Hellsing X Soul Eater

Chapter One

The ghouls at the bottom of the hill moved slowly but surely at their tasks, like ants, obedient to the end, but with no thought behind their actions. Seras watched them, both curious and disgusted by their very presence. The army of ghouls was loading boxes and other strange equipment onto trucks from the old, worn-down Millennium facility. She didn't see anyone around who would have been controlling the zombie creatures-conventionally, ghouls needed to be within a specific area in order to hear a vampire's orders, but ever since the Valentine Brothers showed up at Hellsing's HQ with an army of trained ghouls in tow, the conventional was forever out the window.

"I don't see anyone, Master," she said. "Just ghouls and boxes."

"What are zhe zombies doing?" asked Pip Bernadette, Captain of the mercenary gang, the Wild Geese. This was his first outing as a Hellsing soldier, and boy had it been eventful. Getting to South America, only to have to battle off Rio de Janeiro SWAT and the Dandy Man, then their helicopter was destroyed by the heat-seeking missile from a renegade's bazooka over the jungle before they could get to their safe house. It was as they were trekking through the jungle that they came across the ghoul movers.

"It doesn't matter what they're doing," Alucard said quietly. "Our orders were clear: Search and Destroy. These pathetic monsters are nothing more than cannon fodder for us, so we should get through them as fast as possible and move on."

"Now that I can understand to the letter," Pip said, pulling the pistol from his waist. He winked at Seras as he made sure it was loaded. "Care to join me, little lady?"

The nerve! Seras thought, determined to show this ladies' man she could take care of herself. Her hold tightened on the handle of the large sniper rifle, the BAERLKS, which she owned besides the Harkonnan.

It was less a battle, and more a simple slaughter. Ghouls were by nature slow creatures, and over half the ghoul army had been destroyed by the hail of bullets before the remainders became aggressive towards the attackers. Soon, there was nothing but rivers of blood, the acrid smell of death, and bullet-riddled body parts.

"Fucking disgusting!" Pip said, kicking a dead ghoul. The ghoul, however, reached up and grabbed his foot, causing him to shriek in a very unmanly manner. He fumbled with his gun for a second before putting a bullet in the undead brain, then sighed in obvious relief.

"Through the head, or through the heart, mercenary," Alucard said as he strolled by, a thin smile on his lips at the frenchman's loss of composure. "A bullet anywhere else still lets the ghoul's teeth work just fine. Remember that next time."

Pip stuck his tongue out at the retreating vampire's back, only to be caught in the act by Seras, who was attempting to stifle a few giggles. It was nice to be able to laugh every once in a while.

Alucard was already at the door of the worn-down, grey brick building, listening for any movement within the dark structure. He did not hear any sounds, but that did not stop him from putting a fresh clip into the Casul. Seras and Pip where right behind him; he could still smell the fear emanating from the mercenary. This killing did not give Alucard pleasure-there was no battle of foes, but a simple extermination of pests. This was a job and nothing more. Perhaps there was an enemy inside worthy of his time, his power? Unlikely, but he was still being driven to find the One: the one who could kill him.

Pip hung back and let the two vampires lead the way into the dark doorway, which lead to a set of stairs leading down into what could the very bowels of Hell. Out of everything that he had done in his life, he certainly had never, ever expected to be escorting vampires into a zombie-filled hellhole.

The air only seemed to get thicker as they descended, it seemed to close in around him, tried to consume him. Pip, however, wasn't the superstitious type, so he pushed back at the silly thoughts and brought his mind back to the game. This was the type of situation where one wrong move could easily lead to a horrible existence as a mindless ghoul if he wasn't care. But there was something to the air, something that made the hairs on his neck stand to attention.

"Master, is that...?" Seras did not even finished her sentence before they were suddenly at the bottom of the stairs, in the doorway of a cavernous room.

Pip had to push his way by Seras slightly to see what was in the room, but he just as quickly wished he had stayed topside as he turned to vomit.

