It was nearly dark in the village hidden in the leaves. Most of the inhabitants had already taken cover inside their houses for the night, getting ready for a good night sleep. The streets should have been deserted, that is except for the few shinobi who still roamed around the streets and rooftops ensuring that everything remained in peace and quiet.

A certain younger shinobi was put on watch for tonight's guard. He sat on a tall roof; his long raven hair flowed softly in the light breeze that chilled his skin. The dark eyes dwelled over the village looking for any form of threat or late night trouble.

All was silent and calm as the night continued on for the boy. He moved along roof tops and along the forests edge constantly aware of all his senses; his body moving like a ghost in the shadow.

Upon reaching the carved wall of Hokages did a sudden clash come from a few yards across the village. Itachi Uchiha bolted into action arriving within minutes at the scene. However, what he found was not what he was expecting and he scolded.

"Sasuke what the hell are you doing out this late. You know damn well dad would have your ass if he knew that you had snuck out this late."

The younger brother smirked with his own scowl, "Like father would catch me, a little more credit with my technique would be nice."

Itachi scoffed, "either way you need to get home, I don't need you getting hurt while I'm the one on watch."

"I could help you do it."

He just glared, "Like I'd need your help, just go home Sasuke and let me do my job."

The older brother turned to leave when a small clank came behind him and a throwing star whizzed by Itachi's ear.

He turned around to see another in Sasuke's hand, "Make me."

Itachi's ears narrowed, "You don't know what you are trying to get into too. I have no desire to put my brother in the hospital tonight."

Sasuke smirked, "There are other ways to make me you know, like a game."

"A game, really Sasuke?"

He nodded, "It's simple you give me five minutes head start and then you try to catch me. If you do then you can do whatever you want me to do and I'll obey. If you can't do it in, let's say two hours, then I win and you have to let me do what I want, which includes letting me stay out here."

Itachi shook his head again, "No, I'm not playing your childish games."

He turned to leave once again, but this time was caught by the wrists and forced against a wall by Sasuke, "You're afraid I'll win, big brother not so tough anymore."

Itachi pushed him away then through a kunai at him that Sasuke barely dodged, "You'd better get running brother, because I will show no mercy."

Sasuke gave a soft devilish smile, "I sure hope not; let the fun begin."

Itachi sat down on the ground with his eyes closed and irritation pulsating in him as he waited for the five minutes to be up and the hunt to begin.

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