A His Dark Materials Fan Fiction by The Low Brass Dude

Mrs. Coulter sat alone on her bed. On her left was an empty spot that would be occupied by Lord Asriel Belacqua. Though he had gone, and her daughter slept peacefully in the room opposite hers. "Are you not going to tell her?" Ozymandias, her daemon asked looking up at her.

"No, not now." She responded. Oh but she wanted to tell her, she wanted to let the poor girl know the love she had for her. And how more than anything she just wanted a moment with her daughter wrapped in her arms.

At that instant, there was a knock at her door, "Come in Lyra," Mrs. Coulter said. In walked a 12 year old girl with her daemon, now ferret formed, resting on her shoulders. "What's wrong Lyra?" she asked.

"I couldn't sleep," she said sleepily, "I keep thinking about Roger, and Salcilia." Lyra's best friend, that was the boy her men captured, why him, oh why did anyone have to suffer, Marisa kept asking herself over and over again.

"Come," She said indicating to her left. Lyra climbed up and snuggled next to Mrs. Coulter, Pantalaimon lying down in the crevice between her legs. Marisa slowly wrapped her arms around her daughter. "Lyra," Lyra slowly looked up at her, "tell me about your parents."

"I didn't know them very well," she responded truthfully. "My uncle Asriel said they died in a zeppelin crash." Is that what he came up with, Marisa asked to herself. "I wish I had known them." Why can't I just tell her, I'm your mother, is there any shame in it, why is it so difficult?

"I'm sure your parents must have loved you very much," Marisa said watching her daughter slowly drift into slumber. And still do; she thought to herself.

"You know, Mrs. Coulter," Lyra said, "I'd want to have you as a mother," before she and Pantalaimon drifting off into sleep. The Ozymandias was petting Pantalaimon and eventually lay down next to it.

"Lyra," Mrs. Coulter said hugging her daughter, "I'd want to have you as a daughter too," now the tears were falling down her cheeks. "I'll leave the gobblers, and more than anything, I want you to live with me, as mother and child," she finally kissed her daughter's head and fell to sleep still holding her in her arms.