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Charlotte looked up as her older daughter came into the room.

"Hi sweetheart," she said

"I want to hold her"

Thousands of thoughts entered Charlotte's mind.

Willow was sick with brittle bone syndrome. Then again when her cousin's oldest daughter, Kate turned two she got sick and still she was allowed to hold her baby brother. It was Kate who was 2 then Jesse who was 1 and Anna who they had when Kate was 3 and Jesse was 2. But if Anna had been the one who had gotten sick would they have let Kate and Jesse hold her? What if Willow broke a bone while she was in Amelia's arms?

Amelia would never forgive herself. She was only 7 after all and Willow was so little. What to do? What to do? What to do?

What would Sean say? Oh she knew what he would say? He would say it's not fair to keep Amelia from her sister. She would say it's not fair to keep Willow from Amelia either. He would have pointed out that if Willow was a 'normal' baby they would have no problem letting Amelia hold her and that they did, after all want Willow to grow up as normal as possible.

She had to explain to Amelia the condition that her sister was in. That way if anything happened…

Instead she found herself saying something entirely different.

"Yes," she said, "sit down on the sofa her and I'll show you how"