Welcome to the first chappie of Shiny Friday! This is a collection of one shots about Atelier Annie. Most of them take place after the Best ending, but if not, I'll put a notice up saying after Normal or Bad or whatever ending. But I love the Best ending…best, so that's what I'm mostly going to work with. I will also let you know if it's during a playthrough or whatever.

~Shiny Friday~

Pepe could write an entire biography about his pupils, how they had all changed and matured into a better person with the help of alchemy, how they had become the world's greatest alchemists, how they have even changed his life. But none of them could really top Annie's story. Each story had been different and special, but it seemed that only her's could really stand out.

She had arrived in the workshop sound asleep. It seemed impossible to wake her up, and that was difficult to deal with at first. She seemed confused and unaccepting of the situation at hand, wanting to go home back to her parents, to continue as she always had, but Pepe remembered Old Man Bentner's words. Train her hard.

When she heard about the contest and the prizes, this seemed to give her a little more motivation and a reason to stay on the island and train. But he and Annie's supervisor, Hans, would constantly have to remind her to stay on task. She got a little too distracted easily. But that all changed when a couple years later, she was doing it because she wanted to, not because she had to in order to win her prize. Her prize ended being the work itself.

Not only that, but she seemed to appreciate the friends she made, instead of envying to be by the prince's side. Even the seemingly snotty Julian couldn't help but be nice to her when he saw her on the street. How much had everyone changed?

Not only that, but she seemed to be getting closer to Hans. They'd always be in the other's pocket, doing favors and such, but they never seemed to hold a grudge. When Pepe had asked Annie about what she had thought of Hans, she said he had no character, he was too stiff, and she couldn't stand to be around him all the time. But now that he was helping out with whatever he could, she didn't seem to mind.

Pepe didn't think it would be possible, but Annie finally realized her life-long dream, and although he would have to leave someday for her to continue on that path, they would still have a few battles to conquer for now.

Basically, he was stuck with her for now. But he didn't care. Coming to Sera Island was the best thing to happen to him, even if he said otherwise.

~Shiny Friday~

It was kind of lame if you ask me, but I thought it would be nice to start with a self-reflection piece on Pepe's part, seeing as he was the first person Annie met. (Hans was second… but don't worry, I will be writing Hannie soon.)

I think I'll be focusing on this, and then on my other oneshot collection 'Baby Blocks,' I'm also not sure when I'll be able to update again. I have finals, two on Monday, one on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons, and one on Friday morning. I have to get studying like crazy. (Especially for Geometry… *sigh*)

I might get to writing a full length story soon, but I have other projects and limited time to work on them, so for now, this is all I have. I'll try to update soon….