Title: Fly Into Eternity

Disclaimer: Don't own, just playing in the sandbox.
Characters(Pairings): Dean/Castiel, Sam/Gabriel, Joshua
Warnings: Uh, happy post-death fic? Mentions of episode 5x16 'Dark Side of the Moon'

All dogs go to heaven and so do the Winchesters. Except this time it's a one-way ride because the world doesn't really need them anymore and there's no reason to be resurrected (again). So Dean drives down the road, blasting some classic rock (he's never able to quite make out just what song it is or who the band is, but it sounds like home and peace and everything's okay) and wondering when he'll run into Sam.

For a while, it's just him, the car, the rock and miles of open pavement stretching from here into infinity.

Then suddenly, he's not alone and familiar blue eyes are turning to look at him from the passenger seat and he grins.

"Much better than using the radio, huh?"

Castiel nods, but doesn't say anything and Dean lets it go, bobbing along to the low beat coming from the speakers (and the singer croons something about love lost on the road of life, but every time Dean tries to catch the actual lyrics, the song changes).

They find Sam waiting outside a ramshackle house that neither of them recognize. As he slides into the backseat, he grins at Castiel.

"Hey, Cas. Long time, no see."

The angel smiles back, that familiar, barely there quirk of lips and Dean shares a fond look with his brother through the rearview mirror. Then they're off again, flying down the road on wings of rubber and metal, listening to the soundtrack of their lives.

Gabriel drops in some time after that and Castiel seems to be the only one unsurprised to see him. Dean gapes for a long minute, then snorts and shakes his head and turns up the volume. Sam takes a bit longer to recover and then he's up against the archangel as close as he can get and Dean and Castiel pointedly don't look back when they start talking in low murmurs.

It's not long after that that they pull up in front of the Garden and Joshua's out there waiting for them, a smile on his face. They get out and he spreads his hands.

"Welcome, weary travelers. Come and rest."

As they pass into the Garden, Castiel and Gabriel dissolve into light and color, stretching out as if they've awoken from a long sleep. Turning back to the awed humans (who, for once, can see exactly what they are and not lose their eyes in the process) they reach out tendrils to their respective partner.

Come, they say and it's beyond words, more thought and feeling and knowledge than any form of speech.

Dean reaches back first, letting the light of Castiel (his Cas) pull him in and dissolve him into the same. And then he's flying and Castiel holds him steady, shows him how to move and speak/think/feel/know and Dean looks at himself, then at the angel.

We're the same, he says/thinks/feels/knows. Castiel smiles.

Yes. Always and forever, you are mine and I am yours. Come. They fly off, Dean sparing a quick spike of elation with Sam, who's still watching from the ground and then he catches up to Castiel and they fly together into eternity.

Gabriel sinks closer to Sam and holds out a single tendril again. Come?

And Sam doesn't hesitate, reaches out with both hands and closes his eyes as he dissolves, saying/thinking/feeling/knowing, Of course.