It's not as if he doesn't understand, but... it's not logical. [Very onesided slash]

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It's not like Spock doesn't understand- love is an immensely important emotion to humans. He knows this. He understands perfectly- just the sight of Uhura, the sound of her beautiful voice makes him glad to be a part of the Enterprise.

However, what he's hearing now is... well, it's ridiculous. Illogical.

"I'm in love, Spock. With you."

What could possess him to say that? To risk destroying the carefully kindled friendship and respect they had for each other?

Kirk is looking at him, face reddened slightly. He looks strangely nervous, eyes directed towards the floor.

It's not logical.

Still, he has to tread carefully here. Not only is Kirk a good friend, but he's also his superior officer. He has to find the right words. Think. Think very carefully.

"Thank you. I appreciate it must have been hard for you to tell me that, and I am honoured that you would choose to confide in me, sir."

Kirk appears slightly surprised. Obviously he was expecting a different response. Spock notes this and carries on.

"However, I regret to inform you that I do not repriocate those same feelings. I hope that we will still be able to work together as we always have, regardless. I apologise for any distress I may have caused you."

Kirk looks hurt. That's not logical, either. Spock braces himself for whatever loud, emotional outburst his Captain will begin any second now.

Any second. Any second...



"I..." Kirk begins. He stops. His face is reddening rapidly, flushing furiously. He shakes his head and begins again, uncharacteristically slowly and quietly. "You just don't get it, do you?"

Spock raises one eyebrow. This was... irregular. Of course he understood. Kirk had simply confided in Spock his feelings towards the latter, which were not repriocated. That was the logical way of looking at things.

"You don't understand." Kirk raises his voice slightly.

"I understand perfectly. However, I do not share your emotions, and-"

"You don't have emotions!"

"I do. However, I-"

"You don't! You can't seriously- You can't act like this is nothing! I mean, it's just-" Kirk breaks off. He looks terrible. As if any second, he's going to lose control. Now would be a good time to leave, before this situation got worse.

"Then I apologise. I regret I must leave for now. I will report for duty tomorrow, as always. I hope that you shall do the same. Good day, sir." Spock doesn't wait for a reply, but heads towards the lift at the end of the corridor. He hears heavy footsteps going in the opposite direction- Kirk is storming towards his living quarters.

It doesn't matter. Kirk will eventually recover from the rejection. Of that, Spock is certain. Anything other than that would be... well, illogical.

But then again, humans are illogical beings.

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