed on Dathomir, thanks to those filthy Separatists. Rayna found me and her clan nursed me back to health. I loved their rogue way of life and I was adopted into their society," Callista explained.

"Yes, you've always disliked our alliance with the Republic, so why would you now want to be a part of it?" Qui-Gon questioned.

"Because our people are dying senselessly. If being a part of the Republic can provide us with some order, then we wish to become a part of it," Callista responded.

"We would like to examine your intentions in person, Your Highness. We ask that you please send Callista as your representative and then we will make our decision as to the best course of action," Mace stated.

"Thank you Masters. Callista will leave for Coruscant this morning," the Queen replied, as the holoscreen went dark.

"Letting the Dathomirians get involved with the Republic could be dangerous. It could be Falleen all over again," Yan stated.

"But can we truly turn them down if their ruler really needs our help?" Mace asked.

"I guess not. If there are two people that can make any kind of difference, it would be Anakin and Padme, though I doubt either will be too excited about visiting Dathomir," Qui-Gon replied.

"Examine the Queen's intentions through Callista first, we will. Make our final decision then, we can," Yoda stated. The rest nodded in agreement.

"Fine, but I'm not going to be the one to tell Anakin that he's going to be taking his wife to a witch filled planet like Dathomir for their twentieth anniversary," Obi-Wan said. They each exchanged glances. Anakin wouldn't be happy about it at all.

Jayden rounded the corner in the busy marketplace in a heavy sprint, as he was in pursuit of a dangerous spice dealer. His father had set up a sting and it had almost been child's play. He and Jenna dressed in street clothes and hung out exactly in the right alleyways. And just as Anakin had known he would, the particular spice dealer he was after, one who targeted teenagers in particular, approached them. They pretended to buy the product from him, but then Jayden's padawan braid had come loose and spooked the dealer, before they could arrest him. This of course led to the chase they were currently involved in and for the Skywalkers, it was fun to let the guy think he actually had any hope of escaping. People began screaming, as the man began shoving them out of his way and zigzagging through the crowd, attempting to lose the Jedi padawan that was chasing him. When he saw that the young man was still gaining on him, he grabbed a nearby vendor cart and shoved it toward him. He laughed, as Jayden dodged it, but was suddenly surprised, as he felt someone jump on his back. Despite her size, Jenna quickly forced him to the ground with her super human strength.

"You really didn't think you were going to get away, did you?" Jayden asked.

"A couple of brats like you aren't going to take me down," he spat, as he struggled against the two padawans.

"Oh, but they are. You picked the wrong padawans to run from," Anakin said, as he hopped off his hover board and Luke arrived with the speeder.

"You set me up, Skywalker! The charges won't stick and then I'll make you and your brats pay!" he ranted, as Jayden cuffed him.

"Oh, but the charges will stick and if you even think about coming after my family when you eventually get out of prison, then you'll be the one to pay," Anakin said, as he came face to face with him.

"Trust me, you're lucky to be going to prison. I personally don't think scum like you deserves to waist anymore precious air, because sleamos like you, who sell spices to innocent, misguided kids deserve the worst possible fate. Trust me, take prison over what I wish I could do to you," Anakin told him, as Luke put him in the back of the speeder. They hopped in and Luke sped off to take their prisoner to his new home, which was a tiny holding cell in the Coruscant Maximum Security Prison.

"What do you think about this latest planet asking for admission to the Republic?" Chi Eekway, Senator of Wroona, asked. They were having tea in Padme's apartment, as they met for their usual weekly alliance meeting. Besides Padme and Chi, the meeting included Bail, Senator Bana Breemu, Senator Aiden Bryant, Senator Terr Taneel, Sneator Justin Kelzine, and Senator Rush Clovis.

"I think we need to examine Dathomir's intentions very carefully and heed whatever decision the Jedi Council deems appropriate. After the whole fiasco with Falleen, we cannot be too careful," Padme explained.

"But if a planet wants to be a part of the Republic, can we really discriminate against them, because of their past?" Terr asked.

"Terr has a point," Chi mentioned.

"I understand what you are pointing out, but Falleen's leaders had ulterior motives, yet the Senate voted to admit them, despite the strong reservations the Jedi Council had. Dathomirians are Force sensitive, which is why we must let the Jedi take the lead on this decision and advocate for their recommendation in the Senate," Padme explained.

