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I Have A Tea Party With the God of Funerals.

Since I haven't seen Gran and Gramps for a while, I decided to pay them a visit for a couple of days in London. It was nice to be back in the flat that I know so well, while at the mansion I was still warming up too. I thought these thoughts over a cup of tea in the kitchen. It was dark and drizzly outside with bitter winds meaning, it was a perfect day for tea. I woke up before Gran and Gramps did, so I was all alone until a young man appeared out of nowhere across from me. He looked very familiar.


"Hello, Lady Kane." He said while looking at me with those eyes. My heart was flying a million miles an hour. What? My heart doesn't fly for boys. What on earth is going on with me? I think it's the tea. I put the tea down.

"What...what are you doing here?" I asked.

"Can't I visit you?" A teasing smile barely made way onto his lips. My face suddenly turned red.

"Well, I guess you can." I said, meeting those amazing eyes of his. He nodded.


"Yes." There was an awkward silence but I broke it. "So, would you like some tea?" Anubis nodded and then snapped, a whole banquet of tea and little cakes appearing on the run down table.

"Anubis...you didn't need to do that." He half smiled and picked up his cup, bringing it to his gorgeous lips.

"Well, am in the presence of a blood of pharaohs, am I not?" He smiled his mischievous smile and took a sip of his tea. I did so too, to hide the fact that I was blushing yet again.

"So, how's life in the Hall of Death?" I laughed. "No pun intended." Anubis chuckled softly and put his tea cup down, looking directly at me.

"It's alright, I guess...nothing very exciting has happened lately. I get a little lonely sometimes." I put my tea cup down and I forced myself to look back at him.

"Right." I nodded. "But don't you like that sort of stuff? You know, Funerals and all."

"Yes, I do. The Funerals are the best part of death."

"Why?" I asked, taking a sip of tea. Anubis thought about it for a bit.

"I would have to say the way millions of people conduct Funerals differently." I shook my head.

"But when we were in New Orleans, you said that their way of Funerals came from Egyptians." Anubis nodded and took a sip of tea.

"Yes I did say that, however, I meant it was very interesting to see the way that they adapted it from Egyptian culture." I nodded. Just then, Anubis stirred and frowned a bit.

"I'm so sorry, Lady Kane but I must go." My face fell.

"Why?" I asked sadly. I could see that he sensed my utter sadness in my tone and he sighed.

"I have to go help your father...I'm very very sorry." He snapped and the magnificent tea party disappeared in a flash. He got up and walked over to me.

"It's okay, I understand." I said, looking down. He knelt by my chair and took both of my hands.

"Lady Kane," He said but then paused. "Sadie." I looked at him in response for calling my name. "I promise that I will return tomorrow...and we will have words." He smiled fully now and then kissed my cheek before disappearing. I was glad that he disappeared before he could see me rubbing my cheek and grinning foolishly. I could not wait until tomorrow.