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Thin moonbeams filtered through the window blinds as Seto Kaiba tossed and turned in his bed. He had been trying to sleep for a few hours now, but sleep was elusive, and he slowly sat upright in his bed, giving up on trying to get some rest. He flung the hot covers off and went to his desk. Maybe he could get some work done, at least until he felt his eyelids getting heavy. He flipped open his laptop and started to type.

He didn't get as much done as he liked while he was Egypt, mostly because he was running around, saving the world from potential ruin. He smirked to himself with that thought; if only Yugi knew about his little escapade, how he, Seto Kaiba saved the world, without any of those lame speeches launched at his every five minutes.

His cobalt eyes went to a certain item on his desk as he typed and he paused, his long fingers reaching out to caress the object, the smooth texture of the polymer clay soothing under his hands . The Blue Eyes sculpture now had a special home, next to a photograph of him and Mokuba when they were children, alongside a doodle of the dragon from Mokuba, and Katrina's note. He frown as she loomed in his thoughts, again. She was always there, even the littlest thing would send him careening down that road.

"I wonder how she's doing," he thought as he typed away, the artificial lights from the computer casting his face of harsh highlights and shadows. "Hopefully the dreams aren't bothering her." After they had returned from the tomb, she suffered from nightmares, dreams that would cause her to jolt upright, screaming and crying, her hands an iron grip on the sheets. Some nights, he would sit by her bed, waiting, and trying to comfort her, not that he would admit it out loud. He had nightmares too, but he had Mokuba to talk to, and eventually,the nightmares faded, replaced by ones of longing, longing for her.

He closed the laptop, no longer able to concentrate properly. "What have you done to me, Katrina?" he whispered, hie hands running through his hair. He had initially blamed his attraction to her on hormones; after all he was a teenager, on the precipice of being an adult. But as the time passed and she was now thousands of miles away from her he started to consider if it was something more, something more profound.

A line from the prophecy popped in his head and he started to ponder the significance of said line. "Maybe it was right, maybe everything had been right all along, and I was just to naïve to realize it." The confession had brought him to a new realization. Just as the line said, he and her were always meant to be. Just like the priest and the girl from the memory world. The only problem was, they were separated by the Pacific ocean.

"If I can't always go to her, maybe she can come to me." He flipped open the computer once more and he began to furiously type away, the seeds of an idea sprouting in his mind. After about a half hour or so, he smiled triumphantly, and he shut the computer off. He glanced at an alarm clock. It was only 3:00 in the morning, making it nine, almost ten in the morning where she lived. He would have to wait a few more hours. But he was Seto Kaiba, and he was used to waiting, somewhat.


Mokuba looked over at his clock. It was about eleven in the morning. Thankfully it was a Saturday, so he didn't have to worry about missing school. He stretched and slowly plodded down the hallway, the smell of bacon and scrambled eggs calling to him.

"Good morning Mokuba," the cook cheerfully called, busy cooking breakfast. Mokuba's mouth started to water at the smell.

"Morning," Mokuba looked around. Something seemed off. Normally, Seto would be working at this time, either reading the paper, or typing on his ever faithful laptop, often drinking some coffee after a morning jog. There was no sign of him. "Have you seen Seto?"

"No I haven't, but that reminds me, your brother left this note for you." The cook plucked off a post-it note off of a cupboard and handed it to Mokuba.


Off on a few errands, will try to be back as soon as I can.


PS: Just because I'm gone does not give you a free rein on the sweets in the pantry.

"Seto never goes on 'errands'," Mokuba mused.

"Yes, it is very unusual," the cook admited. "His personal jet is gone too. It makes you wonder what type of 'errand' he's running."

"Hopefully nothing too bad," Mokuba wished. His brother had been acting somewhat strange lately, mostly along the lines of being less rude and snide. He even avoided insulting Joey a time or two. Mokuba hoped his brother wasn't coming down with something.


"It's official, I hate online classes," Katrina complained, glaring at her laptop while she sprawled across her bed, limbs akimbo; that was the nice thing about online classes, she could take them at home. But there were some downsides to online classes; a lot of the time, one doesn't get the classes they wanted. "Especially stupid essays about a piece of art, nonetheless. I never should have taken that class. I'll never listen to my adviser again." she fumed, hands idly tapping her keyboard while she tried to think of something to type about. She had gotten back a couple of weeks ago, and her semester had already started. Because of the way the trip had overlapped into the next semester, she had opted to take online classes, that way she didn't end up behind.

"And speaking of trips," she muttered, eyes glancing down to the thin faint scar on her collarbone. "I can't believe it's been nearly a month since I last saw them. I wonder how they're doing." She sighed wistfully again, thoughts going to a certain CEO. "I wonder if I'll ever see him again" She shook her head furiously, as if the sudden motions would get the thoughts out of her head. "Huh, listen to me. I sound like one of those cheesy soap opera actresses. I sound really pathetic." But she couldn't help it.

She missed him dearly, more than any other friend. It was her first real taste of a deep relationship, and it was gone, just like that. She knew their parting was inevitable but it didn't mean that it would be any less painful. Both her mom and best friend Erin felt bad for her, but in the end, those certain words spilled from their mouths: "Hun, you should get over him. I much as I hate to say it, you won't be seeing him again." Katrina sighed, any chance of working on that accursed essay was gone, Seto Kaiba dominating her thoughts.

