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Early in the morning, Gibbs heard footsteps pounding out of the kids' room.

"Come on Rup! It's Christmas!" Scipo.

"C-coming Scipo!" Rupert.

"Where we goin'? What's downstairs?" Shadow.

Chuckling, Gibbs grabbed a certain file off his nightstand, and came out of his room in time to see the heel of a small foot disappear down the stairs. He went down after the three kids quickly, just in time to see Shadow's mouth drop open, and Scipo's and Rupert's eyes grow wide. There were presents under the tree, which Gibbs had put there last night as a surprise for them.

"You three gonna just stand there or are you going to open them?" He asked, and the kids whirled around to look at him, Rupert squeaking in surprise and clinging to Scipo.

Scipo grinned widely at Gibbs, before looking over at the tree. "You sure Boss…? I mean…" He looked like he was at a loss for words, so Gibbs cut in.

"I'm sure Scipo. Now start opening."

Scipo's grin instantly came back at Gibbs' reassurance, and he pulled up a present wrapped in red paper. "This one's probably yours Rup. Right Boss?" At Gibbs' nod, Scipo pulled up one wrapped in black paper. "Shadow's?" After Gibbs confirmed his guess, Scipo handed the package to Shadow, who looked like she was in heaven. Picking up a green one, Scipo announced, "Then this one's gotta be mine."

Gibbs settled down to watch them open their presents. He had remembered that neither Scipo nor Rupert could read -and if they couldn't, Shadow definitely couldn't- so he had wrapped their presents in colors that reminded him (and hopefully them) of each kid the most.

Therefore, all of Scipo's presents were wrapped in green paper that matched his eyes, Rupert's in red that matched his hair, and the black paper on Shadow's matched her name.

"Cool!" Scipo exclaimed, ripping the paper off a present to reveal a kit of Color Smoke Balls Bombs. "Awesome, thanks Boss!"

Gibbs smiled slightly and quickly warned, "Those are not to be set off at work, no matter what DiNozzo says."

"Yes Boss! Whatcha got Rup?" Scipo leaned against Rupert to look over his shoulder as the shy red head unwrapped a box with a metal Slinky inside. Gibbs had had one as a kid, and knew that they were still incredibly popular, even with kids Rupert's age.

Rupert smiled at him happily. "Thank y-you Boss."

A happy squeal from Shadow made Gibbs look to see her hugging the jumbo coloring book she had seen yesterday in the mall, and a huge box of crayons. "Thank you Boss! Thank you thank you thank you!"

Gibbs smiled and watched as they opened the rest of their presents. He was glad they were having a good time; after all, Scipo and Rupert hadn't had a Christmas in years, and Shadow had never had one.

Once they were all done opening gifts, Gibbs helped them clean up the wrapping paper. "Come on, breakfast." He called over his shoulder as he headed into the kitchen.

"Wait Boss!" Gibbs turned back around and went back into the living room at Scipo's cry, and saw Shadow jumping up and down excitedly as Scipo and Rupert pulled something out from under the couch.

When they turned around, Gibbs saw a rectangular….something wrapped in green paper with a red bow. Scipo beamed widely at Gibbs' shocked expression.

"It's for you Boss! We don't got any money, an' Rup pointed out that you probably wouldn't like it if I nicked somethin', so I called Master DiNozzo an' asked him to help. Here."

He carefully handed it to Gibbs and stood there as Gibbs sat down with the present in his hands. Shadow was still bouncing and grinning, while Scipo just stood there with Rupert, both smiling hopefully.

Gibbs gently unwrapped the gift to see that it was a new tool set, all hand tools, but shiny new. He smiled and nodded at them as the three grinned wider seeing that he liked it. "Thank you you three. Really."

Shadow let out a little squeal of happiness at his words, and Gibbs smiled before turning somber. Putting his hands together almost as if he were praying, he announced, "I need to talk to you three about something very important."

Immediately sensing how serious he was -almost as well as his team at work did actually- the two raven haired kids and the one red-head instantly stood still and looked at him.

