Odin's POV

"Odin, can you believe we're getting married?" asked Nix. "Nope, but I can't believe I'm getting married to BOTH the Shiva Sisters!"

"What? You're just marrying me! Me and me ONLY!"

"I am?"

"Yes!" Nix screamed at me, sounding upset. "Well, SORRY babe, but that wasn't part of the deal!"

"What? What deal?" Nix yelled at me. She looks sexy when she yells. "The one I pretended that you and I agreed to just a second ago!"

"Well, baby it was pretend." Nix kissed my cheek. She walked away from me and went to go get dressed in her wedding gown. Now that I think of it, I should've followed her. A couple minutes past and we were all ready for the show to start. I was standing on the podium thing and then it hit me.

"LIGHTNING!" I screamed into the air. Nix was in the middle of walking down the aisle and she stopped cold. I glanced into the audience and saw Lightning stand up and leave.

"Lightning was at my wedding? What?"

"Wait, Light, don't go! Wait!" I yelled and chased her to the parking lot. I saw Nix throw her flowers to the ground before I left.

"What, Odin! What do you want from me?" She screamed in my face. I just stared at her because I had no idea of what to say. For me to just scream her name in the middle of my wedding, was so embarrassing. Not just for me, but for her too. I mean, not many people knew about us, and even the people who did thought I was over Light. She walked away from me and drove off in a shiny BMW.

Great. My tux is wrinkled, my fiancée is mad, and the once true love of my life attended my wedding and left. I have to get Nix back.

Nix's POV

Odin screamed Lightning in the middle of me walking down the aisle. He smiled at me when I was coming his way, and then all of a sudden...


It breaks my heart. Or at least whatever that cold rock thing in my chest is.

(I know Nix's POV isn't long, but she's not really a big person.)

Lightning's POV

The most embarrassing thing is your ex screaming your name during his remarriage. Odin is so stupid.

It doesn't matter so much to me because I have a new boyfriend. And everyone can call me stupid, but its Snow. He's a cute and nice guy, just a little bit of a moron. OK, a really big moron. But so what? I love him and that's the only thing that matters right?

So anyways, I left Odin's wedding and went over to Snow's. Apparently, when I got there, his house was just ashes and smoke.

"Snow what happened?"

"I uh... well... I was playing Final Fantasy XIII and then I remembered that I left the oven on after I was done playing with it."

"You were PLAYING with the OVEN?"

"Well, yea. I mean why not?"

"Snow! You idiot! Now where are we going to live?"

"I dunno, but this whole thing is your fault!"

"My fault? How? No it isn't!"

"Yea, it is! You should know not to leave me alone in a house with an oven. Especially when I have access to it." I slapped my face and folded my arms. "Alright, Snow, but baby, where are we gonna stay?" I pouted.

"I grabbed that safe that you kept in our room, even though I never knew what was in it... And I grabbed my piggy bank. It has a bunch of quarters in it!" I hugged Snow tightly. "I'm so glad you got the safe!"

"But, I dropped it at the door."

"SNOW!" I fell to the floor in tears. "We're gonna have to live on the streets!"

"What about living in her house?"

"Who's her?"

"Ya, know, that girl whose name I can say because I always scream it."

"You mean-"

"SERAH!" Snow screamed. Wow, he's such and idiot. "Snow, won't you be afraid that she'll seek your death because you got me pregnant?"

"No. I just want you happy."

"Aww..." I stood up and wrapped my arms around his shoulders and kissed his lips. Snow's a horrible kisser, but to be able to peck someone in their face feels nice. "C'mon, baby, get in the car, we're going to Serah's."

"Can I drive?" Snow asked staring at me so innocently. "No, you'll get us killed,"

"OK." WHY did I say OK? Next thing I knew, Snow crashed us into our burnt house because he didn't put the car in reverse. "Snow!"

"Can you drive?" Snow asked me, with his eyes full of tears. I kissed his cheek and we switched seats. "Watch and learn babe." I drove us into Palumpolum to where Serah lived since she relocated farther from me and Snow. It took an hour or two, and I had to stop to buy Snow something to eat with his bunch-o-quarters. We eventually got there and as soon as Serah answered the door...


"Serah, please! Snow... our house burnt down and... we were wondering if we could.."

"NO!" She slammed the door in my face. "Now, where do we go?"

"There's always Hope's." Snow said. I can't go to Hope's house, what was he thinking? "Snow, Hope is crazy for me. We can't stay there."

"Then what about Dysley? I mean he's always nice to me."

"Since when?"

"Since he gave me a bottle of beer." I rolled my eyes and put my hands on my hips. "He only did that to shut you up, Snow." Snow started to make a pouting face, so I gave him a big squeeze. "We'll go to Hope's. I just hope he's over me now."

HOPE'S HOUSE (Still Lightning's POV)

I rang the doorbell several times before Bartholomew answered. "Yes?"

"H-Hi my name is-"

"We've met before. Were you looking for Hope?"

"N-no, its just that, me and my boyfriend here, ya see, our house burnt down and we were wondering if we c-"

"Stay at our house?" Hope asked from behind his dad. "Of course you guys can! Just not Snow." Hope said.

"Hope, if Snow can't stay, I'm not either." Hope sighed. His dad motioned us to come in. "We just ordered pizza, so It'll be here soon."

"Thank you, Mr. Estheim." Snow said rather politely. I was a bit confused at that. I mean, Snow's a moron, never polite. "Hey, you guys wanna play a game with me?" Hope asked. I shrugged and Snow screamed,


"SSSSSSSHHH!" We all hissed at Snow. Snow bit his lips and then mouthed the word sorry. We followed Hope into his bedroom, me walking and Snow being an idiot and tip-toeing. I smacked him on his shoulder and he started to walk like a human again. After about ten minutes, the pizza arrived.

"Hey, Bartholomew-" I quickly jabbed Snow in his shoulder. "Uh, I'm sorry, Mr. Estheim, you didn't get the meat lovers pizza!"

"Well, you two came after I ordered." Bartholomew said in a pleasant way even though I knew he wanted to punch Snow in his mouth. I pinched him on his arm. I pulled Snow into the bathroom.

"Listen, Snow. No yelling, no back talking, no disagreeing, no hitting, no TOUCHING THEIR OVEN," I said with emphasis as Snow looked to the ground guilty, "And no pigging out! Don't eat a whole pizza!" We walked out of the bathroom and ate our food. I had two slices, Hope had three, Bartholomew had two and Snow had seven. I TOLD him not to pig out but he's just so hard headed!

"Alright, for the sleeping arrangements. Snow can sleep in the guest room, and Lightning can sleep in Hope's room."

He did not just tell me to sleep in Hope's room.

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