First We Lost Mama, And Now Papa Has To Go
by WSJ

This poem is from Elanor's point of view when Sam leaves to go to the Grey Havens. I don't own LotR.


We lost Mama a long time ago,
But who'd've thought that Papa would go?
I know he misses Uncle Frodo a lot.
(Though I don't remember, after all, I was only a tot.)

"Do you really have to go Papa?" I ask.
He smiles "Yes, this is my final task."
I say "Why don't Pippin and Mer go too?"
His face became clouded, and he only said "I wonder too..."

"You're to keep the Book for Frodo and I,
"Don't ask a lot of questions, don't wonder why.
"Stick close to Pippin, he'll take care of thee."
Those were the last words he said to me.

A ship came to the beach where we sat,
There were Elves, a Dwarf, and this guy with a funky hat.
Pippin and Merry stood on either side of me,
And I wondered why they had come to see

Me father leave us, since they couldn't go too.
Surely they must be feeling blue!
I called to an Elf "Lord, please!
"What is wrong with the likes of these?

"Pippin and Merry are brave and true,
"Why can't they go too?"
It was the man with the hat who said "Answer me this:
"What good are they to you?" And I let out a hiss.

"They've stood by me for years untold,
"And, if I may be so bold,
"Pippin may be a Took but he's no fool!
"Maybe it's *you* who needs to go to school!"

Everyone seemed shocked and Dad turned to me,
Saying "Elanor! That's Gandalf! Don't you see?"
But I was stubborn, just like my mom,
And said "Oh no? I can take it up with Tom."

Then the old wizard laughed, and grinned at me.
He said "She reminds me of you, Samwise Gamgee!
"Why not indeed, Pip and Mer, come aboard!
"It seems we're going to have a full load!"

So they left me alone on that cold sandy shore,
But I needed to stay, for it's *my* job to keep the legend alive for generations more.
But when you read of Mordor and Frodo,
Always remember: it was I who convinced Gandalf to let Took and Brandybuck go.


Hm... That was a lot different from what I had in mind... I like it though. ^_^ Once again I find a way for Pip and Mer to go to the Undying Lands! That's practically all my LotR fics are about! ^_^ Oh well! Reviews please! Flames will be given to Pippin to play with, so be carefull how hot they are.