Misaki was eating breakfast, Usagi-san frowning over some notes, a companionable silence between them, when Aikawa burst through the door. Vibrantly pretty as ever, fresh-faced even at such an early hour, she greeted Misaki with her customary cheerfulness.

"Sensei, about that last edit…"

Misaki allowed their voices to fade into the background, concentrating on what lay ahead for the rest of the day. Demon Kamijou first, a double-period, and there was an essay yet to be completed, he could finish that this evening, and Sumi-senpai wanted to talk about the upcoming student festival-

"-really didn't see this coming, its first-rate material, sensei!"

"Mm, I thought maybe it was time to expand on his character a little, so I wanted to play around with the idea. Do you think it works in this particular scene, though?"

As if in slow-motion, Misaki felt his head turn; just in time to see Aikawa clap her hands together in delight. She was practically sparkling.

"It's absolutely perfect, just as it is! I never considered him being so assertive in what he wanted, but it makes complete sense because of how you've explained it up here-"

It couldn't be. It had only been two days, he couldn't have possibly… the man in question looked up to see Misaki staring at him, growing comprehension on his face. Usagi slipped him a wolfish grin and turned back to his editor.

"I thought so at the time as well. Though I was really on a roll when I was writing this bit right here especially, so I haven't had time to look over it properly yet. Do you think it needs a little less detail for-"

"Oh no, this is my favourite part! And I just adore how you've worked in the bondage sequence-"

Misaki choked on his toast.