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Chapter 1: Routine

Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Bee—

The sound of the alarm clock was cut short as Lightning's fist collided with the top of the device. She put so much power within the hit that she ended up breaking the clock; truthfully, that was no surprise since she went through at least a dozen within the span of two months.

Pulse and Cocoon Fal'Cie I hate that annoying sound, she thought groggily before releasing a groan and rolling over onto her side to get five more minutes of sleep.

Those five minutes came and went all too quickly for the soldier before she had to get out of bed if she wanted to be on time to report in; and, by 'on time' in military meant early by at least an hour. For Lightning, being such the dedicated Sergeant she was, it meant being there two hours early.

She flung the covers from her form before pulling herself from the warmth her bed provided. She grabbed one of her numerous uniforms from the closet, the items for her bath, and then exited her room and headed towards the bathroom. It was always unoccupied at this hour of the morning, though there were those rare mornings when it was occupied.

Fal'Cie help them if they weren't Serah.

Luckily, it was empty this morning. Lightning entered into the bathroom and kicked the door closed behind her, quickly turning to lock it. Placing her towel and bathing items on the closed toilet lid, the rose haired female then reached into the tub and turned on the water; she turned on the knob that activated the showerhead.

As the water ran, she stripped out of pajamas, giving the water a chance to warm up before she stepped in. Placing her discarded clothes into the hamper; then, grabbing her face towel and shampoo she stepped into the tub.

She released a heavy—pleased—sigh as warm, boarder line hot, water rained down upon her skin. Stepping closer allowed the droplets to maneuver through her strawberry blonde locks. For a few moments, Lightning simply stood there—eyes closed as water gushed down her face.

She wasn't thinking; not about Pulse becoming her and her family's new home, not about the military being in chaos because well over half its ranks had been lost and needed to be filled, not about the house they were staying in that was falling apart and way too crowded, not about how her paycheck was barely enough to pay bills and provide the household with food since she was the only one working.

Nope, none of that was on her mind…she was simply existing in that moment.

Eventually, the BlazeFire owner began to move around—washing her body before moving on the shampoo and condition her hair; all in all, her routine took 10 minutes. In her line of work, being able to do tasks efficiently and quickly was a skill that only a few had; either a person learned how to do both through their training period or it would take years before you started to move up the ranks.

Once she was finished, she turned off the shower and exited the tub. She grabbed her smaller towel and used it to dry her hair, wrapping it around her head when she was finished; the larger towel she grabbed and used it to dry off her body.

Finished with the towel she also tossed it into the hamper before going about getting dressed in her usual military attire; the only thing she was missing was the half cape that clipped on to her left shoulder, beneath the green metal plate that showed off her rank, and danced behind her person. After her clothes were on the final thing she did was brush her teeth.

Lightning then exited the bathroom, not before removing the towel wrapped around her head and placing it in the hamper as well, and headed towards her room.

As she stood before her dresser mirror, having used it when she was attaching her ruby cape to the green plate on her shoulder even though she could have done the task blindfolded; it was something that she had been doing for years that had practically become second nature to her.

Azul eyes bored deeply and intently into their reflection.

Without warning, her breathing had sped up. Her heart rate had spiked, vision began to blur, breath now erratic than moment prior, head slowly beginning to spin, and a light sheen of sweat covered her body. Leaning over, she placed one hand on her dresser while the other one went to latch on—clutch—on the side of the mirror.

The Guardian Corps soldier stayed like this for five minutes before she was finally able to gain control of herself once again.

Still, throughout the whole miniature episode crystal blue eyes stayed focused on the person being reflected in the mirror; this wasn't the first time that Lightning had experienced an episode like this. And, it certainly wouldn't be the last.

The heart-face shaped woman couldn't quite place her finger on it, but ever since she had come out of crystal stasis—despite how brief it was—she had felt different; as if something about her very person was off. She ended up going through this episode accidentally a few weeks after herself, Serah, and sadly, Snow moved into the house.

She was glancing at herself in the mirror, while on her way to do something that seemed so unimportant now, when she caught sight of her eyes and froze; hey eyes seemed to hypnotize her as if she had never seem them before with how intently she was staring at herself. As she remained locked in her gaze, she suddenly felt a chill creeping up her spine—the same kind a person gets when they bend down to pick up something and they stand up straight and there's another reflection in the mirror.

That's how she felt then; even though she was looking at herself, if felt like she was staring at an entirely different person—a stranger. It's the same way she feels now, though now her episodes don't leave her visibly trembling anymore. Yet, she doesn't understand the why behind it.