"I agree with Padme," Rush said, though he wasn't really listening to anything being said. He was much too busy fantasizing about her. Usually he was able to control his attraction and fascination around her, but in the last few weeks, he had found it increasingly difficult to do so and he wasn't sure why. It almost felt like he wasn't even in control when he was around her, as ludicrous as it sounded. And the fantasies that assaulted him when he was around her ruled his mind and could not be willed to stop, not that he really wanted them to.

As she sat across from him, discussing the current topic, he was lost in his current fantasy. In reality, she was sitting in a chair across from him, conversing with the others. But in his mind's fantasy, they were gone and she was pressed against the wall, pinned there by him. The dress she was wearing in reality, was on the floor in his fantasy, where he had tossed it after ripping it off her body. In reality, there were words coming from her mouth, but in his fantasy, only screams were coming from her mouth. In her eyes in reality, as she talked with their colleagues, there was an intelligent wisdom, but in her eyes, in his fantasy, those warm chestnut eyes were filled with fear and tears. It felt so real that he couldn't believe this was all in his mind. It was only in his mind for now, but soon it would be reality. He suddenly shook his head, as he felt as though he was in control again, and was surprised by his malicious thoughts.

"Rush, are you okay? You look a little pale," Padme said.

"I'm fine, I just worry about the ramifications there could be to the Republic if the Dathomirians have less than honorable intentions for wanting to be a part of us," Rush answered quickly.

"I agree and that is why our investigation into their affairs must be thorough," Padme added. Rush inwardly sighed, hardly believing what had just been going through his head. What was wrong with him? He was fantasizing about raping Padme in her own home. Anakin could have walked in at any moment, picked up on his thoughts, and then he would never get anywhere near her. And he was shocked by his reasoning again! He wasn't concerned by the fact that he had been hurting a woman he admired from afar, but that he could have been caught doing it. His fantasies could and would continue. He just had to be more careful about them. He could feel the presence of something…no someone else in his mind, but what scared him the most was the fact that he didn't want it to go away. He didn't want the fantasies about having her to stop. And he wanted those fantasies to be a reality…even if it meant losing his mind. He suppressed his anger and annoyance, as he saw Skywalker park his speeder on the veranda and walk in with a couple of his brats. He watched with envy, as a smile eclipsed Padme's face, as she greeted him with a kiss. She also kissed Jenna and Luke, as her guests rose.

"Where's Jayden?" she asked. Anakin smiled.

"I let him take the speeder to go pick Natalie up from the University," he replied.

"Well, it's always a pleasure Padme, but we should all be going," Terr said. Padme bid her guests goodbye, except for Bail, who was joining them for dinner along with Breha who had yet to arrive. Anakin noticed Rush's gaze on Padme, as he slowly followed the others out and found it unnerving how he had been unable to read the Senator in the last few weeks. In the past, Rush's thoughts had been very loud and now, it was apparent that he had learned to exercise surprisingly solid mind shields. He didn't like not being able to read him at all and made him very leery of letting him be around Padme. His wife pulled him away from his thoughts, as she wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him another kiss, this time with much more heat behind it, now that they were just among family and close friends. He smiled at her.

"I'm going to put dinner in the oven," she told him.

"Okay. Is Kim home yet?" he asked.

"No, she's still at the Temple and she'll be home soon with Shane," she replied, as she kissed him again, before going to the kitchen, while Anakin and Bail talked.

Natalie piled her datapads into her locker and shut it, as two of her friends waited for her. It was her first year at the University and she had adjusted well enough. She had made a few friends, but she stood out to many, like Leia, being that her father was Senator of Alderaan, her mother was Queen, and she was a Princess. Not to mention that her boyfriend was the youngest son of Anakin and Padme Skywalker. And like Leia did, Natalie dealt with certain kids staring or whispering behind her back. But she tried not to let it bother her.

"Can you believe that exam we just had? Talk about brutal," her blonde friend, Cera mentioned.

"Tell me about it. I flunked it for sure. How do you think you did, Nat?" her raven haired friend, Pan asked.

"Oh, I'm sure the Princess aced it as usual," Cera mused, as they exited the building into the courtyard.

"Well, if I did, it's only because I studied really hard," Natalie answered.

"Yeah, I don't know how you find the time to focus on schoolwork," Pan said.

