Harry moaned as he slowly came awake. Though the thing that woke him was the dire need to empty his bladder but he held that off. Relishing in the full feeling in his arse. He loved waking up, still full with his partners cock.

He pushed back against the half hardness and felt it rise to the occasion. He reached behind himself, grabbing an arse cheek and pushing back, ignoring his bladder.

Suddenly his partner was out of bed and in the bathroom as he cursed wickedly, causing Harry to chuckle despite his disappointment at being empty and followed him.

Harry found him trying to piss with a raging hard-on.

He chuckled and moulded himself to his partners back and wrapped one arm around his chest, running his fingers through the soft hair that covered his chest, while his other hand went to his cock, he rubbed his own cock into the crevice of his partner's arse.

Suddenly Harry was in the large shower stall, bent in half and filled to the brim. His partner gave a contented moan of satisfaction.

It was a quick coupling and after just three, four thrusts Harry was being filled with his partner's semen, while his own was coating the wall.

Harry gave a pleading whine as his partner pulled gently out of him and then let loose a stream of urine on Harry's leg. Harry yelped and jumped back but managed to steady himself before he began to urinate on his partner's leg.

The tap was digging into Harry's spine as he tried to become one with the wall, the look of feral animal that his partner was sporting did little to calm him. He gave an indignant cry when he was pulled under the cold water.

It took a minute but the water warmed and as he snickered Remus pulled Harry into his arms, letting the water cascade down them both.

'You're such a jerk,' Harry stated as he leaned up for a kiss.

'Maybe, but I'm your jerk,' Remus offered with a grin as he fondled the ring on Harry's left hand.

Harry's free hand found Remus' left and he played with the matching ring there, 'some days I wonder why though,' he replied with a cheeky grin.

Remus growled and plundered Harry's very willing mouth.

After a quick scrub Remus had Harry face down on the bed as his tongue lapped at Harry's arse and balls and fingers were buried in that tight hole and then that thick cock was inside Harry and Remus placed a hand on Harry's chest and pulled him up so that Remus was pressed against Harry's back and Harry was grabbing at Remus' arse, trying to get him in deeper and Remus was pushing down on Harry's hips trying to get more and then Harry was on all fours and Remus had a leg wrapped around Harry's and was pounding into Harry who was keening and whimpering and coating the sheets in spunk and Remus was filling him and they collapsed, and neither cared about the cooling spot that mostly Harry was in.

Remus was still buried, half hard, in Harry's arse as he pulled the lithe willing body against his, falling asleep almost instantly.