Before she can get started on a road that she's traveled up and down numerous times within these past few months, she shakes her head; thus breaking contact with her reflection.

"Get yourself together soldier," Lightning muttered to herself as she stood up straight. She looked herself over in the mirror, but made sure not to make eye contact with…well, herself.

Satisfied with how she looked she proceeded out her door and down the hall. "Focus…hehe, there's a word I probably shouldn't be using much," she whispered to herself, giving a low, sultry chuckle.

Making it to the end of the hall Lightning then turned left and entered into the living room. She paused for a brief moment to take in the couch's occupant; Hope was looking like a drown victim, with one arm tossed over the back of the couch while one leg hung freely from it. His cover littered the floor along with candy wrappers and a few drink cans.

The television was still on, though thankfully someone had muted the volume. There was a large: PAUSE in the center of the screen, and looking on the floor in front of the television Lightning was able to confirm that his game console was still on; while she didn't see the controller the fighter knew that it wasn't far from the adolescent.

What the hell does he see in…what does he have? A Wii?...PS3?...360?...Gameboy Color? Ah, to hell with it, she conceded mentally. As she opened the front door and began stepping out of it. What he sees in those videogames I'll never understand.

Lightning entered into the new Guardian Corps Headquarters; debt was still going on within the higher ranks and those providing funding for the Corps as to whether or not this was to be their permanent location.

She walked through the sliding doors and headed towards her commander's desk. The warrior was eager to know if there was a matter than needed her attention; the Sergeant always felt the need to strike out at something after one of her episodes and what better way to go about it than legally and bring home a check for her efforts?

As she traveled down the hall, the sound of her boots echoing off the walls, she took notice as to how lacking in personnel HQ was—at least, within the office areas. While she did arrive early, there was always some form of traffic from her coworkers going on.

Is there a meeting going on that I don't know about? She wondered to herself, as she rounded the corner and approached her commander's office. Surely, she would have been notified if there was a meeting, right?

The fighter stopped before the door and knocked. Her arm had barely had a chance to fall before a "Come in" was uttered; she opened the door and quickly entered.

"Sir," Lightning greeted, bowing from the waist as she greeted him.

"Well, Sergeant Farron isn't this a surprise," Lieutenant Amodar remarked as he was met with his most hard working and stubborn subordinate.

Lightning stood up straight. Her eyebrows knitted together slightly but she portrayed no more reactions other than that small one. "Surprise? …But sir, I'm always here early," she pointed out. Curious as to why he was surprised to see her.

The taller of the two laughed. "Of that I am aware Sergeant," he countered lightly. "It's just that I'm not used to seeing you a day early for your shift." He added as he leaned back in his chair.

Ever so slightly, delicate eyebrows rose. "A…day early sir?" she inquired, just to make sure she was hearing what she was. If she was indeed a day early then that meant…

Amodar nodded. "Yup," he confirmed as he pulled out the time sheet of all his workers and looked at it. "You're not scheduled to work until 0900 tomorrow."

He then held out the sheet so she could see for herself; she quickly covered the short distant between them and took the paper. Sapphire eyes scanned over the paper several times.

"…So, I'm off today?" she said aloud, not really looking for an answer.

Still, her superior gave her one anyway. "Indeed you are, and I'm surprised your sister even allowed you to leave the house…especially dressed like that. I mean, she was the one who had to force you to take at least one day a week off," he quipped with a hearty laugh as he remembered the younger Farron sister coming up here and demanding her sister took mandatory days off.

Lightning put the sheet back on his desk. "Well, since I'm not working…" she trailed off knowing he would provide a finish for the sentence.

"You should go back home and relax," he told her. He then got up from his seat and approached her, placing one hand on her shoulder. "Maybe I should give you tomorrow off too, since you're so over worked that you're showing up on your off day." He added with a laugh.

The soldier didn't hear his words. Instead, she was busy fuming on the inside that she had shown up to work on her day off; the only day of the week that she got to sleep in! Still, she knew of only one person in her house that would pull such a mean, dirty, under-handed trick.

Back at the Farron residence, since Lightning was the only person paying the bills, the houses other occupants were gathered around the kitchen table. While they were waiting for breakfast, they were all laughing their asses off!

"So…so…so…" Sazh tried to get out between breaths. It took him a few moments to catch his breath so that he could say what he was trying to say. "Let me get this straight…You snuck into Light's room and turned on her alarm clock?" he asked, just to make sure.

