So, the next instalment of Tilley's and Connie's adventure in the BBC's adaption of Robin Hood is up. In case you don't know what the hell this is (shame on you for skipping ahead!) it's the epic! tale of two girls that are transported to Sherwood Forest, and basically... they go and screw the story up and create mayhem as they go. What to look forward to in this chapter... well, just read it! also any Supernatural fans will notice a rip-off of Sam's speech to that random frat boy in Tall Tales from Tilley in this chapter.

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The Staring Quest

"Are we there yet?" the blonde of the two girls asked.

"No," Robin replied as the group walked through Sherwood Forest. The leaves rustled beneath their feet, the occasional twig snapping. They were on their way to Nottingham. The two girls had demanded it, well, one had demanded it, the other was happy to do what ever as long as her beloved Allan was in her sights. After finally convincing the Gang that they were not working for the Sheriff and that they were who they said they were Connie demanded that they go to Nottingham. When refused she gave everyone a serious death glare until they broke and said 'yes'.

"Are you sure?" Tilley pestered.

"Yes" he replied.

"So we are there?"

"No, I just said we weren't!" his voice was rising.

"No, you just said 'Yes'."

Robin stopped and inhaled deeply, he turned around to find Tilley in an intense staring competition with a small brown fuzzy squirrel, (the one that Aurora sings too in Sleeping Beauty, the very same one!), the gang staring at Tilley and the squirrel in the middle of their epic! staring battle. The squirrels face distorted in the effort not to blink, one eye almost closed the other eye had the lid held up high. Tilley shared the same facial expression.

"Can we, like, go?" Connie asked with a bored expression on her face. Her question was met with "BLINK! BLINK! BLINK! BLINK!" As it was becoming clear a winner would soon emerge from the epic! quest of not blinking as the squirrel's cheek began to twitch.

Tilley blinked!

It was over.

"How anti-climatic." Connie said. "You were beaten by a furry rodent."

Much eyed Connie with suspicion and walked up behind Tilley. "Um, Tilley right?"

"Oh my God!" she excalaimed in fright. "Dude! Don't sneak up on me, please. It just...scares the crap outta me!"

Much moved back slightly, a little scared. "Uh ok. Anyway, is she always this grumpy? I mean, all she seems to do is complain and criticise you."

"Dude, I can hear you," Connie said from up ahead. "And, if you don't mind, I prefer to look at things with mild disdain, not grumpily. I am not a grumpy boots. Don't be my mother, only she calls me that!"

Much was suddenly scared by the thought of Connie's mum. Tilley laughed.

"Just give her time. She's just pissed 'cause she hasn't met the Sheriff or Gissy yet."

Much looked confused. "Wait. Is that why we're going to Nottingham? Because she wants to meet those two? Who would wanna meet them?"

Suddenly Connie stopped in her tracks and rounded on the beanie-wearing man. "I would say it is a free country but here, at this time it isn't but the point still remains. Am I suddenly not up to your standards just because I happen to like those two? And, by the way, those two have names! So unless you would like to be thoroughly involved in the Sheriff's new and upcoming Festival of Pain I suggest you keep your mouth shut!" And with that she turned and continued walking.

Much was shaking and his eyes filled with tears instantly brimming his eyes and falling down his face, his bottom lip quivering something terrible. Tilley laid a hand on his shoulder.

"It's ok, Much. I know this all has to be so hard but I want you to know that I'm here for you. It is all going to be fine." She embraced him tightly. "Come here, you brave little soldier. I acknowledge your're too precious for this world!"

Tilley released him after a moment and they continued walking with the group until Connie said, "And I suggest this to you Much: be a man and grow a pair! Or you will never repoduce and call your kids stupid names like Alot and Agreatamount."

Much's head turned to Robin. "Master! Please get her to stop!"

Robin shook his head. "Sorry Much!"

"John? Please!"

But every one of the Gang said 'no'. "Why won't any of you get her to be nice to me?" he cried out.

The ever so hot Allan laid a hand on his shoulder. "Look, I'm not being funny Much, but she is scary-"

"She has a name!" Connie interrupted.

"Sorry...We all find Connie a bit scary, I mean, she did convince us all to take her to Nottingham. So I'm not being funny or anything but I reckon she has this like, contained evil power inside her and if we annoy her or insult her she will unleash it on us and, I'm not being funny or anything, but we simply value our lives too much for that." Allan nodded to himself, "Yeah, I'm not being funny, but that's about it."

"Look," Robin interrupted. "I hate to interrupt your little explaination/comfort thing going on here but we are almost at Nottingham and we need to figure a way to get inside the castle."

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