Gibbs took a deep breath, then looked to Scipo and Rupert. "Remember when I got shot, and Agent Lee came into the hospital room and I had all of you leave the room?"

"And made me stop listening in." Scipo muttered a bit crossly, but nodded in agreement when Rupert gave him a look.

Gibbs rolled his eyes at Scipo's behavior. "Anyway, she's part of our law department. She handles all the lawyers and warrants. I had her look over your former master's will. I don't know if you two know what was i-"

Judging by the panicked looks on both their faces, they obviously did.

Shadow didn't though, and she looked from Gibbs to the two boys with a confused expression. "What's in it?"

Since the aforementioned boys were too panic-stricken to respond, Gibbs did. "It basically said that I couldn't try to get rid of them in anyway, or lend them out to anyone too often."

"B-but if you were having Mistress Lee l-look through it…." Rupert murmured miserably, head hanging, shoulders drooped. "Then you were o-obviously looking f-for a loophole…"

" …'Cause you wanna sell us." Scipo muttered, finishing Rupert's thought.

Shadow's eyes widened, and Gibbs narrowed his eyes in exasperation. If they had let him finish, this wouldn't've happened.


Scipo and Rupert's heads shot up to look at Gibbs, who returned their shocked and slightly hopeful gazes steadily. "Let me finish. I had her go through your former master's will. It said that I can not loan you two out too often or sell you or trade you in anyway, or free you."

The boys nodded warily, and Gibbs continued. "However, I had Agent Lee look through it, and she found a loophole. If you two want me to, I'll take advantage of it. But only if you two want it."

He smirked, and pulled out the file that he had carried downstairs. "I was pretty certain what your answer would be, so I had her fill out the paperwork in advance. Scipo, Rupert…. I'd like to adopt you two. Shadow, I'd like to adopt you as well."

Scipo's mouth dropped open, and he blinked a few times before his legs gave out, and he landed on his butt. Rupert just stood there, blinking and uttering little syllables of gibberish. Shadow seemed frozen, but then tipped her head to the side, considering Gibbs. "Adopt us…. like we won't be slaves anymore?"

When Gibbs gave a half smile and nodded, her eyes got wide. "Yes Boss! Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes! Thank you thank you thank you Boss! Thank you so much!" The five year old flung herself at Gibbs, hugging him tightly. Gibbs smiled and hugged her back, looking over her shoulder at Scipo and Rupert to see how they were.

Rupert was helping Scipo up, but they both still looked shell shocked. Gibbs didn't blame them though; after all, they may not have been born slaves, but they had spent more than half their lives as slaves, and so this had to be a huge shock to them.

Gibbs was glad when Shadow finally let go and stepped back so he was able to take a normal breath at last.

Unfortunately, his breath was knocked out of him as yet another raven head practically tackled him in a hug. Scipo looked up at him from his position, eyes glowing. "Do ya mean it Boss?" When Gibbs nodded, trying to get his breath back, Scipo hugged him even tighter, showing surprising strength for a kid with his background.

Scipo finally let go, and Gibbs relaxed, knowing that Rupert wasn't the kind of kid to tackle-hug someone like Shadow and Scipo were. He saw said boy looking at him worriedly, eyes tentative and fearful. "Y-you really want t-to adopt us? I-it's not a trick?"

"No trick Rupert." Gibbs assured him, shaking his head. "I'd like to adopt you three." The three kids would never take Kelly's place or Shannon's place, and Gibbs didn't want them too. He just couldn't stand the idea of them being slaves their whole lives, even if he didn't treat them like they were.

Rupert grinned, the widest smile Gibbs had ever gotten out of the boy. "Th-thank you s-so much Boss. Y-you have n-no idea how m-much that means to u-us."

Gibbs smiled as the shy boy hugged him gently before letting go. "Merry Christmas you three."

"M-merry Christmas!"

"Merry Christmas Boss! Tackle-hug Rup!"


"Merry Christmas Boss!"


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