Hellsing X Soul Eater

Chapter Ten

The sun had just risen over the distant mountains, the early morning rays glinting off the airstrip, making it looking like a straight river of gold in the desert. There was a plane already waiting at the end of the strip, its nose and propellers pointing towards the rising run. Maka and Soul rode towards at a moderate pace, but not fast enough for Maka, who glanced at her watch. Dammit, they were going to be late!

"Calm down, Maka," Soul yelled over the roar of the engine. "If we're gonna make a cool entrance, we gotta be a little late so everyone knows it's us pulling in."

"If that plane takes off without us on it, I'm going to pull your insides out for everyone to see," Maka threatened.

It was all Soul's fault! He had been so stubborn to wake up that Maka actually had to send Blair in his room, a move that, though necessary, made her stomach feel a little sick just thinking about it now.

He pulled the motorcycle into the small building that housed air traffic control for the DWMA, and carefully parked the bike. Maka was already off and running towards the plane, her overnight bag hanging off one shoulder and bouncing around as she ran. Soul made sure his bike was secure before breaking into a run himself. There was no way in hell he'd get left behind!

As she climbed up the ladder and into the small plane's cabin, she noticed that Black Star and Kid where also there, with their respective weapons. Stein was standing at the front of the plane, near the cockpit, and glanced at Maka. "Glad to see you could make it," he said with a thin grin on his lips. She bowed and apologized, but everyone on the plane knew that, if Maka was ever late to anything, that Soul was automatically to blame. As the boy made his way onto the plane, he received a head-slap from his teacher, before being asked to take a seat.

There was a chorus of "Good Mornings," as everyone greeted the newcomers, and Stein closed the door to the cabin. It seemed as though everyone was aboard and accounted for. Kid and the Thompson sisters were in the last row, while Black Star and Tsubaki took up the third. Maka walked to the second row to see Crona there, looking particularly nervous. She chose the window seat to the left of him, and Soul sat on his other side. The first row was empty, which she assumed was for Stein and whatever weapon he was going to use on this mission.

The plane was small, a little cramped. There were four rows of three seats each, which weren't the most comfortable things in the world, but they were not the worse, either. There was enough room to move up and down the plane one either side of the rows, and the small cabin windows allowed a small view but clear view. Maka had ridden on a few airplanes, but this one was different than the usual plane they would take for missions. This one was small, and sleekly designed, but she had noticed large humps on the bottom of the wings, but what they were she was not sure. The plane was not built for tall people, for Stein's head was bowed slightly, and it still touched the ceiling of the cabin.

"G-good morning Maka, Soul," Crona said.

"Good morning, Crona!" Maka said, a smile on her face. "Why do you look so glum?"

"I-uh, I don't, I've never..." Crona squeaked out. Maka looked at him oddly.

"You've never been on a plane?" Maka asked, to which Crona nodded. She smiled. "Don't worry! It's not so bad. And I'll be right here beside you, so don't worry too much. This trip will be just fine, I promise."

It was a promise made in vain when she heard: "Soul, why was my daughter late?" behind their seats. Maka's blood ran cold as she realized that-

"No way! What are you doing here?" she screeched.

Scythe covered his ears, amazed her voice could reach that high. He had walked up from the back of the plane. "I'm working, sweetie, just like you."

"NO WAY! I'm not going on a mission with my father, no, no, NO!" Maka denied, unable to keep quiet.

"Maka, that hurts! You'd think with an outburst like that that you didn't love your Papa..." Tears streamed down Scythe's face.


"Too LOUD," Crona moaned, putting his hands over his ears. Even Soul flinched.

"HEY!" Stein snapped, and the silence in the plane seemed to echo. "We don't have time for this! Now please, keep the family squabbles to a minimum, if you don't mind."

Maka slouched in her seat, and Soul sighed heavily. Great, he was now forced to sit near a pissed off Maka, who could turn into a living time bomb if she was allowed to dwell on the fact she had to work with her father. Scythe, his feelings hurt once again, slunk to the row in front of them and slouched into one of the seats there. This mission was going to be horrid.

"What exactly are we doing, Professor Stein?" Kid asked, to which everyone agreed. Maka was able to ignore her father for the time being.

