An Episode from The Miserable and Melancholy Accounts of Rose Goode

Rose Goode stood at the railing of the dilapidated Barnacle, scanning the vast oceanic abyss that was the Caribbean Sea. The crystal clear blue waters below her lightly crashed against the boat, splashing droplets onto her beautiful face. The hush of the wind brushed past her, picking up the loops of curls piled around her head. She hardly blinked her glassy gray eyes, trying to savor the scene before her.

A hand flapped in front of her face. "Hello…? Anyone in there?"

Her eyelashes batted to the person attached to the hand.

It was Jack, Jack Sparrow. The one she was more than crazy about…

"Aye, there's someone in here," She said, tapping on her skull. "I'm just a little… ah, how would you call it? Spellbound."

Jack's eyebrows raised for a moment. Then, after a moment of thought, his eyes narrowed flirtatiously. "Ah. I am too. Spellbound, that is."

Rose turned her head back to the Caribbean, completely unaware of Jack's antics. "Beautiful, isn't it?"

Her captain inched closer, brushing a curl from her face. "Aye. Definitely beautiful."

"It always looks like it's happy. Glistening in the sunlight. It looks like it's always smiling. Who doesn't love that?"

A grin spread across Jack's face. "I know I love it."

"And all the sounds it makes…"

"…are equally as beautiful."

Rose sighed, looking into Jack Sparrow's eyes. "The sea is something supernatural, isn't it?"

"Well, luv, I was talking about you. Wherever did the sea come into the conversation?"

The witch blushed and gave him a peck on the cheek, setting him off-guard. Jack blinked, taking a few moments to process what had just happened. A devious smirk crossed his lips. The captain dipped Rose down, kissing her passionately. She broke the kiss for but a moment. "Mister Sparrow, release me at once! This is incredibly inappropriate."

Jack Sparrow kissed her again. "You aren't putting me in line this time Rose. I'm your captain, after all."