Sup peoples. Seeing as we are quite new to this fanfic section of Robin Hood we want to intro ourselves. This is cece-noon and Pendragon.P a s s i o n. If any of you guys read Ranger's Apprentice fanfics you would remember us from that horribly but so fantastically wrong fanfic, The Chronicles of Gerald.
Me, passion, got into RH after the epiest person, MerlinJunkie, on youtube was putting up Merlin season 2 and at the same time was putting up RH. I started watching that and the new obsession was born *KAPOW* *hand gestures* cece-noon, currently standing right next to me, got into it because she needs a filler-in to obsess over seeing as Gossip Girl season 4 doesnt start until 13 Sept. so this is the product of our boredom. Unlike Gerald, which we wrote in Maths, this was discussed one lunchtime. We currently have over a page of ideas including a crossdressing Will, a pole dancing Gissy and a very very hungry Much, and also cece's own personal Festival of Pain, featuring THE SHERIFF!

So this is Chapter One. This actually contains no one from RH but does contain a 'special guest' who will appear a few more times to help us out. We give a small shout out to our Commerce teach, whose real name is not actually Mrs Mercury-Sour. When we actually started writing this down we were in Commerce 2 days ago while we were also creating a 'rap' of sorts to promote safe driving *rap is featured in fanfic below*

Disclaimer: do NOT own a thing, for if we did the story of Robin Hood would be completely fucked up for the rest of eternity. The rap is totally all ours though so nick off if you wanna steal.

We are encouraging opinions for this fic. That does not mean flames but we do know that not everyone will enjoy this...
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Happenings From The Hood

Chapter One - In The Beginning...

Once, two year 10 girls sat utterly bored in Commerce. They were creating an epically awesome rap to promote safe driving. It went something like this:
*intensely deep voice over*
Are you going out tonight? Having a few drinks? Imagine this: You're on your way home, you crash. Instead of bread, jam and butter you spread over the road with your head in the gutter.

As their teacher, Mrs Mercury-Sour, drabbled on and fractious students yelled dimly in the background, their class was suddenly interrupted. Right before their eyes a slim, tall man, with outstandingly large, flappy ears and pointy shoes appeared at the front of the class. He shook his head to clear it, the bell on the end of his pointy hat jingling eerily.

Mrs Mercury-Sour slammed down her textbook, Commerce for Australian Citizens, open to page 106 – Driving a Car, and glared at the newcomer. "Excuse me!" She peered down her nose, through her too-thick-glasses. "What are you doing?"

The man cocked his head thoughtfully. "Well, that one," his arm came up and his long finger found itself pointing at the blonde of the two girls. "That one has been stalking me through her dreams and sending Colin Morgan*1 so much God-damned fan-mail!"

The blonde, Tilley, was sitting in the front row. Her brunette friend, Connie, looked at her disinterestedly, one eyebrow raised in mimic to Halt*2.

Then she slapped her across the face.

Tilley, who had been in a severe state of shock, came back to the planet we know as earth.

Slowly her blank expression turned into one of extreme pleasure. "Oh my fucking God! Fuck, IT IS MERLIN! FREAKEN MERLIN!"

Connie rolled her eyes and slapped Tilley again. "Oh em golly, get over it woman!"

Before Tilley could retaliate Merlin spoke again.

"Now, you have sent Colin Morgan so much fan-mail and practically stalked me and I will not even go into your insane level of obsession with Bradley James – but anyway... Because of you passion for the show and characters I have used my awesome, super powers and transported myself here. As it is my Destiny to protect Arthur, unfortunately for you I cannot take you to Camelot as you would probably physically injure him and most definitely scar him psychologically for the rest of eternity. So instead I am going to send you into your other obsession – the world of Robin Hood."

Connie looked at the boy with the queer hat, "You can't be serious."

"Oh, but I am!"

Tilley was bouncing in her seat, mini jumps on the hard plastic chairs, her fringe falling in her face.

"Oh my God! Are you freaken serious!"

Merlin gave her a look that said 'Oh-my-Uther-I can't-believe-that-I-finally-get-to-do-this-I-can-sleep-so-much-better-at-night-now-by-knowing-that-this-stupid-woman-child-can-finally-go-away!'

"Yes, Tilley," he sighed. "I am serious."

Tilley squee-ed. "OH MY GOD! Can we go now? Please?"

"Well...I suppose so."

"No!" Connie whined. "We have Maths next, I like Maths!"

"Dude, no. We are going now!" Tilley demanded.

Merlin held up his hands. "Whoa, hang on. She can't go too," he pointed to Connie.

Tilley turned to her friend, "Sorry dude, looks like I'm going this alone."

"No!" Connie shook her head vigorously. "B-But," her eyes filled with tears. "But...the Sheriff...I wanna meet the Sheriff..." She suddenly got up and stood on the table, one fist raised high and shouted, "SHERIFF REIGH SUPREME!"

*awkward silence*

"Riiggghhhtht..." Merlin frowned. "Well, I guess she can go too..."

"Oh my God! He's gonna use Old English*3 to getus there!" Tilley screamed.

Connie turned to look at her, "Dude, I still think Old English is 'Ye olde bell tower felleth to thee groundeth'."

Tilley sighed as the old argument*4 restarted once again. "Well, sor-ry, I mean, oh my God! He's gonna use Anglo-Saxon to get us there!"

Connie nodded once, "Thank you."

Merlin rolled his eyes and turned to Mrs Mercury-Sour. "Do they go on like this all the time?"

The teacher nodded as the rest of the class simply sighed and started a joint conversation about how bloody annoying the two friends were. The warlock sighed and shook his head. "Man, do I feel sorry for Robin Hood and his gang..." Then he raised one hand. "Mumble-mumble-mumble-something completely incoherent and Old Engl-I mean, Anglo-Saxon."

Suddenly the girls were torn from reality and began falling through time and space.

Flashing lights and a mirage of colours surrounded them. They fell through different TV shows from everywhere. Connie excitedly pointed out as The 10th Doctor and Rose flashed past. As the conversation about how epic he was and his fabulous coat and awesome hair finished they flashed past another familiar show, Gossip Girl. They talked about the epic hotness of Chuck and Nate and the pure genius of Blair. Soon after they Torchwood passed by and just after the conversation about the epicness of Owen, hotness of Jack and gorgeousness of Ianto, the two girls came to a sudden halt, landing on their arses in the middle of –

"The Outlaw's Camp!" Tilley exclaimed.

Back to Merlin.

"Sooooo..." Mrs Mercury-Sour said. "Who are you?"

Merlin and the class sighed at the stupidity of the teacher. Merlin decided to ignore her. He raised both arms in announcement. "Who wants to get outta here?"

The whole class cheered.

"Well sorry. But unfortunately you can't as meddling with children's education is strictly against the Time/Dimension Travel Regulations."

And with that, he mumbled another few words and disappeared.

*1 - for those who dont know Merlin, Colin Morgan is the actor who plays him.
*2 - Halt is this character from the book series Ranger's Apprentice who constantly has an eyebrow raised when is he amused, confused, disapproving or asking what the fuck is going on.
*3 - Old English is the language they use for the spells they use on Merlin.
*4 - we constantly fight about Old English VS Anglo-Saxon.

omce again, opinions are very much welcome and hopefully we will have the next chapter fairly soon, though we arent promising anything.

cece-noon and passion.