"Why do you say that?" Natalie asked.

"Because you're dating him," Cera said dreamily, pointing out beyond the courtyard where Jayden waited for her by one of his dad's speeders. And she knew why her friends and female peers were insanely jealous of her and rightly so. She herself was often in awe of her gorgeous, sexy boyfriend. While Jayden bore a strong resemblance to his father, he was his own person and easily distinguished from him too. At sixteen, he already stood at five feet, eleven inches and his hair was a rich chocolate color, obviously inherited from his mother. He wore it cut short in back and a little thicker on top, giving him a few gorgeous natural waves. His eyes mesmerized her the most though, as she often became lost in the deep blue pools that always seared right through her. And then there was his body, which was covered head to toe in lean, taut, shredded muscle, all covered by his Jedi uniform. He always looked so handsome in it too. It consisted of black pants, a blue tunic and a black leather jerkin, with his light saber holstered at his belt. No, it was no mystery to Natalie as to why every girl wanted what she had. But it made her giddy inside to know that he had eyes for only her.

"Well, Jayden has his own studies too. Our parents make sure we both devote plenty of time to studying. But we still find lots of time to spend together," Natalie replied.

"I'll bet you do," Cera teased. Natalie smiled and shook her head.

"You are so bad," Natalie scolded.

"Yeah, I bet he's bad too and I bet you like that," Pan teased. Natalie opened her mouth in mock outrage, before the three of them collapsed into giggles.

"I'll see you tomorrow," Natalie called to them, as she joined her boyfriend. She smiled and greeted him with a kiss, as he pulled her into his arms.

"Hi," he said, as their lips parted.

"Hi yourself," she replied, as their lips met again. He helped her into the speeder and then drove off into traffic, heading for Republic 500.

Leia had ridden home from the University with Jake, telling her parents that she was going to be at his Uncle's apartment studying. They were in his room and she was trying to study, but he wasn't making it very easy.

"Jake…stop," Leia pleaded, as he kissed her neck.

"Sorry, I can't help myself. You drive me crazy," he told her with a smile. She smiled back.

"I know, but we're supposed to be studying," Leia replied.

"Come on Leia, we don't come to my apartment to study. We come here to be alone," he said, as he kissed her and Leia gave in, kissing him back.

"Every time we're at your apartment, your Dad watches me like a Nexu," Jake said.

"Daddy is just very overprotective, you know that," Leia replied. Jake nodded.

"Yeah, I got that. He'd like to have my guts on his light saber," Jake said, only half joking.

"But I like you and Daddy will eventually accept that," Leia told him.

"If you say so," Jake replied, as he kissed her again.

"Now, let's get back to work," she said. He wrinkled his nose.

"I'd much rather forget studying and make out," he replied.

"We can't, we have a huge exam next week," Leia told him. He groaned.

"Let's get this done and then maybe we'll have time to do other things later," Leia hinted. He smiled.

"Then I'm looking forward to later," he replied.

Callista stared out the view window aboard her small shuttle, as the stars streaked past while she traveled safely through hyperspace. The last time she had been in the Jedi Temple, she had created a lot of waves, got on a lot of nerves, and practically became Anakin Skywalker's own personal stalker. At that time, they had only been about eighteen and it was her first actual trip to Coruscant. She had grown up mostly traveling from planet to planet with the rogue Jedi clan that had taken her in when she was a small orphaned child. Her clan's views on the Force, love, and everything in general were much more liberal than the usual conservative views of the Council. The Jedi Council encouraged meditation to learn and respect the Force, they preferred their Knights settled down with one person if they chose to date and warned against the dangers of having open relationships and multiple partners. But their affiliation with the corrupt Senate was among the main reason that her clan clashed with the Council. The fact that her planet had no choice but to enlist their help pained her to no end. Still, Callista was very much looking forward to causing upheaval inside those ivory walls of the pristine Jedi Temple.

Callista was what many had often referred to as a man-eater. She'd had many relationships and partners in her life, even by the time she had been eighteen. That's why she had practically stalked Skywalker during her last visit, for he had been the first man to ever turn her down so easily and swiftly. His disinterest and disgust of her had been fascinating and she was looking forward to pushing his buttons again. And from what she had been told, Skywalker now had a pretty little wife she could mess with as well. She smirked. Despite the business nature of this trip, she was going to have a lot of fun too…