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Sarah decided to keep Optimus in the dark, much to Bumblebee's anger. Will, who also had grown old, did not like it very much either, but he agreed with his wife's decision. Ratchet was the third, and last one to know. He was the one having the most trouble hiding it from their beloved leader, as he was around him for quite some time before arriving at the beaches of Diego Garcia. Yet, with the threats coming from Sarah, he didn't hesitate to keep his vocal processors silent. But he didn't like it, and not he, nor Bumblebee was afraid to tell her that.

"Sarah, this is hiding very crucial information from the one who deserves to know the most."

"You would want to know too!"

"This is unfair of you, and not your decisions."

The same arguments they both used, and Sarah was sure that the two of them had discussed it together. But she always managed to keep them quiet with her own argument.

"Break his heart then."

Annoyed but put in place, both Autobots remained quiet while the caravan made their way home.

All of them felt my annoyance and Primes' urge to get home as fast as possible. It was hard for us not to break several laws as we recklessly drive through the land, but we no longer cared. Optimus was close to sneering to Sideswipe, as he begged for a night of rest. But, the good leader that he was, he was patient, even when his spark was in turmoil, and his spirits darkened.

I loathed myself for knowing that his spirits could be even darker than what they seemed to be now.

With the quickest break I ever managed to have in my long life, we pushed on. The distance between the one who he loved the most grew smaller and smaller, and so did my spark.

When the guards greeted us with a cheer, and several honorable greetings, I let Sarah know. Optimus was not taking his sweet time to park, and his massive shape hid behind the one of a human.

Your turn.

The dreadful text message from Ratchet made my heart go straight up my throat. As if it was the moment I saw Will for the first time. But this is nothing like it. It was a happy 'heart-goes-up-your-throat' feeling. This makes me depressed like never before. Will and I stood before the window that showed a sleeping Claire, with the usual horrible things placed upon her fragile body. We looked at each other, the greatest sorrow I have ever seen in Will's eyes, perhaps only won by when Optimus Prime himself had perished. His eyes looked behind me, and only deepened in sadness. I knew who was coming. People always said when something hard was necessary to do, you should take a deep breath, and it would be easier.

It's all a lie, and I turned to face Optimus Prime. I plastered my best fake smile upon my face, and hugged him tightly.

"Is it over?" Will asked, and placed a wrinkled hand upon Optimus' fake shoulder.

It was odd, to know that Optimus was centuries older than the both of us, and had it done longer too, but he never looked a day over 30. It was a skill I particularly was envious of, but I never would have been able to endure what he had, least of all this.

"It is never over. I am sure that someone will take charge, and do what Megatron could not. But for now, yes William. It is over."

He immediately looked to Claire as she was behind the glass door. Her eyes had opened, and Optimus smiled widely to her, awaiting the response he always received when successfully returning from a mission; wide smiles, and her struggling to get up from the bed herself, when he quickly was at her side.

A blank stare, and bleak smile was all he received.

I gently pulled his large torso towards me.

"I got something to tell you…"

The cries of Optimus Prime haunted many for a long time after Sarah had told him his love was forgetting him. He could not go on. He had seen so many perish before his hands, and he could not take one more. He knew that it was never going to last, but it was not something that he wished would fare like this. If only she could have slept in quietly, not forgetting him. Primus had a way with things.

"Is this really necessary?" he asked, as he stood before 'their' spot at Diego Garcia.

He was feeling rather ill, for some reason. Claire had had a beautiful funeral, and all of her friends and family had attended. Her daughter, her son-in-law, her grandchildren, her mechanical and fleshy friends, and not to mention her love had been there. As it was human custom, and as she had wished, her body had been burned. In his human shape, he stood with her ashes, where they had shared their first intimate kiss. It was their spot from then on.

He hated that he stood there with her remains.

"No. If you don't want to do it, I will." Sarah quietly said, and reached out for the urn, which he quickly pulled away so she couldn't reach. She looked to the sky, and shook her head. "He is such a child…"

Optimus looked to the sky, then oddly looked upon her.

"Who are you talking to?"


"Is she up there?"

Sarah shook her head again.

"Did you never tell him anything," she smiled, and turned to him, "we usually talk to our loves when they are gone."

"Do they answer?"

Sarah shrugged.

"Only your heart knows. You ready?"

Optimus looked at the urn in his hands.


She took his hand and whispered:

"Then let her go."

With a whimper, Optimus Prime got rid of the top of the urn. The ashes was being toyed with by the wind, before slowly drifting away.

"What now Sarah?"

"What now what?"

"I heard that the meaning of life, was not to find something you can live with, but someone you can't live without."


"She was that meaning."

"Don't worry Optimus Prime. She'll always be your meaning."

"Yes… she will always be my meaning."

He carefully tried to locate the ashes that flied around, but they were so far away, even he had trouble locating it.

"I love you Claire."