WARNING: This story contains sisterly incest and dub-con. I feel dirty, guilty and ashamed for having written it; you should experience similar feelings when you're done reading. Sincere apologies to Victoria Justice and Daniella Monet.

Sleep is a wonderful thing. I love sleeping. Apparently, it's just not a luxury my sister is willing to grant me. And to think that she usually leaves her room a good four hours after I do, given the chance. But no, when something is important to her, everyone needs to know and everyone needs to hear about it, even if it's the ungodly time of 6 in the freaking morning. With our parents being away for the weekend, that leaves me as her only conversational partner.

"Tori! Tori, wake up!" A sharp pain shoots through my side. Did she just kick me? "Tori! Come on, I've got something to show you!" Sometimes when you ignore her, she gets bored and goes away. Today's just not my lucky day, I suppose. "Toriiiiiiii!"

"What? What's so important?" She is, of course, completely oblivious to my angry, annoyed tone of voice. I repeat, it's six AM. People should not be awake at this hour, especially not me.

"Just look!" I open my eyes to her foot. Yeah, she stuck her foot right in my face. At least she had the decency to wash it… I think. I can't smell anything; I guess that means she washed it. Still not a very flattering sight, though.

"It's your foot. Yay?" She wiggles her toes. I look a little closer. "Oh, your crooked toe is gone. Fascinating. Now can I please go back to– hey, wait a minute! When did you get that done?"

"A while ago. I just took off the bandages! Isn't it great?" She's beaming with joy and pride over her toes, but all I can think of is how she got our parents to agree with the surgery. If she even got their permission… I can totally picture her going to some shady Dr. Nick type who doesn't restrain himself with all those troublesome ethics.

"And this really couldn't wait until morning?" She opens her mouth, and I can tell by her smile that she has some smart-ass comment ready. "Later in the morning. As in, nine or ten o'clock. For crying out loud, Trina, it's Sunday! Why couldn't you let me sleep?"

She ignores my perfectly reasonable query, takes a step back and spreads her arms dramatically, as if to show herself off. I now notice that she's naked. I sincerely hope that this is a nightmare. Either that, or Trina has officially gone mad. Pinching myself reveals that it's the latter.

"What's your favourite thing about me?" Somebody, anybody, please shoot me. "I mean, now that my toe is fixed, I don't have any flaws left! I'm perfect! Right? So which part of me is the most perfect?"

I'm not a prude, and my sister's naked body isn't an unfamiliar sight. I mean, we grew up together, and I've seen her come out of the shower often enough (usually after waiting for forty minutes). That said, I really don't want to look at her and judge her assets. She's my sister, for pity's sake!

I grumble and roll onto my side, trying to fall back asleep. Trina takes the hint and leaves. One has to wonder why she didn't do that before, but then again, who can claim to understand Trina? Certainly not me, which is why it's not really a surprise to hear her come back in ten minutes later.

"Tori, I'm horny." Oh, you have got to be kidding me. "Tori? Are you asleep?" Grrrrrr… No, I'm not asleep. And guess whose fault that is? "Tori… I know you're not asleep, I can hear you growling!" Yeah. Take the hint. She doesn't take the hint. Instead, she walks up to me and starts shaking me around. "Tori! I'm horny!"

"Ugh… Trina, what do you want me to do about it? Go masturbate or something." Seriously, why does she come to me about this? She has a vibrating hairbrush; she shouldn't have any trouble getting off by herself.

"I got bored of masturbating." No. Freaking. Way. "I was hoping you could help me." Sometimes I wonder: is there anything Trina cares about besides Trina? Because at times like these, she sure doesn't seem to care about my desire to not have sex with my sister.

"Trina! We're related!" Sisters, no less, but at the moment her gender is a secondary objection. "Why me?" Again, she ignores my question and sits on my bed. Her hand slides beneath my covers, but I quickly grab her wrist before she can get anywhere.

