Hey! This is my first NCIS fanfic, and I hope you like it. It's also my second fanfic with chapters, so I'm still learning. Constructive criticism is appreciated! About the very, very slight AU I was talking about in the summary, The NCIS world as we know it is exactly the same, except for one very small, but important thing. Slaves. There are slaves, and they're widely accepted, so there's no war going on about them or anything. Let the story begin!

"WHAT?" Gibbs cried angrily, slamming his hand on the desk. Jenny Shepard, director of NCIS watched calmly as Gibbs stalked around the room, growling under his breath. "Isn't there some way around it?" He demanded.

She shook her head. "The will was very specific. I had a lawyer look at it, and there's no way around it. He growled again, and continued pacing. Jenny watched him pace. "I don't like this any more than you do Gibbs."

He stopped, and looked at her, shocked and outraged. "You? It doesn't even affect you!"

"Yes it does." She replied. "It affects my workspace, and the people in it. It also offends my personal morals, but we have no choice."

Gibbs growled again, but didn't disagree. "Read it again." He ordered.

Ignoring his tone, Jenny did so. "And to the agent who interrogated me and got me to confess, I'm leaving a little treat, since they had to be pretty damn smart to have caught me."

Gibbs snorted. "The guy left his gun and driver's license at the scene of the crime, and cracked in interrogation in less than a minute. There were no skills or smarts involved; the bastard was just an idiot. If we make that argument, can we get out of the will?"

"No Gibbs." Jenny said, smiling. She continued reading. "The treat for them is something special. Two slaves."

Gibbs' face went pale, but Jenny continued. "Both are teenage males in good health. One is a good sex slave of any kind, but the other is a trembling, worthless piece of shit that really needs another good beating or two. I have set it up with the best lawyer in the country that you can not get rid of them in anyway. If you try to sell them, a warning will pop up on the screen and make it impossible. The same thing will happen if you try to trade them. If you try to loan out one or both of them more than five times total, or try to loan them out more than once a month, the computer will shut down, and you will never be able to loan them out again."

Gibbs groaned. "At this rate there'll be a guard at every slave loaning, buying or trading computer in the world looking for me."

Jenny smiled at the thought, and continued. "This does not apply to any slaves you already have."

"Too bad I'm not fond of slavery huh? " Gibbs growled. "Bet you didn't see that coming did you you son of a bitch?"

"Jethro" Jenny warned. "Do you want me to continue or not?"

"Not. It depresses me… Is there anymore description of the two boys?"

She scanned the document. "There's the part about the one boy being a good sex slave, and there's also a part where I think his mind started to wander, and he started to describe ideas on what to do with them."

Gibbs waited, and when she didn't continue, demanded, "And?"

She blushed faintly, looking like a little girl reading her first naughty sentence. "Well, I'll say this for him. He's got quite a descriptive language."

He groaned. "I don't want to know. Just give me the basics Jen. Don't do word for word."

She smiled, and said, "Well, the long and short of it is that, the one that's a good sex slave has 'long, silky black hair'."

Gibbs groaned again. "I thought I told you not to read word for word. Where are they?"

"Interrogation room 305. Here are their files, and I kept the door locked, so here's the key."

He took both the items, and left. As he did, she called after him, "Remember Gibbs, long, silky black hair!"

As he groaned, she permitted herself a small grin.

As Gibbs descended the staircase, Tony DiNozzo ran up to him. "Hey Boss, I just got a phone call form-"

"Not now DiNozzo, can't you see I'm busy? Tell me tomorrow, I'm going home."

"Um… okay Boss." DiNozzo said, confused but obedient.

Gibbs hurried along until he found room 305. He swung open the door, and strode in. Sitting cross-legged on the floor next to the table was a teenage boy about 13 or 14 years old with shoulder length hair, and startling green eyes. Sitting next to him on his knees was a boy the same age with pale red hair, and frightened pale yellow eyes. Both of them wore nothing more than a gray, oversized t-shirt that barely reached their knees .

Gibbs didn't show it, but their faces scared him. Not the red head's face, his showed fear, worry, and pain. Nothing wrong with that. But the black-haired boy scared him. His face was emotionless, grey, dull. Like he didn't have a soul. Like he had given up. Like he would let whatever happened to him, happen to him, as long as he died in the end. The poor kid had no hope, no soul, no happiness, and no joy. And that scared Gibbs, chilled him to the bone.

