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Chapter One

"Sookie you need to loosen up and let your hair down. We're going to have so much fun. You just have to let yourself enjoy it!" Amelia said excitedly.

"Come on Sook, you can't be a stick in the mud the whole trip. There are going to be so many hot guys and crazy parties that you'll forget about school in no time." Hadley piped in from the back seat.

Sookie did not know how she got talked into this trip. Two weeks ago Amelia and Hadley approached her about setting off to South Padre for their last spring break. Hadley knew Mtv would be filming there and wanted to try to get on the camera. They begged her until she finally gave up. So here she sat in the front seat of Amelia's car sulking as the other girls practically jumped in their seats. They left after their last morning class so they could get to South Padre before the sun set. It was their last year at The University of Texas where Sookie was studying to become a social worker. She wanted to help people improve their lives and make a difference. She knew she should be happy but she was stressed about finals.

Sookie sighed and said, "I know guys...but I still think I should be at school studying for the History final that'll be coming up soon."

Amelia looked to her side and saw that Sookie was pouting. She rolled her eyes at Hadley through the rear view mirror, turned up the music and went back to driving.

Sookie was worried because she had been having a hard time in her History class. No matter how hard she studied, her grades were always subpar. She needed a passing grade in the class to graduate on time. Sookie swore the professor had a personal vendetta against her. She sat back in the front seat, lowered her sunglasses and settled in for the long ride.

A few hours later they arrived at their hotel, The Seashore Inn, which was right on the beach. When they walked into the lobby, it was packed with other college students who were checking in as well. Amelia and Hadley looked around for any prospects. They looked like lionesses stalking prey. Sookie groaned and threw her hands up in surrender. There was nothing to do but go along with whatever Amelia and Hadley had planned for her.

After they checked in, they made their way up to their rooms. They were lucky to have booked a suite with three rooms attached to a central sitting room. Two rooms on one side and a larger one across.

"Ok ladies get unpacked and throw your suits on. We're headed for the beach so get your asses in gear." Amelia clapped her hands and arched an eyebrow at Sookie.

Hadley giggled and ran to her room with luggage in hand. Sookie turned and followed Hadley in the same direction. She opened the door to her room and plopped her suitcase on the foot of her four poster bed. She looked around the room and had to say it was nice with its pale blue sheets on the bed and darker blue and beige carpeting. Her bed was across from the door, the bathroom to the left and a sliding door leading out to a balcony on the right. She stepped to the sliding door, slid it open, stepped out onto it, and looked down at the beach. It was filled with people tanning, swimming, and having fun. She took a deep breath and resolved to drop her attitude and enjoy the trip. She'd deal with school when she got back. Amelia was right about her needing to let her hair down for once. She turned around, walked back to the door and slid the door shut. She walked over to her suitcase and opened it to unpack her clothing. Sookie grabbed some clothes and noticed that quite a few things she packed were missing. One guess as to who was in her luggage.

Once she was in her bikini, cover up, and flip flops she grabbed her tote and headed out with a smile on her face. Amelia, sitting on the sofa in the sitting room, was shocked to see Sookie smiling. She quickly hid her shock and smiled back at her. She hoped Sookie had finally decided to stop the complaining.

"Had come on!" Amelia yelled out.

"I'm coming, I'm coming!" Hadley yelled back as she stumbled from her room. "Damn...hold your freaking horses Ames."

Amelia smirked and said "Well your not coming yet but maybe we can find someone to help you with that later?" She laughed as she rose and turned to the door swinging it open.

"Hardy har har Ames." Hadley scowled at her.

Sookie snickered and headed out the door behind Amelia.

"You can snicker all you want Sookie, but I'm on the lookout for someone to keep you company and maybe have a little fun with." Amelia waggled her eyebrows at her then turned to continue walking down the hall.

Sookie continued to follow Amelia, made a fist and acted like she was hammering the back of Amelia's head. Hadley cracked up and laughed when she saw Sookie.

"I know what your doing Sook. Cut it out before I throw you at the next guy I see." Amelia sassed.

'Geez does she have eyes in the back of her head?', Sookie thought. She stuck her tongue out at her but quickly pulled it back in. She knew Amelia would do just that if pushed and she did not want to press her luck.

