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As I lay unconscious in my bed, I could hear the soft melody of rain falling outside. I opened my eyes, which were crusted with sleep. My gaze wandered lazily around my room, until they landed on Edward. He was next to my bed in the rocking chair. He had a worried expression on his handsome face, and I wanted so badly to reach out and touch the worry away. I tried to sit up, and I felt my head begin to pulse with pain. Edward noticed me and pushed me gently back down to a laying position.

"I wouldn't try to sit up for a while, love. You hit your head pretty hard last night."

Last night. Had I fallen? And how would he know? The last I remember was him telling me he was leaving for town.

"Did I…fall?" I asked uncertainty in voice. His eyes were grave and he gave a forced laugh.

"You don't remember do you?" I nodded, the action causing my head to cloud over, and make me dizzy. He sighed, like he had been hoping he wouldn't have to explain.

"Last night, Bella, I found you out in the field. When I got to you, James" he said the name with a growl "was about to…" he couldn't finish his sentence. I held his gaze urging him to go on. "He was about to…rape you. At least that's what I could tell from his disgusting thoughts." Memories flashed in my head. I'd rushed out of my house, to find Edward in town. I'd gotten lost in the field and before I knew it, it was dark. And then…James, that horrible, terrifying man with eyes as red as blood had indeed tried to rape me. Hot tears brimmed behind my eyes, as I relived the horror I felt as I had laid beneath him writhing and thrashing. Edward stroked my hand, and whispered calming things to me as I sobbed. As I cried, more memories from the night before invaded my thoughts. Sounds of ripping, Edward standing over a pile of limbs on the ground, silver lighter held firmly in his hand. And the most prominent memory was the sickly sweet smell that had wafted from the pile on the ground and stung my nostrils. The realization hit me like a ton of bricks. My eyes grew wide and when I spoke my voice was frantic.

"You! You ripped him apart! I-I watched you burn the pieces!" I was terrified. Knowing what Edward had done to James, even if he had deserved it, and having him mere inches away from now had me scared out of my mind. He watched me with emotionless eyes as I ranted. Then dialogue between me and Edward from the field rang in my mind. "Edward…wh-what's going on?" I had asked. He had responded without flinching "I'm killing a vampire." I had stopped talking. Edward took the momentary silence as his chance to speak.

"Yes, I did. Do you remember why though Bella?" he said quietly.

"Vampire." It was the only word I could think of, the only word I could say. His eyes confirmed my accusation. "Explain yourself." I said, my voice sounding stronger then I had expected, given the tense situation.

He gave a light chuckle. "Where do I even being?" he asked, mostly to himself. He took a breath and began his explanation. "I've been watching you for quite some time. I never interfered in your life, but I kept close eyes on you after I got a whiff of your scent. It intoxicated me, as if there were no other reason to live. When I could stand it longer, I came here. I knew you lived alone, and that you were kind, which is why I pretended to be a troubled traveler. I never wanted you to get hurt, quite the opposite. I wanted to love you, and be with you. But my world is far too dangerous, which is proved by the events of last night. I know, the vampire part is difficult to believe, but it's true. I promise I'm not like James though. I only feed on the blood of animals, and I will never hurt you Bella." By the time his speech was finished, his voice was dejected. I was stunned, not saying anything, which was probably bruising his ego even more. After all of this, you would think I should loathe him. Be angry at him for bringing the consequences of the 'vampire world' upon me. Be spooked by the fact the he had basically stalked me. But none of it made a difference. My feelings, although unethical, were there and they were strong. As fairy tale as it sounds, I had fallen for him in no less then a couple of days. And even though I wanted to tell him, to leap into his arms and say "I believe you, and I want to be with you, no matter what problems your world puts us in!" I didn't. I wanted some form of revenge, no matter how small, and what better way then to make him earn the privilege of hearing me say I love you too? So after a tense silence, I mustered up as much of my voice as I could find and said three words I knew he would like hearing.

