Chapter 1

Luna stuck her head out of the door. She looked quite pretty in the bridesmaids dress. "She wants Hermione…"

Hermione smiled at Harry and left. There was a shriek and a thump and Luna stuck her head out again. "She says she wants Harry."

Harry smiled at the woman sitting next to him in the hall and walked into the room. It was a mess of dark blue bridesmaids' dresses, makeup, flowers and in the middle of all of it Ginny sat in her white dress with her makeup smeared over her face.

"Harry!" she shrieked.

"Gin, what's wrong?" He sat down next to her.

"First it was you, then Dean... I just turn them gay! What if Draco..."

He laughed. "I don't think that's likely. And I'm not gay because of you. You know that!"

She smiled at him and then she picked up her bracelet and put it on her arm. She didn't notice how all the bridesmaids cringed as if she was going to throw it. Harry guessed by the bumps in the small metal ring that she actually had thrown it once or twice.

"You're right. You are. Oh, I'm so lucky to have you!" she said and threw her arms around him. 'Is she drunk?' he mimed to Hermione who shrugged.

Ginny stood up and the bridesmaids walked over to her cautiously. "Wow", Hermione whispered. "You dealt with that well."

Harry grinned. "I guess. But I bet she'll be back to shouting in a few minutes."

"Probably. I don't blame her though. She's getting married, that's big."

"Yeah, can you imagine? Little Ginny Weasley is getting married! I remember when I first met her. I can't believe that was eight years ago."

That little freckled girl that had pouted about being left behind when all her brothers had gone off to Hogwarts. Harry remembered her running alongside the train.

Hermione smiled. "Unbelievable. Hey, did you hear all the bridesmaids sighing when you said you where gay?"

"No, I didn't", Harry said and winked at a passing brown-haired girl. She blushed and yelped.

"That was nasty, Harry. Now she's gonna get her hopes up!" Hermione said and slapped Harry on the arm.

"She just heard me say I was gay!"

"Fine, but you still shouldn't go around flirting with people. What will Snape say?" she said and smiled. Harry still thought it was weird hearing it, Hermione must think it was really, really weird saying it.

Harry looked at his watch. "Right. I was supposed to meet him outside! I'll see you later, 'kay?"

She nodded and went pale when Ginny made a glass shoot into the wall and smash. "Go. Go, save yourself!"

Harry slipped out the room just in time to hear another glass smash against the door.

"Hi", he mumbled to the woman in the hall who had a shocked look on her face.

He walked through the hall to the bigger room where the wedding would be held. It was full of Weasley's getting it ready. They were in the church in the town downhill from the Burrow. Not that the Weasley were such big believers in God – wizards and witches mostly left that to the muggles – but it was the biggest empty space in the village. It was in the outskirts of town but they had still put some disillusionment spells on it.

"Harry? Is she still...?" Ron asked. He was levitating the chairs in to place.

"Yeah. It looks like she's calming down a bit though."

Harry walked out in the sunshine. It was perfect weather, not too hot and not too cold. There was a gentle wind and Harry smiled against it. There were gravestones scattered around the church and by a big grey one covered with moss he saw Snape, talking to two people, both with the same blonde, almost white, hair. Harry was surprised they'd actually shown up. They had seemed pretty pissed off when Malfoy had gotten together with Ginny.

"Hi", he said and walked up next to Snape. Snape smiled and Harry felt his hand brush by his own hand.

"Good morning", Narcissa said. Could he call her Narcissa? He didn't care, really. But she had saved his life so... Narcissa it was. And it had probably been her who had convinced Lucius to come to the wedding. And atleast she tried to be nice to both Harry and Snape. Lucius just stood there, a disgusted look on his face. He had actually gone to prison for a while and it showed. But only a very short time. Harry guessed it payed off to bribe people. But then again, why would people do it if it didn't pay off? Anyway he looked even paler than usual, and it showed that he had lost a bit of weight.

"Mother. Father."

Draco came up to them, nodding to his parents. He wore the traditional black robes that wizards wore when they got married.

"How was she?" he asked. He looked pale too, but Harry guessed it was from nervousness.

"She's calmed down a bit", Harry said. Draco nodded and swallowed.

"Severus?" Harry said and nodded at the church. "They might need our help."

They said goodbye to the Malfoys and left them in awkward silence.