He was met with a nod from the tanned Pulsian born. "Indeed I did," Fang admitted proudly. She probably would have pointed to herself but her arms were wrapped around Vanille's waist, keeping the smaller female securely on her lap; not that the redhead planned on going anywhere.

"Not only that, but you also managed to send her into work on her only day off!" Snow added, tossing his head back and laughing even harder than before. Tears were coming from his eyes with how hard he was laughing.

"Light's gonna be so mad when she gets to work and realizes that she's not supposed to be there," Vanille giggled

Hope sat across from the four with his arms folded across his chest and a frown on his face. "Well, I don't think it's funny," he remarked. He was upset because Fang had pranked his mentor and that Snow, Sazh, and Vanille all had the nerve to be laughing about the joke.

The brunette turned her gaze on him. Hope gulped at the predatory gleam in her jade eyes. "I reckon that you're 'Happy as Larry' is because you've got a crush on our 'flyer'," she stated. When Hope didn't say anything right away, Fang's grin only grew wider.

Eventually, the white haired teen settled for turning his gaze away from that of the lancer's; he was thankful that the other's were so busy laughing so hard that they had missed what she had said.

"But Fang," Serah began as she pulled out the material necessary to cook. Honestly, the younger Farron didn't know how she had been chosen as household cook. "Why did you even do that to her? What was the point?" she asked, turning around to look at the older woman.

"Light needs to get off that routine of hers. The Sheila's life could be set to a clock," Fang paused as Sazh and Snow began laughing like maniacs again. "That alarm of hers went off and she didn't even stop to think about anything else except getting ready for work. She didn't even realize that she didn't turn her clock on last night or that she was off today."

Serah was set to say more, but Fang spoke up again. "And don't worry…I'll be gentle with her I swear. On Vanille and my lance," she promised, wagging her eyebrows suggestively at the younger Farron.

The pink haired female flushed red before turning her attention back to the items she had pulled out that she planned on cooking. However, the slamming of the front door halted Serah's action. They all knew who had just arrived; the sound of footfalls—angry by the sound of them—headed their way.

Lightning entered into the kitchen eyes ablazed, blue fire burning with each of them. The fire grew in intensity when she saw Snow, Sazh, and Vanille trying to stifle laughter while looking at her.

"Fang…" the soldier growled out.

The lancer carefully removed her lover from her lap; they all knew where this was going after all. "Ah…ya know I love it when ya say my name," Fang responded and in a flash she was up and running from the table; Light close on her heels.

"Aye, ya need to learn how to relax Shelia…you also need to learn how to take a joke," the brunette quipped, as she dodge a punch that made a dent in the wall…which only added to Lightning's fury.


"Claire! Not the vase! It was a collectible!" Serah yelled as she ran into the living room where the two strongest females of the house were; though that could easily change at any moment.

"I 10gil on the soldier," Sazh commented as he rose from his seat and followed behind Serah.

Nothings funny about having me go into work on my day off! Don't run! I just wanna hurt you!

Snow did the same, trailing after his wife to be. "And I've got 15gil on the lancer," he replied with a chuckle.

Oi, lighten up girl…ahahah, I made a joke with your name…it was just a good natured joke. Can't ya laugh at yourself?


"You're gonna lose that money Snow because Lightning's gonna win!" the white haired teen stated mater-of-factly as he sat proudly in his chair.

Vanille giggled and shook her head. "Nuh-uh…my baby's gonna win," she countered, as she looked in the direction where almost everyone had gone.


"Ah! Light! Fang! Be careful of my baby!" Hope hollered, as he heard what sounded like a controller being kicked into a wall. It was enough to have him up in a flash and running towards all the chaos.

That now left Vanille with being the only one still in the kitchen. She smiled wistfully from her seat; though their leader and her girlfriend were fighting—which happened quite often. Pulse Fal'Cie their fights were almost routine!—she was happy about it.

Those two wouldn't be fighting if we were still crystals, the redhead thought to herself as she slowly rose to her feet and began making her way towards the living room to watch the fight.

"Maybe we should start selling tickets to these fights?" she mused aloud to herself, seeming to seriously consider the idea. "Not only would it help Lightning pay the bills but it would also prove for some good entertainment." She added with a laugh.


Ah! That was my favorite shirt!

And you've got twenty more just like it. Which reminds me the next thing we gotta work on is ya wardrobe shelia.

Vanille smiled even more broadly. Yup, she was glad that they were able to greet a new dawn…and spend every day thereafter with their new family. She couldn't think of anything better.