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I have been called many names; daughter, sister, friend, princess girlfriend, Queen, senator, lover, wife, mother. All those names did not surprise me, except for one, Jedi master. I never accepted to be called that, and to be given a second chance.

And even now with death as my shadow I am surprised again. For now I am called Grandmother Skywalker.

Chapter 1: Reawaken

On the planet Naboo in the royal graveyard.


I seemed to be floating in nothing, and then all of a sudden I felt a sharp pain. I could feel my body again. But this was impossible. I was dead. I shouldn't feel anything.

My eyes flew open, and I saw that I was lying in a tomb. I didn't realize until I closed my mouth that I had been screaming. Then all of a sudden a voice (it would seem) came out of the darkness.

"Padmé Amidala Skywalker, calm down"

"W…who…who are you?"

"I am nothing and I am everything, I have many different names but you know mostly as midi-chlorian's. I have brought you back to life because the galaxy needs you."


"I have a destiny for you to complete, and because of this I have granted your midi-chlorian rate to become larger so you will have the ability to become one with the force."

"What does this mean?"

"That you shall train to become a Jedi master."

"And you will teach me?"

"I shall teach you the way of the force, along with some others"

"But what must i do?"

"To create what was destroyed, to build a place of learning, to create peace. You must find all the remaining percentile Jedi and help them, teach them, and that is your mission"

"And after I have finished this mission?"

"Then you shall be reunited with what you have lost."

she looked hard in the darkness with hoope written acroos her face, she would be able to see everyone she loved again, this was not a gift to be taken lightly but she hardly had to think about it before she gave her answer.

"I…I accept." and she shead a silver tear of happiness.

note:first chapter, first story! so exitting! so glad my lack of knowledge of the computer at least allowed me this. hope you like it too. :D