"I'll cover that later. Right now our pilot has a few words to say."

At his cue, the pilot rose from his cockpit chair, and came to stand next to Stein, who was a full head taller than himself. They pilot was a young man with spiky, flaming-red hair, pale skin with freckles, and a toothpick hanging from his mouth. His simple black shirt, jeans, and flyboy leather jacket all seemed a size too big for his thin frame. Goggles sat on his forehead, with little twists and knobs on the sides.

"I'm Shorty Sparks," he said, giving a salute. "And I'm to be your driver for this little field trip."

"Oh my God that guy's so SHORT!" Black Star roared, laughing hysterically. Tsubaki tried to calm him down, but to no avail. "Please, Black Star, behave yourself!..."

THONK! An expertly tossed wrench hit the blue-haired devil in the head, knocking him unconscious. Shorty growled as he made his way to retrieve the tool. "As I was sayin'," he said, "I'm to fly ya."

Patty was laughing hysterically at Black Star's limp form. "Again, again!" she cheered.

"How come Malcolm isn't flying us?" Maka asked. The usually good-natured pilot was the main pilot for any DWMA students or facility whose mission took them into foreign territory.

"He doesn't run hot like I do," Sparks answered simply, only confusing the matter further.

"I have a few rules for you newcomers. One, insult my baby and you will find yourself sucked out of the nearest exit at 30,000 feet. Two, insult my driving and the aforementioned ejection will also occur. Three, don't touch anything that doesn't belong to you. That includes windows, door handles, and other passengers. Are we clear? Any questions? No? Good, we'll be shoving off then." With that, he disappeared into the cockpit again.

"I'll be filling you in on our mission parameters when we're a little closer to our destination. The trip will take about 13 hours, so get some sleep if you can," Stein suggested.

"That's one order I'll happily follow," Soul chuckled as he curled up his jacket to use as a pillow, then putting in a set of headphones that covered his ears. Stein turned from the students and took the couple steps to stand beside Shorty as he began an engine and systems check.

"Behind the yellow line, please," Shorty said, causing Stein to stop and see the yellow line on the floor and arrange himself behind it.

"Thirteen hours? That seems a bit fast," Stein said.

"Just one pit stop in D.C. before making the jump over the Atlantic," Shorty explained, flipping some switches. "Lord Death said this mission was gonna be dangerous, so staying out of enemy airspace the longer the better."

"How good of a pilot are you?"

"Very. But if things go well you'll never have to find out firsthand."

The boxes rattled, shook, and threatened to fall onto her head as the plane made its (apparently) rough takeoff. Cy was already bruised from having to climb all over and around the supply boxes in the cramped space just to find her current hidey-hole, and was not looking forward to what other surprises the future hours would hold for her.

It had been easy to find the plane, after asking around and playing dumb long enough. Getting into cramped cargo space had been a challenge, but not an unconquerable feat. The Major had better give her a promotion when she returned, the triumphant hero, with her little black warrior to boot.

Well, at least she wouldn't be lonely during the flight.

Shorty was able to pull into a small-town airport outside of Alexandria, near D.C. to refuel and make some quick fixes to the plane. Stein stood and stretched, the past six hours flying cross-country leaving him tired and stiff. Liz and Patty were stretching themselves, while Kid stood to go outside for some fresh air. Soul was listening to his iPod, and Maka was buried in a book. Crona had so exhausted himself with his fear of flying he had fainted, and was asleep. Black Star, who had regained consciousness unfortunately, ran outside much to Stein's relief, Tsubaki following behind. That kid needed to go burn off all the extra energy he could.

He kicked Spirit in the shin, who had fallen asleep and was drooling onto his shoulder. The man jumped up, made sure Maka was unharmed, and also took a walk outside, probably to relieve himself. The airplanes bathroom was very small, and Scythe was slightly claustrophobic.

After a few words with the pilot, Stein climbed back aboard the plane to find everyone back inside. Liz was doing her nails, and Patty coloring in a coloring book. Black Star was arguing with Kid over some sort of video game the two had been playing recently, some sort of fighting game involving rings, he wasn't sure. Tsubaki was sitting quietly, eyes closed, probably meditating.