"Oh, don't be like that, Tori. It's just sex." See, this is where Trina and I have always disagreed. To me, sex forms a connection between two people. It's the most intimate thing two people can do, and while I'm not above casual sex, I don't think I could have it with somebody I don't love – if not romantically, then at least as a friend. To Trina, sex is something you do to get off. It's like masturbation, except you use another person instead of your hand. Hence, it doesn't matter who does it. I wouldn't even call her bisexual… she's not attracted to both genders; she just doesn't care about gender altogether.

I thought that, being her sister, I was exempt from her Trina's sexuality. Clearly, I was wrong. Since Trina is the stronger one, she soon escapes my grip on her wrist and pins my hands to the bed. When she leans in with her eyes closed and her lips slightly parted, I try to dodge her kiss. Of course, since I can't move my upper body much, she catches up soon enough and our lips connect.

My body goes limp and I stop struggling. She's my sister, she's of the wrong gender, and I definitely should not be attracted to her… but damn, she's an amazing kisser. When she releases my wrists, I don't bother moving my arms. When she touches my chest, I don't object. I would, but the contact of our lips has numbed my brain. When she notices that I'm no longer fighting her, she smiles into the kiss.

One of her hands travels down my body and slips beneath the cotton. I thought that I knew my body fairly well, but yeah, I got nothing on Trina. Her fingers reach places I didn't even know to be pleasurable, and she has me wet within mere seconds.

By now, she's broken the kiss. I don't care: what she's doing to my nether regions made me forgot about her mouth anyway. Apparently I'm about to get a reminder, because she straddles me in soixante-neuf and pulls down my panties.

Again, her tongue works its magic. And again, it makes me forget everything around me. It helps that she's still using her fingers, which are just as skilled as before. Then, without any form of warning, she stops. The only thing she continues doing is a soft rub on my clit, to maintain my excitement.

"Now then… Eat me out, and I'll continue." Whereas her demand sounded so unreasonable before, it is now the most wonderful opportunity of my life. I hate to sound like such a needy slut, but I would honestly give anything for her to finish what she started.

My tongue reaches out for her. I have a single flinch of hesitation when it connects to her wetness, but all doubt is erased when she – true to her word – resumes working on me. The only thing that prevents me from collapsing with pleasure is the knowledge that if I stop pleasing her, she'll stop pleasing me.

Needless to say, I'm the first to achieve orgasm. Also needless to say, it happens fast and it's easily the best orgasm of my life. Trina probably notices, but she keeps going anyway, prolonging and intensifying my climax. By the time it finally ends, I feel like I should've died from pleasure.

My sister grants me a brief moment of rest – how nice of her – before pushing her slit into my face, as if to remind me that it's there. Actually, I did kind of need that reminder. It's hard to think clearly right now.

I raise my head and lick her. I'm uncertain if I should thank or curse her for not returning the favour right now: I probably wouldn't last a minute before having a second orgasm, but it felt so good and I'm missing it already…

Trina apparently reads my mind. "When I'm done," she promises. It's an extremely good motivation for me to double my efforts, and so I do. Earlier, the 'distraction' in my lower body prevented me from putting my mind to it. At this moment, the only distraction is the thought of her eating me again, and that distraction is more helpful than harmful, as it tells me exactly how to please a woman with your tongue.

My only warning is a loud, long groan before Trina starts writhing in ecstasy. She smacks her thighs into my face several times, which will probably leave a few bruises, but I find it hard to care. I got her off! And she's going to return the favour again!

Soon enough, my moans fill the room once more. I'm on my back, legs spread, while Trina's lying on her stomach before me. I was right earlier: she brings me to a second orgasm in less than a minute. A third and a fourth follow very shortly after, and at that point I'm begging her to stop because I honestly don't think I can take any more.

She gets up, smiles sisterly and leaves. From the hallway, I can hear her shout a half-forgotten thanks before she slams the door to her own bedroom. As I lay in my bedroom, panting and recovering, the realisation of exactly what just happened dawns on me.

And you know the scariest part? I find myself hoping it will happen again…

A/N: ...Yeah, don't count on something like this ever happening again. Not by my pen, at least.