"God, I still get uncomfortable around them", Harry said and shivered.

"Hm", Snape said.

Harry looked around. No one was looking. "Hey, come on", he said to Snape who looked puzzled and Harry continued. "You didn't really think we were going to help with the preparations, did you?"

He pushed Snape behind an old gardening shed that on two sides faced the small patch of trees behind the church. Snape kissed him hurriedly.

"When does the ceremony start?" he breathed against Harry's cheek.

"Not for another half hour."

Harry grinned and his hand slipped under Snape's robes and into his pants. Snape moaned loudly and Harry grinned.

"We can't do this here, it's a bloody cemetary." Snape tried to push Harry's hands away.

"Oh, come on, I've got a hard-on that I'd love to get rid of before the wedding. Plus, we can give the stiffs a good show", Harry suggested.

"That's a rather horrible thing to say", Snape said but he was smiling and Harry knew he'd given in.

Harry kissed him again and ran his finger over the head of the other man's erection.

"Mm..." Snape moaned again. "I love you like this."

"Like what?" Harry murmured.

"Horny", Snape chuckled.

Harry squeezed around Snape's shaft and he gasped. "You should be more careful about what you say to the man holding your family jewels."

"Harry!" George shouted.

"We thought we heard moaning." Fred showed up next to George.

Harry pulled his hands out of Snape's pants. "Fred, George! What are you doing here?"

"As we said, we heard moaning."

"And we found it our duty as good citizens to investigate the matter further."

"Well, make it your duty as good citizens to get out of here", Harry said and tried to shoo them away.

"And let you two youngsters get back to your mischief?"

"Not to mention the very obvious act of-"

"Yeah, yeah. We're coming."

They disappeared around the corner and Harry hissed, "The nasty buggers."

"We do not appreciate being called nasty buggers, Harry", was heard from the other side of the shed and Fred's head showed up.

"Yes, professor Snape, do try and teach him some manners!"

"I agree", Snape agreed. "Nasty."

The wedding was nice. Ginny looked beautiful and not so emotional and Malfoy looked handsome too. Hermione, Luna and Ginny's friend – Sirius' girlfriend – Amanda were bridesmaids along with some other girls and Blaise Zabini was Malfoy's best man. All the bridesmaids were dressed in dark blue and Ginny had little blue pearls in her hair to match.

It wasn't the same wizard who married Bill and Fleur and buried Dumbledore who performed the wedding, but it was a younger dark-haired man. He looked like a nice guy and apparently Malfoy knew him.

Both Ginny and Malfoy looked like they were going to cry but they didn't. But Harry was sure he saw a little tear run down Malfoy's cheek when he gave Ginny her ring, even though Malfoy denied it later. Mr and Mrs Weasley cried their eyes out and Harry saw that Malfoy's mother had something glistening in her eyes too. Harry didn't cry but he had a firm grip on Snape's hand all through it.

All of the Weasleys were there, so Ginny's side of the church was jam-packed with redheads. Sirius sat on Harry's right side and Snape on his left. They shot glares at eachother over Harry's head. Harry comforted himself with that they atleast didn't openly fight. Neville was there with his brand new girlfriend Hannah Abbott and Dean and Seamus were there too. None of Ginny's ex-boyfriends other than Harry and Dean were there. Malfoy's side was pretty empty, except for his parents and a few Slytherins that Harry recognized, Goyle included.

After the ceremony they moved all the chairs to the side and Charlie swung his wand and a few tables appeared. It was easier than moving everyone to the Burrow where they wouldn't fit anyway. The cake was huge and adorned with small blue stars that moved over it slowly. It glistened when Ginny and Malfoy cut into it and there were 'ooh's and 'aah's in the crowd when the sparks flew high into the sky and eventually died out.

Then there was dancing and drinks. It had become dark before they stumbled home, Harry, Hermione and Ron to the burrow and Snape to his house. Ginny and Malfoy apparated to their hotel in London where they would be spending the night before they went off on their honeymoon. They were going to France and then Italy but Ginny had said that they might stop off at some other countries too. Ginny had taken some fast courses so she'd be able to graduate from Hogwarts a year before she was actually supposed to. That way she'd have lots of time for the honeymoon, for buying a house and all that too.

Harry fell asleep almost as soon as his head hit the pillow. It had been a long day.