Yay, random drabbles, this would be my first one EVER, and it's veeeery random. I think and hope.

This was just what I feared. I suppose it was my own fault. I really had thought that this would last forever. How silly of me. I had acted like a love struck sparkling. At that point, I had been love struck, and Primus, I still was.

How I loved her.

But my love was dying.

She had been so full of life. Full of energy. In the end, that was what I fell for. Her sparkling personality. Even on her deathbed, this personality was still there. Whenever Ratchet, Ironhide or any other would come visit, she would immediately pretend what great shape she was in.

It was not hard to tell she was lying.

Nearly all my soldiers had warned me of this when the relationship first started.

"She will die before you", "you will simply be alone again", "she is a human", "it is not appropriate".

These sentences and ones so harmful I dare not repeat it, I shall not tell. I cannot bear to hear them, knowing they came true.

Her cough broke my trail of thoughts. She said something so weak, but I couldn't hear it.

"What my love?" I gently asked and entwined my fingers with hers.

"You knew this would happen…"

She sounded mad.

"Yes love, I did. But I would not have missed this for the world." I replied, and stroke her hairless head.

Leukemia was it called.

It was strange. My feelings for humans varied greatly. At times I envied them for having body and bones, but sometimes I loathed the same thing I envied. Metallic beings could not fall ill as the humans could, we could rust indeed, but it was not deadly.

Leukemia on the other hand was. I had researched it greatly ever since I had found out my love had it. Leukemia, or cancer as it was called as well, is when some cells begin to grow out of control with the rest of the body cells. Leukemia cells stand out from the normal cells, because there are a couple of errors in spoken of cell.

In order to survive, she had hoped that the chemotherapy had worked. I was unsure if it had, since she had begun losing her beautiful brown hair. The femmes certainly envied the hair, while the mechs had no particular care for it, besides it did make human femmes more attractive.

I found out that she lost her hair due to the chemotherapy. I was still unsure if she was getting better, but today, I realized she wasn't better. Even if she was to survive this cancer, her signs of aging was clear enough. The brown hair had been turned gray, her skin had received several wrinkles, she recharged an awful lot and the pills I saw her swallow everyday was increasing in numbers.

But I still found her as beautiful as the day we met.

"What will you do Optimus?" she suddenly asked me, and clenched her teeth. A could see another wave of pain.

"In what sense you mean love?" I asked and wiped away a tear. I didn't know the answer, and she knew I didn't know it.

"Everything. I cannot bear to know that you will live on, in sorrow and grief. All because of me, a silly fleshling. This would never have happened if you had chosen Elita One."

I smiled gently and kissed her forehead.

"If I had chosen Elita, I am sure I would have caused you grief. I am a gentlemech, I do not choose one I do not love."

She weakly smiled and a sudden cough made her sit up in bed. I held her steady while she coughed, before she slowly fell back to her bed.

"I am dying Optimus. My spark is tired, and so is my processor."

I had gone through that thought so many times now. Whenever she said it, I felt like she had ripped my spark out. I didn't say anything. I could not. She repeated her question again.

"What will you do?" she weakly answered, and struggled to keep her eyes open. She was tired, and the conversation of 513 earth seconds had been rough on her.

"I don't know love. I have heard that the meaning of life is not to find someone you can live with, but someone you can't live without."

"Well, go get them tiger…" she smiled, and surrendered to sleep.

Just to clear things up, this doesn't go with any other story. I just felt the urge to write some sappy romantic stuff, since it's gonna be awhile before I get to do it with my other stories. I might continue it, I don't know, so tell me if you'd like it to go on.