AN: Now remember everyone, this is a crossover so you're going to see more than one character participating in this adventure. FAF friends and readers brace yourselves, the adventure if about to begin.

Chapter 1: Price of curiosity

Angels in Heaven, together at last. The tale is well ended for those who have passed.

Love endures all, no reason, no rhyme. It lasts forever and forever all the time.

True, many years have gone by ever since the samurai and his mermaid had returned to the past. Yet to those here in the future or rather the present, it was the year 2000. Just one year after the mind-boggling events of Odaiba and the discovery of a new realm for the magic dimension: The Digiworld.

And the enchanted barrier that cloaked the magic dimension from prying human or wicked creature's eyes was still guarded devotedly by the guardians of Etherea.

Every few years, the powers of the elements would choose a worthy owner to reside in for all eternity, therefore, that living being would become an Ethereal Guardian. And so as it is, their eternal gifts would not only be those of their respective element but the respect and friendship of the animal kingdom.

For thousands of years, each coming generation of Guardians would grow stronger and stronger, culminating in the arrival of eight girls - the strongest the Universe had ever seen; the eight girls would form the Ethereal Guardians, the most powerful magical force ever.

And so it came to be with eight young girls; Beth, Kylie and Dana Pantheon, Sara Goodman, Zaira Baker, Haruna Kisaragi, Theo Schaffer, and Yui Kasuga.

They were given a quest greater than the Guardians of Candracar. They were charged with the challenge of keeping the entire Etherium safe from all kinds of evil. Being empowered with magical abilities from birth allowed them to control not four, but seven elements: earth, thunder, air, fire, star, heaven, and water.

The tomboyish and adventurous Beth had been entrusted the heart of Candracar's twin orb - the Heart of Etherea. A tiny crystal sphere encased by a silver open lion roaring at the nine o'clock section, rose on the 3 o' clock section while a united clasp upon the 12 and 6 o' clock sections.

Recently, the guardians had reconvened the Order of the lion: A secret once founded by the original Z fighters and the residents of Narnia; they oppose other evil forces out there in the Etherium. And it was now expanding, sharing their ideas and beliefs with other muggles, magical creatures and heroes that wished to join.

Nowadays, ever since meeting the Digidestined, the Order of the Lion was given another task: to must find the magical children of the Etherium (or any mortal that has come into contact with supernatural forces) and teach them how to control their powers or use their knowledge of magic for good.

Helping out as teachers were the FAF, the fanfiction author fighters, another group of young heroes who'd had adventures of their own.

Little did any of them know that on this summer day, something or rather someone terrible would return…

"Whiteling presents"

"Whiteling & Energywitch production"


Michelle Nicastro as Kylie Pantheon

Olivia Hack as Yui Kasuga

Chiara Zanni as Theo Schaffer

Stacey DePass as Zaira Baker

Anndi McAfee as Dana Pantheon

Tiffany Christun as Sara Goodman

Alexandra Carter as Haruna Kisaragi

Liza Jacqueline as Beth Pantheon

Lauren Tom as Numbuh 3

Dee Bradley Baker as Numbuh 4

Ben Diskin as Numbuh 2

Cree Summer as Numbuh 5

Brian Donovan as Tony Goodman

Jason David Frank as Tommy Oliver

Sam Gold As Mr. Grumpy

Kate Leigh As Miss Chatterbox

Aaron Albertus As Mr. Bump & Mr. Quiet

Tony Sampson as Eddy

Samuel Vincent as Double d

Matt Hill as Ed

Phil Lamarr as Wilt & Samurai Jack

Rachel Lillis as Faragonda

Carol Jacobanis as Griffin

Wayne Knight as Mr. Blik

Rob Paulsen as Gordon

Kevin McDonald as Waffle

Liza Ortiz as Lisa Romero

Andras Jones as Bruce David

Jodi Benson as Lea Triton & Ariel

Sab Shimono as Minoru

Wayne Grayson as Basil Griffith

Greg Baldwin as Aku

And the Fanfiction Author Fighters as themselves.

" Spellbinding Destinies "

It began on a bright sunny day in Magix, guardians, friends and allies were spending the day either at the beach or at the amusement areas with their teaching groups.

Being the capital of the magic dimension and just a bus ride away from the other magical schools it was the best place to start.

Everything appeared to be cheery and smoothly. Almost except for one.

A 17 year old boy with black spiky hair, a white leather jacket, blue jeans and Nike sneakers was sulking in the beach Café, while most of his male friends and students talked to him before the girls would arrive.

"Hey Bruce, girl trouble? Something to do with Sylvia?" asked a boy with scruffy brown hair, wearing an orange T-shirt and jeans. He was Tony Goodman, twin brother to the guardian of water.

Bruce scowled, "Don't even mention her to me!"

"Buddy this is the 21st century, doing it is in!" said one boy from the back.

Tony sho the boy a dirty look. "Not from where we're standing…" he muttered.

Bruce snapped "I get the stupid meaning! But you do NOT DO IT with your classmates' girlfriend!"

"Yeah!" agreed Kurt, a boy with silvery hair, light green eyes and a goofy disposition.

"Oh come on chillax! Don't make such a big deal out of it."

Bruce frowned darkly, "You're only telling me this because you weren't the one being cheated on!"