They made their way out to the beach and found a nice sunny spot. They set out their towels and removed their cover ups.

"Sookie did you bring your tanning lotion?" Hadley asked.

"Yeah here you go." Sookie replied as she tossed the tube on Hadley's towel.

"Oh pass me some of that. I love the coconut smell." Amelia reached out for it.

"Wait your turn!" Hadley pushed Amelia's hands out of the way and grabbed it.

"Am I going to have to separate you two already?" Inquired Sookie.

"No mom!" They replied in unison as Amelia lubed up Hadley's back.

They all laughed and helped each other lotion up. Amelia tossed the lotion back to Sookie but missed. Sookie turned to grab it and noticed a lifeguard stand to the north of her. She looked up and was stunned by the Adonis that sat on the lifeguard perch, 'he looks like a Viking' Sookie thought.

His blonde locks blew in the wind and covered his face. His eyes were poured diligently over the water with sunglasses down. She could tell he was tall by the length of his legs and his unusually big feet. If she had to guess, he was at least 6' 3" or 6' 4". His body was glistening from the sweat running down his body and she wanted to lick every drop of sweat from his pectoral muscles. He was wearing red board shorts that were hanging low on his hips. Her palms sweated from the sight of his abs because she wanted to caress them. She was in such a state of utter amazement of his perfect physic, that she didn't hear Amelia move to her side.

Amelia leaned down to Sookie's ear and whispered, "See something you like, Sook?"

Sookie jumped and immediately blushed "Amelia!"

Amelia laughed and turned to see what the fuss was all about. "Oh Sookie, that man is fucking hot! Now I know why you were drooling down your chin."

"I was doing no such thing Amelia!" Sookie responded vehemently.

"Uh huh. Well that puddle in the sand says otherwise."

Sookie slapped Amelia on the shoulder and pushed her away. "Get back to your towel and leave me alone."

Amelia turned back and crawled over to her towel. "Had, do you see that fine piece of man meat Sookie spotted?"

Hadley turned and looked where Amelia was pointing. "Oh God Sook, if you don't want him I'd gladly take him."

Sookie gawked at them both and said: "You girls are so bad. Yeah, I agree he is hot but if anyone is gonna claim that...its me. I saw him first!"

Hadley and Amelia stared at her in shock. Little Ms. goody was going to make a move on the hotty lifeguard?

"I'd like to see that." Amelia said.

"I bet you wouldn't know what to do to capture his attention." Hadley huffed.

Sookie sat back on her towel and said "We'll see ladies...all in good time." She winked and lowered her sunglasses.

Sookie set out to tan and occasionally checked out the lifeguard. She had to think about what she'd do to get him to notice her. 'What to do..what to do?' She racked her brain and tried to come up with something. 'Ahhh I think I got it! It's perfect.' A shit eating grin broke across her face as she went over in her head her plan to get Mr. Sex on a Stick's attention.

Eric had had a rather uneventful day. He helped an older lady set up her umbrella earlier but that was as exciting as it got. At the moment, he was sat at his post and assessing the beach goers in the water. Being the only son of a very wealthy, successful, business entrepreneur had its advantages, so he could afford to volunteer his time as a lifeguard. It also helped when it came to meeting the ladies. Being a lifeguard, he never had a problem finding someone to keep him company.

It was Spring break and needless to say, he wasn't looking forward to this week. Lots of drunken college students acting foolish and parading around this town like they owned the place. Although, as he looked at the ladies in their barely there bikinis and toned bodies it did appeal to him greatly. Speaking of itsy bitsy teeny wheeny bikinis, he noticed three lovely ladies as they basked in the sun. As he admired the view, one of the beautiful blondes turned and looked his way. He quickly turned his gaze towards the ocean and looked at her from the corner of his eye. He wanted to keep looking at her gorgeous body. He felt himself grow hard, and cursed softly. The shorts he wore left little to the imagination and he was not prepared to introduce his Mighty Warrior to the entire beach. The older women might faint and the men would be green with envy. He looked in the opposite direction and tried to think of baseball as his erection ceased, he let out an exaggerated sigh. He tried to keep his eyes on the beach goers, but his gaze kept wandering back to the busty blonde whose body was sparkling in the sun begging to be worshipped by him.

'I have to meet her.' He thought.

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