But how could she get over him? Underneath that cold exterior, he cared for her, maybe even loved her, but that last part was just a stretch of her imagination. How could her mom and friends understand what she had been through with him? They only assumed it was nothing more than a fling, but it was so much more. According to that priestess and that prophecy, they were the 'five thousand year lovers', meant to be, but now he was thousands of miles away, probably working on some project or another, probably forgetting about her as she spoke. She still suffered from the nightmares, waking up with tears in her eyes. They had lessened somewhat in severity, but there were nights when she would look around the room, half expecting Seto Kaiba, or even Marik or Ishizu to be there.

There was a knock at her door and her Akita/Husky mix Ciara going ballistic at the door the level above her room. "Oh phenomenal," she groaned, looking down at her garments. She was dressed in a airy black tank top paired with some velour sweatpants, along with a pair of bright green fuzzy socks, her pajamas essentially. When she was at home, she dressed casually, sometimes spending the whole day in her pajamas. "Let's just pray it isn't a man at the door, or worse, that one creepy delivery guy." She ran up the stairs up to the main room taking them two at a time. The knocking began again, evidently the person was impatient."I'm coming!" she yelled. "Cool it Ciara!"

She took a peek out of one of the front room windows. She couldn't tell much from the stranger, only that he was as skinny as a bean pole. An expensive looking SUV was parked along the curb. "Must be a rental, or very, very rich. I'm guessing they're lost." She went to the door and opened it a peek, then flung it wide, her jaw just about literally dropping to the floor. Her dog started to bark even louder, but she was unaware of

There, standing in her doorway, in all of his CEO glory, was Seto Kaiba.

Of course, since it was Katrina, the first words out of her mouth were: "What the heck are you doing here of all places. And how on God's green earth did you find me?", not exactly mushy and romantic.

"You seem to have forgotten that I'm skilled with computers. You college needs a batter firewall. Did you know that there are three other girls that go to your college with the same name?"

Katrina smacked her forehead with an open palm. "Ah, yes, the Neo wannabe. I bet they based that character off of you. You do look a little like him, by the way. But at least you have some semblance of emotion."

"Still as as witty with the commentary I see," Seto smirked

"As the pot calls the kettle black." Katrina leaned against the door frame, arms crossed. "So what brings you out here?"


"What kind of stuff?"

"Did you know that Domino is home to a prestigious university?"

"Yeah. Marik brought it up once or twice. He's going there in the fall."

"They also have an Art program, as well as an Ancient History one."

"Your point being?-" His question hit her like a ton of bricks. "You want me to go to the University? In Domino? With you?" Her voice had gone up nearly an octave by this point

"Took you long enough to figure it out."

"You're, you're kidding, right?"

"I don't kid."

"Figures. It's Seto Kaiba. Always to the point." her heart pounded a million miles an hour and a small corner of her mind wondered if he could hear the rapid beating; for that matter, the people within a five block radius. "But how will I pay for it? Where will I stay?"

"I'll pay for everything, plus give you room and board."

"Seto, I-"

Kaiba crossed the threshold and cupped her face in his hands. "I want you to stay with me. I guess you could say that I've missed you, a lot. I don't know what it is, or how to explain it, but with you gone, it's like a part of me is missing. I want you to come back to Domino. I'll pay for your college and everything else you need. Just say yes."

Katrina turned away from him. "I'd love to, but what about my family, my friends? I want to go with you so bad but I, don't want them to think I ran off to be with some guy. You're asking me to leave everything here behind."

"What if I asked your parents?"

"You're kidding me, right? What will you tell them?"

"That I'm willing to pay for your education, including room and board, books, living expenses and anything else. The overseas experience will be good for you, plus it'll look good on any job application."

"Well, I guess you could ask them, but it might not go well with my dad though. He's the type that's willing to sit on the front porch with a shotgun across his lap."

Kaiba kissed her on the lips. "I'm pretty sure I can handle a guy with a shotgun. That's why I have bodyguards."

Katrina rolled her eyes and leaned against him, inhaling his cologne. "Then I'll never leave here," she teased. "And who knew that you had a mushy side and you were pining away for little ole' me?"

"Tell anyone about my so called 'mushy side' and I'll-"

"You'll what Seto?"

"I'll find some sort of punishment tailored specifically for you."


Kaiba, realizing what she just meant, blushed a deep, deep red. Katrina grabbed his hand to bring him inside. "Well, you aren't just going to sit outside here all day waiting for my parents. People will think you're some kind of creepy stalker."


Three weeks later, Katrina found herself boarding a plane to Domino City, where she was going to finish out her education at Domino University. Seto had managed to convince her parents to let her go, much to her father's heartbreak. For the next two years, she completed her education, graduating in the top ten percent of her class with her double majors. During this time, she stayed with Seto Kaiba, occasionally becoming embroiled with his and Yugi Moto's adventures, saving the world every now and then, her, all the while strengthening her skills with her Blue Eyes. She gradually accepted the Dragon spirit as part of her lfe, and she eventually got over her fear of it .

Shortly after graduating, she became a teacher at a local school, teaching Art and the occasional English class to her mostly Japanese students, gaining a duel citizenship for both the United States and Japan. Another two years later, she dropped her last name of Dawson and became known as Katrina Kaiba. Seto's brother was ecstatic about the whole thing. Marik ironically ended up catching the bouquet at the wedding reception, much to his chagrin and the Kaiba's amusement. Seto never let up teasing about the whole thing, even years after the incident.

And their love will always be eternal, never breaking, ever lasting.

Seth and Kisara.

Seto and Katrina.

Their devotion and love for each other is a cycle on the eternal Wheel of Time, lasting for five thousand years into the present, and for another five thousand years more and beyond. For even when time stops and the world as people know it ends, and the Wheel of Time is broken-

-Their love never will.

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