"Everyone," he said loudly, catching even Crona's attention, who jumped awake at the doctor's voice. The kids and weapons turned to Stein, listening intently.

"Everyone, I guess now's a good a time as any, " he paused.

"Are you finally going to tell us where we're going?" Kid asked, his yellow eyes narrowing at the doctor.

"And what the hell we're doing?" Soul threw in, headphones hanging around his neck.

Stein nodded. "We're going to England."

"Oh my god, they have some of the best shopping there!" Liz exclaimed.

"Who cares about clothes? I want to beat someone up!" Black Star said, puffing up his chest in a heroic pose.

"This is not an extracurricular field trip!" Stein snapped. "We're going to stop an invasion, help save the world."

That one sentence sobered up everyone on the plane. "Who are-are we helping?" Crona asked.

"The Hellsing Organization."

The confusion was apparent on everyone's face.

Stein quickly told them everything. The chip, and who Integra had told him made them. How the group had been hiding in South America, and how they had been creating vampires with powers never seen before. And how, now that she was backed into a corner, she needed an assist.

"But, Professor Stein," Maka said when he was done talking. "We don't deal with vampires, or ghouls. We fight Kishin."

"If you truly think about it, is there much difference? These vampires are, in a way, Kishin. Powerful, evil souls that were once human, that feed on their fellow man. Right now the problem is but a trickle, but there's a lot of effort put into these new vampires. This is but the trickle before the tsunami hits. And if we don't want to see our home fall to the threat as well, we need to help stop it in its tracks."

Silence as everyone, even Patty, absorbed this. Patty thought for a moment, then raised her hand. "Professor? Are we going to die?"

"I don't know, Patty," Stein said.

"Of course we're not!" Black Star jumped up. "We're from the DWMA! We kick bad guy butt every day, how is this any different? It just means that, the bigger they are, the harder they'll fall when they see me coming!"

"No way, you're not going to get more than me!" Soul exclaimed, issuing a challenge to Black Star.

"Whoever kills the least get to clean the school bathrooms for a month!"

"Deal!" They shook on it.

"Maka, I don't know to deal with vampires!" Crona moaned.

"Don't worry, Crona, it'll be a learning experience for all of us! If we stick together, we can do anything!"

Everyone's attitude changed after that. The heavy air that seemed to permeate the plane when Stein spoke was lifted. This was no longer a suicide mission, but a game. Just another day at the office. Stein had to hold back a smile. Black Star was an annoying idiot, but he was very good at rallying his troops when he needed to.

Spirit came back on the plane and fell into his seat. Stein could tell the scythe must have finished off his flask of liquor he kept on his person from the watery eyes and slight smell. Black Star may not have minded going on a mission with odds of a hundred to one, but Scythe still needed some persuasion, it seemed.

"We're coming in on our final descent!" Shorty yelled over the engines to Stein. "We'll be landing soon."

It was almost midnight, and everyone was sleeping onboard. Stein himself was rubbing his eyes as he walked up and down the side aisle, walking everyone up. The kids stretched and set their minds in order for the mission at hand.

"Air Control, this is Double S 341, repeat Double S 341," Sparks called.

"This is Air Control, Double S 341, where do you think you're going, over?"

"I have VIPS for the Penwood Opera, over. Requesting permission to land."

There was silence over the radio for a moment, the operator probably checking with his supervisor on where to send the little plane.

"Copy that, Double S. You're expected, over. Sending you coordinates to land."

"Much appreciated, over." He plotted his course with the coordinate and realized he was being directed away from the actual airport. Looked like there was a private airstrip he needed to touchdown on. A bit of a challenge at night in unfamiliar territory, but at least it made him earn his wings.

"Professor, where are we going? It's almost midnight," Kid asked.

Stein turned to him and laughed. "For some, the day is just beginning! We're going to the Round Table Conference, a meeting called by the leaders of Britain's various supernatural-threat neutralizing groups when everything is going to hell in a hand basket. This is the first time the DWMA has been contacted for such a job, so make sure you look professional.

"Oh, and one more thing. You'll also be meeting Her Majesty tonight too, so do the DWMA proud, okay?" Stein said casually.