They both looked up at him, and the red haired boy flinched, tears in his eyes. But the black haired boy just looked at him impassively. Shaking himself mentally, Gibbs looked at them. "Up." He commanded. They immediately sprang to their feet.

"Come." He ordered, and started down the hall. Even with his hearing, it was hard to hear them following, but he could. Their bare feet padding along on the carpet, they followed him almost silently. When he looked back, the red head boy flinched again, and the black haired boy still did nothing. God, he needed to learn these boy's names.

"Gibbs! Gibbs!" He turned, and saw Abby flying towards him. "Gibbs!"

"Yeah Abs?"

"Are you going out? Obviously you're going out, which is why I need to tell you something."

He waited, but she didn't say anything. He sighed. Was everyone going to do this to him today? "What, Abs?"

She fixed him in her stare, and announced, "You still owe me a Cafe-Pow. Oh! Who are those two?"

Gibbs sighed. Not now. Later, when he'd had a chance to talk to the two, then he would tell his team, and then Ducky, and then Abby. But not now. He had barely had a chance to look at the two. He didn't even know their names. "You know that guy we caught yesterday? Well he died of a stroke about two hours ago, and left his two slaves to the person that interrogated him, and got him to confess."

Abby grinned. "I heard about that from Tony. Cracked in 30 seconds. A new record!"

"He was an idiot, he didn't count."

"I thought you said all criminals were idiots Gibbs."

"They are Abs."

"Then does it count or not?"

"No, it doesn't. I'll get you a Cafe-Pow tomorrow Abs, I promise. Right now I'm going home." Without waiting for an answer, he motioned to the two boys to follow him, and strode over to the elevator.

"You better not forget Gibbs!" He heard Abby yell as he closed the elevator door.

As soon as the doors closed, he hit the emergency switch, stopping the elevator, and plunging the small room into darkness. He studied them as they stood there patiently, motionless.

Gibbs felt a rush if annoyance as he walked around them, studying the two teenage boys. One of the main reasons he didn't like slaves was how they let people walk all over them. And sometimes people walked all over them literally. They didn't put up a fight, didn't make a sound unless they were told to, and never, ever, disobeyed. Sure, everyone said they loved it, but how could someone possibly love having to obey day and night, and never question orders, no matter how sick and twisted, pointless, or just plain wrong.

Frowning some more at the fact that the two boys hadn't even twitched, he clapped his hands together once, sharply. The black haired boy flinched quickly, but just as quickly was back to motionlessness. But the red haired boy flinched and cowered, and a small little, "Eep!" slipped out. He glanced nervously at Gibbs, tears threatening to overflow.

Gibbs felt bad. He hadn't meant to make the poor boy almost cry. He had just wanted to shock them, to scare them, to make them act like normal kids for even just a second. He hadn't meant to terrify the poor kid. Speaking of the poor kid, he should probably do something, since the kid was hyper ventilating.

He quickly took off his cap, and placed it over the kid's mouth so it was a makeshift paper bag. "Take deep breaths." He instructed the trembling kid. "Slow, deep breaths." The poor boy obeyed, and slowly his breathing was back to normal, although he was still trembling. Gibbs spared a glance at the other boy, and was surprised to see that his hands were at his sides in tight fist, and he was biting his lip in concentration. His knuckles were white, and he was shaking.

Shaking himself again mentally, Gibbs patted the red head on the back, and sighed as the boy flinched. "You don't have to be afraid of me. What are your names?"

"Ru, Ru, Ru, Rupert." The red head squeaked, still trembling.

"Scipo." The black haired boy snapped. He glared at nothing for a moment, but then his brain seems to catch up with his mouth, and his face pales. "I, I'm so sorry Master." He blurted out. "I, I didn't mean to be rude Master, I just-"

Gibbs waved his hand impatiently. "It's all right. But listen. I have some rules, and things you should know."

They both nodded quickly, and he had to hold back from growling with annoyance. "One: I have a boat I'm making in my basement. Do not touch it. That's an order."

They nodded again, Rupert even paler. "Two: You'll come to work with me everyday because it's too dangerous for you to be home alone. Three: I'm not fond of slavery, but if I get pissed, I will punish you. It won't be hard, and it won't be long, but I will punish you. The second 'B' in 'Gibbs' stands for bastard. I do get pissed. And Rupert, I saw you flinch when I touched your back. I won't hurt you in any way without warning you first, so that way you have time to brace yourself."

And with that, he flicked off the emergency switch, and stood there silently as the elevator started moving again, with Rupert and Scipo staring at him with big, silent, astonished, uncomprehending eyes

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