It was an obvious laboratory, but not even Dr. Mengele would have had quarters so horrific. There was splatters of old, rusty blood everywhere-on the walls, the floor, the ceiling, as though a mad artist had used the lab for his studio.

On the left wall were bodies in various states of decomposition. Some were missing limbs, or their chests were opened revealing missing organs, and some where even missing heads. There were examination bodies with even more bodies, both male and female. Along the walls were cages of animals: dogs and cats that did not survive their ordeals. The overwhelming stench of rotting meat and old blood, which made his eyes water and nostrils burn, did little to help Pip's ordeal. He had seen death before, but this was a whole new level of barbarity.

There were computers in rows in the middle of the room, and rows upon rows of liquid filled-glass tubes. Most of the tubes were empty, but some had what looked like computer chips floating within. At the very back of the room was a large Nazi flag on the wall: old, torn, and faded, but the swastika was just as vibrant in its black hatred as yesteryear.

"This must be where Millennium has been hiding all this time," Alucard said, walking through the lab with obvious curiosity. Sears was so shocked by the brutality of the place that, had she been able to, she probably would have been heaving up her lunch alongside Pip.

"My God," she said, following her Master. "Is this real?"

"Very," Alucard said, peering at the bodies on the wall. "The power of Millennium comes not from their strength, but from their all-to-willing use of brutality to achieve their ends."

Seras wandered over to the closest glass tube and stared at the chip within. It seemed so innocent, and yet the carnage around her told her this little device was the cause of it all. She felt the overwhelming urge to use her rifle as a club and destroy the tube and chip in one blow, but she had a better idea.

"Master, let's take this back with us."

Alucard eyes seemed to pierce right through her. "Why should we do that, Police Girl?"

"Maybe there's a way to destroy this thing en masse, like a defect or weakness we can use," she said quietly.

"It's no fun to exploit weakness," Alucard said, turning. "What's truly enjoyable is to exploit arrogance, and use that to destroy our enemies, from the inside out."

"It was just an idea..." she said, hoping she hadn't upset her Master.

Alucard looked at her for a few more seconds, far too long for Seras' comfort, and nodded. "We'll take one. You may have a point, Police Girl. You, human," he said aloud to Pip. The mercenary was through vomiting, and he seemed unsteady on his feet. "Yea?"

"We're destroying this place, now. Leave not a brick left unscorched," Alucard said as he swept past them back up the stairs.

Pip nodded. "I'll be too glad to."

Though he was glad to finally be back up into the fresh air, Pip felt more dread going back down the stairs with his homemade bombs now that he knew what was awaiting him. He had been able to find everything he needed in the boxes the ghouls had been moving, and was now holding a bomb that would leave nothing left.

"Hurry up, girl!" he said when he was back in the lab. The girl vampire was still there, trying to figure out how to eject the glass tube and get the chip. "I'm setting this bomb now and leaving it, whether you are still en here or no!"

"Right, I know!" Seras said. Finally giving into her frustration, she plowed her elbow through the glass, the liquid cascading down onto the stained tile floor. She was able to grab the chip, wiped it off carefully on her skirt and then stashed it safely in a pocket. "I'm ready!"

"Then let's go!" Pip roared, setting the bomb. He rushed past and grabbed her hand, pulling her along behind him up the stairs. She still blushed as she ran.

Alucard was waiting patiently for them beside the running truck, which Pip had already hot-wired. "Is everything set?" he asked as they ran past.

"Yes, now get in we have but a moment!" Pip said as he slid in, Seras beside him. Alucard stepped in the back of the truck and hung onto the side as Pip hauled ass through the overhung path that counted as a road. They were just far enough away to be safe, but the vibrations from the explosion made the truck bounce horribly as they drove.

"Another job well done," Pip said satisfactorily as he lit a cigarette. "Now, where is zat safehouse we're supposed to be going to?"