Katherine Jane was a troublemaker. Everyone who ever met her could tell you that. She'd run around and make trouble for everyone she could. Today was no different. The precocious five year old was running around the CBI's top floor, talking to anyone she could, and charming everyone over. There was no secret that she took after her father in that regard. She could charm the pants off you and have you doing anything she wanted, she was just that kind of girl. Her green eyes twinkled every time she pulled one over you, and coupled with her infectious grin, no one could stay mad at her. She took after Lisbon in looks, but she took after Jane in personality.

For his part, Jane watched carefully over her to make sure she wasn't actually doing any damage, but he gave her free reign for anything else. This girl, his daughter, was amazing, and he loved her dearly. So did the rest of the team. Katherine had become almost a surrogate child to Rigsby, Cho and Van Pelt. Even though Van Pelt and Rigsby had married a year ago, and Van Pelt was now on maternity leave, about to drop a set of twins, she was still considered a part of the team. She'd been great with Katherine, and couldn't wait for her own chance to shine as a mother.

"Daddy! Daddy! Look!" Katherine had run up to Jane, and was brandishing an ordinary playing card.

"Let me guess, that was Uncle Wayne's card?" Jane asked.

Katherine nodded vigorously and grinned.

"That's my girl," Jane said, pulling her in for a hug and a sloppy kiss on the cheek.

"Ew! Daddy!" Katherine pushed her father away and ran off to Rigsby, no doubt to stump him in more card tricks. She was a quick learner, and Jane had taught her various tricks from the day they'd brought her home from the hospital. Lisbon rolled her eyes every time Katherine came running to her with a new trick, but Jane knew she didn't really mind.

Speaking of which... Jane stood up, and walked over to Lisbon's office. He walked in without knocking, like usual, and grinned at his wife.

"Your daughter is making Rigsby feel silly again."

Lisbon looked up at him. "Don't blame me. You taught her those tricks."

"I know."

Lisbon smiled, and stood up to walk over to her husband. She gave him a quick peck on the lips, and went out to go and rescue Rigsby from her daughter.

"Hey, munchkin, how about you leave Uncle Wayne alone for a while?" Lisbon asked.

Katherine turned and grinned cheekily at her mother. "But I'm good at this!"

"I know you are. And I'm sure Uncle Wayne knows you are."

Rigsby nodded at the small girl in front of him, who pursed her lips, before walking back over to her mother.

"Good girl. How about some lunch then?" Lisbon asked.

"Okay, mommy."

"You coming, Patrick?"

"You bet."

Lisbon picked up her daughter and grabbed her purse from Jane's outstretched hand. "Thanks."

"Can I grab you anything Rigsby? Cho?"

"Just a sandwich, thanks," Rigsby replied.

"Same," said Cho, who'd arrived moments earlier.

"We'll see you guys soon," Lisbon said, as she and her family left the bullpen.

Sitting in a corner booth of their favourite lunch place, Katherine happily devoured her mini-burger while Jane and Lisbon ate their sandwiches. When Lisbon had finished, she waited for Katherine to finish too before pulling out a napkin to clean her daughter's face.

"Honey, we have some news for you," she said once Katherine was clean.

"Really?" Katherine looked interested.

"Yes," said Jane. "Hopefully you'll like this news."

Lisbon smiled reassuringly down at her daughter and said, "You're going to have a new baby brother or sister soon."

"You mean Aunty Grace's babies?" Katherine asked, slightly confused.

"No, honey. I mean yes," Lisbon said, "But this one will be your sister or brother."

"What your mother is trying to say is that we're having a baby too," Jane said.

Katherine looked between her parents, and then grinned. "For real?"

"Yes, honey," Lisbon said.

Katherine scooted around the table to sit beside her mother. She put a hand on Lisbon's belly, and said, "In here?"


"There's not much room." Katherine was trying to understand it all.

"No, but once he or she is bigger, he or she will come out and then there will be plenty of room," Lisbon said.

"And besides, you fit in here once," Jane added.

Katherine looked at Lisbon's belly, and then up at her father, not quite comprehending.

"It will make more sense when you're older, honey," Lisbon said. She put an arm around Katherine's shoulders, holding her close. "Now, do you want some ice cream before we go back to the CBI?"

Katherine nodded happily, with a big smile. "Chocolate, please!"

Lisbon smiled, and Jane chuckled. Whatever issues they'd had to get to this point, he'd not change any of it. His family was perfect. He leant closer to kiss Lisbon on the temple, and she smiled.

"What was that for?"

"Am I not allowed to kiss my wife?"

"Not in public!" Katherine popped her head around her mother to talk to her father. "Too gross!"

Jane laughed, and kissed Lisbon on the lips, much to the dismay of Katherine.


"Sorry, baby, but I love your mom so much I just have to let her know."

Katherine glared at her father, but that disappeared when her ice cream arrived.

As she ate, Jane grinned, and murmured, "I love you, Teresa."

"I love you, too, Patrick," Lisbon replied, leaning closer, and kissing him again. This time, Katherine didn't object. Ice cream tended to do that to the girl.

The End.

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