Some OOC in this story, also Harry/Hedwig.

From the prison of Azbaban, Harry shook his head in misery. "Nobody understands our tortured romance, Hedwig. Love knows no boundaries, and you shall forever remain in my heart."

Perched upon his shoulder, Hedwiog nuzzled to his neck with affectionately. "Hoo-hoot."

Harry shed an single gleaming emotional tear. "So true, Hedwig."

"Hoo-hoot," said Hediwg wizely.

Harry sniffled croakingly. "You always know exactly what to say. Oh Hewdig, when will the world learn that no form of love should be forbidden? When will the world learn that love conquers all!"


"Hegwid, your feathers shine like diamonds in the moonlight," said Harry lovingly. "Your eyes are like jewels, your blush is so innocent and you look so hot in learther. Without you it is like there is a whole in my chest, when i am with you my heart warms with the heat of a thousand sons!"


Just then the doors of the Azbakan perison were burst open and all Harry and Hedwug's friends Hermione and Luna and Nivvle came in (but not Ron who is a jherk).

"OMG!" cried Harry and Hdewig. "We are saved by friendship!"

And then they were magiced to a nother land where everything was happuy and they were happy and ate muffins and lived happily ever after.!

The End.

AN: I wroted the this story because the theme of love and friendship are very important I think that everyone should just love each other and there should be no moer wars. Also I think Hedgiw is really great and so are muffins. Please R&R!