"I believe you." His head which had been hanging, lifted up, and his golden citrine, eyes held mine in a trance. I saw the love in his stare, the relief, and the happiness that I had accepted him.

"Thank you Bella. You really have no idea how much that means to me…How much you mean to me." He whispered the last part.

My heart swelled and I grabbed him gently by his chin.

"Edward I do have…feelings for you." I didn't tell him the depth of those feelings yet. "Would you maybe…stay here with me? We can get to know each other?" I asked my request timidly even though I was certain he'd say yes.

He rose to his feet, and for the first time since he arrived at my house I was able to appreciate him fully. He was tall, at least three inches greater then my own height. His chest was strong and firm, his shoulders broad. My eyes followed up, noticing of course he beautiful topaz eyes, and his wild disarray of coppery hair. I didn't get a chance to continue my ogling below the belt because he was speaking again, answering my question.

"Bella" he began "I am honored to even be invited to stay with you, and of course I will."

He hugged me to that firm chest I had just been admiring. He led to the bed room and made sure I was comfortable before assuring me he would be fine resting on the couch.

I fell into a peaceful slumber, with a smile on my face.

The next morning I woke up feeling fresh. It was a new day and only the good memories from last night were swirling in my head. I stretched and hoped that Edward didn't hear the little mewl that escaped me. Although with his vampire hearing I doubted it.

I had learned so much about him last night, and I was happy with my decision of asking him to stay.

I got out of bed and didn't bother chaning out of my jammies. It was my house after all. Plus Edward had said he loved me so I didn't think he'd mind.

As I made my way to the kitchen I nearly drooled at the smell wafting from the stove. Edward stood there, looking as cute as ever in my apron, cooking sausage and eggs, and a whole other array of yummy smelling foods.

"This smells incredible" I stated the obvious, and smiled at him.

"Thank you. I figured with all you've been through you deserve a nice hot breakfast." He gave his own lopsided grin, and I could have forgotten the eggs and had his mouth for breakfast. Woah, where did that come from? I shooed the rest of my dirty thoughts away, as Edward led me to my kitchen table and pulled out my chair, ever being the gentlemen.

Then he gave the best morning surprise ever. He tilted my head back and gave me a soft little kiss on my lips. It was so "Spiderman" with whole upside down thing, but it was fantastic none the less. I felt my face heat red after pulled away.

He had a look of confusion on his face, obviously questioning my blush. I mean the kiss was the least bit sexual, but here I was blushing like a fool.

"Was that too foward?" he asked me shyly. How cute is that? And of course I blused harder.

"Of couse not, I kind of blush at anything. It was really...sweet." I told him. He smiled at me again.

After breakfast Edward offered to do the dished while I showered and got dressed for the day. I opened my windown to sample the breeze.

It was still a little chilly, but it was definatley nicer then yesterday's weather. I picked a cute pair of caprees and a long sleeve shirt that was teal in color.

When I re-entered the living room Edward was waiting patiently on my couch. He looked like he had no idea what to do.

"Edward?" I said. He turned to face me. "Do you want to go on a walk?" Another lopsided grin, another flutter of my always unsteady heart.

"I would love that Bella." He rose from the couch, and got my jacket for me. A girl could definatley get used to this I thought as we walked out the door.

It was sunny, and the breeze was only slightly chilly against my cheeks. I felt Edward twine our fingers together and sighed happily. How is it that this perfect man showed up on my doorstep by accident I'll never know. When he squeezed my hand, I turned my face up toward him, he had a question in his eyes.

I squeezed back and encouraged him to ask me. He gave a nervous grin.

"Bella, I was thinking since I told you a little about my past the other night, you could tell me about yours...? And it's perfectly all right if you're not ready" He was quick to add that last part.

"Haven't you been watching me?" I teased. "You should know all about me" I added with a laugh. I looked in his eyes and saw he was serious. He really did want to know about me, and my life. I sighed. There were things I had to tell Edward. Topics that I hadn't visited in a long time because they were just too painful.

But I was willing to try for him. For us. So I started the only way I knew how.

"It's a long story..."

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