A/N Sorry for all those people who are waiting for an update for "An unexpected visit" I have decided (after much consideration) to end it there as a two-shot. Continuing might come later, but it's going on hiatus for now. And this is to make up for it. You can count this as a continuation of "An unexpected visit" the beginning isn't all that different. And "punishment" will keep going.


Disclaimer : Alec and Magnus are the creation of Cassandra Clare, they've just knocked on my front door to spend the weekend.(and the rest of the year hehe)

Magnus forced Alec into the wall and cupped his face, pressing his lips on the dark haired boy's. Alec groaned and kissed him back, unwilling to let the tingle and shivers that ran down his body fade. Magnus expertly took the lead and guided them through the dark hallways of the institute, tugging, pulling, biting and hugging as they advanced further. They were stopped briefly as Alec stepped on church.

Alec muttered a soft sorry, but before he could bend to give the cat a good rub, he was in Magnus' arms again, moaning and gripping at the warlock's hair. Alec's room was at the end of the hall, so the couple made slow progression towards it, sustaining the precious moments they are together - as long as time would allow it. Crashing into almost everything they came past, nearly wrecking Maryse's thousand dollar vase Alec had spent weeks cleaning. Alec was oblivious to his surroundings. He was melting in Magnus' arms, savouring every moment of it.

Alec's parents were on an errand to Idris for the weekend, along with Izzy and Max. Alec pleaded and begged Jace to leave him in peace for the weekend, to have some time to think alone – which left the institute empty - except for Alec. He had faked sick for the weekend and complained about the lengthy trip, which convinced his parents to let him stay.

And of course, he risked everything just to be with Magnus.

And it was worth every cent. He was drowning in a world of love and affection, a dream he'd never have even thought about becoming reality just a few months ago. Magnus had pushed Alec onto his way-too-small bed and remained on top, pinning him onto the frame. Magnus' mouth was on his, tugging at his lower lip, his tongue venturing far into Alec's mouth. Alec had his eyes closed, head tilted back, feeling the warm heat radiating off the Warlock, his heart beating against Alec's ribcage.

The wonder and magic ended for Alec when an extremely unpleasant loud ringing sound struck his eardrums. From instinct he opened his eyes and sat up, forcing the warlock to roll over beside him. The phone in the library was ringing. Alec and Magnus exchanged glances, Alec waiting for approval. Magnus gave the slightest nod, letting the shadowhunter go this time. He'll have to pay later, the warlock thought.

Alec raced down the hallway, not missing a step; familiarised with the institute, with every twist and turn that he arrived just in time for the last ring.

"Hello?" He shouted into the phone.

"Alec? Why didn't you pick up the phone earlier? Is something wrong?"

Alec was momentarily stunned by the voice of his mother on the other side of the phone. "I had to walk down from my room. I was in bed." He replied, trying to conceal his lie.

"Oh. I just wanted to check everything was okay." Maryse was saying.

"Everything's fine mom."

"And you'll order something for dinner?"

"Yes." Alec said, trying to recall what else his mother had told him before they left.

"Okay love. I have to go. Take care."

"Bye mom." Alec said and put down the phone. He stared at it for a while, as if it was going to ring again, and then turned around, to head back to the company of his boyfriend – only to run head first into Magnus.

"Talking to mummy on the phone there?" Magnus asked with a playful smile.

"Maryse, yeah." Alec answered, straightening himself.

"She doesn't know does she?" Magnus asked again.


"That I'm here."

"No one does. I told them I was sick and I'd stay in bed all day." Alec said, trying to sound innocent.

"Part of that is true, darling Alec. You will be in bed, just with me." Magnus said, the grin on his face widening.

"I suppose..."

By the time Alec finished his sentence, Magnus was already closing on the boy, gripping him in his arms, moving closer together. Magnus' hair drooped down his face, and he was in a loose t-shirt and shorts.

"I love you Alec." Magnus whispered.

Alec also whispered something Magnus made out as an "I love you too."

"Now where were we?" Magnus purred with a playful grin tugging at his lips.

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