He leaned back against his chair, hands over his face in frustration. "I mean, why can't it be different? As of this moment I am sick and tired of ever shallow, good-looking girl that – that – doesn't even know how to love!" He threw up his hands as if making a final statement, "There, I said it."

But the annoying boy didn't seem to be listening to Bruce or the other boys, "Shallow. Gorgeous babes that don't know how to love . . ." he then looks derisively at the others, "Love? What's that? That junk is out!"

Darkmagicianmon or known as DM by his friends rolled his eyes: "Tell that to every engaged couple that walks by Alfea or Red fountain – myself included." He then whispered to Jeankazuhiza behind his hand conspirationally, "I'm guessing, this guy doesn't get out much does he?"

"Gimme a break!" Bruce said loudly to the boy who'd just said love was 'out', "I get the gang here, but I don't even know why I'm telling YOU this."

"Aw come on David, Sylvia wasn't even that much important to you anyway. I mean right?" asked Wormtail96

Bruce looked thoughtful, "I guess. She's frivolous, vain – man, maybe it's a good thing I broke up with her."

"She's a girl, they're all like that!" The same annoying teenager said to Bruce, the words making DM and few of the other male author fighters glare at him.

However, Bruce shook his head. "No. Not all of them, there's gotta be one who's actually honest and true."

"The only different girls are nerds, or from another planet."

By then tempers were already rising high, including Bruce's. As calmly as he could, he demanded: "Tell me why I have to put up with you again?"

"You're going to be teaching us, duh!" the annoying boy said laughing, slapping Bruce's back heartily.

One of Bruce's students then said to him, "Hate to break it to ya: But finding love that true here nowadays is . . . close to looking for a needle in a haystack. You've got to do a lot of digging around before you find the one. At least that's how it works."

Bruce sighed, slumping down into his chair, "Hopefully I don't have to wait too long."

Down in the beach, a teenage girl walked along looking for shells.

Her youthful beauty beheld a combination of both Asian and European descent. She had almond sea blue eyes and flowing auburn hair.

Well, her true name is Galatea, but she'd rather have a shorter name than a long one. So she prefers that everyone called her Lea.

She's the youngest of four sisters; their mother had passed away two years ago and they were raised by their father and loving maternal grandfather.

Lea and her grandfather were quite close and he was the one who had introduced his youngest grandchild to her passion for music, the sea and for their heritage. He always encouraged her to follow her dreams, and she wanted to be a singer or a composer more than anything else.

Now, usually, she loved taking trips down the shore looking for shells and other nice things. But today, she wasn't in a cheery mood.

Why you might ask?

Her beloved grandfather was ill.

Just this morning, her father and older sister the had been speaking the doctor.

"Last month's flu has weakened him and he hasn't fully recovered."

"I…see" her father had said quietly.

"We'll continue with all the treatments, just stay close to him. Don't let him overexert himself or give him a terrible shock. Now is when he needs his family the most."

Lea sighed, she didn't want to think her grandfather would leave so soon.

"Hey Lea!"

Some girls close by called her over to chat. She approaches.

One girl from Alfea pulls out a parchment with hieroglyphics etched on it by some black crayon.

"What's that for?"

The girl smiled, "First page from the Book of the dead."

"Book of the dead?" another girl whispered nervously, "Are you actually sure you should be playing around with something like that? Even if it's just traced by crayon?"

"It's just an etching Jules, it's not like one read from the copy would work like the original." The girl answered.

A third girl asked, "How'd you get it?"

"Nicked it."

"Know what would be really cool?" said another one of the girls, "If we prove etching won't work unless you read from the book itself."

"Lea, you can read old stuff like this." said a girl from cloud tower.

Lea blinked. "Me?"

"Yeah, you read some of old texts in the history books depicting hieroglyphics before."

"Come on just one paragraph, it'll cheer you up."

"Read it Lea!"

"Alright! Alright! Let me see this," Lea held up the etching and begins to read the first sentences….

"Amon Ra- Amon dei…" she read then explained, "Night and day."

She paused then continued reading: "Yat Su-ey harum maktub. …"

Lea's voice echoes across what looked to be a dry wasteland. Some black inky fluid flowing from a pit, begins to ripple, then bubbling…

"Zin mes a bet baratu-ey. Yathuai, yathuai, yathuai!"

Next what appeared to be black flames shoot upwards towards the sky, growing higher and higher….

"What are you doing?"

One of the Authors, Hikari, had recognized the spell and snatched the parchment from Lea's hands, "You can't read out loud from this!"

"Oh calm down, Hikari," Lea said calmly to her, "No one we know has died around here. So nothing is going to happen."

But she was wrong.

For more than five hundred yards away, an appalling form had risen once more from the darkest bowels of Tartarus.

Wide eyes snapped open. Then raised and stretched it's long arms.

Lightning flashed briefly and the clouds slowly began to cover the sun from view, softly enfolding the landscape in shadow.

The creature stretched four clawed fingers, flexing them as though to make sure he could move them.

His charcoal grey eyes wandered curiously, inspecting his unrecognizable surroundings. Wherever he was, it certainly wasn't earth, no. This land…it breathed of something else.

Instantly, his gaze fell upon the city of Magix and he said:

"So once again...I am free to smite the world as I did in days long past!"

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