Two Breaths

Part 3

Victor walked towards the back and then sat down. I was there, all alone in the front of the room. "Sabrina, do you mind sitting down? I want to continue this lesson that you and Victor rudely ruined." I quickly shook my head and then looked all across the room. Catherine was staring at me and then moved her pencil to the empty seat behind her and next to the window. All the eyes of the class were on me; I shyly walked towards the seat and sat down. The instructor scoffed and then continued her lesson as she walked around with a book and a stick. I rummaged in my bag to take out all the books inside it. Suddenly a note was dropped on my desk. I opened it to read, "Sabrina, are you okay? Why were you in such a daze? Staring at Kyle again?"

Who's Kyle?

"Now, let us talk about the war of…." How can anyone withstand this torture learning about wars every day? I took out the pencil case inside the bag and wrote back "I'm just tired from all the running." I secretly folded it my desk and gave it to Catherine while the teacher's back was facing us. I looked at Catherine, she looked puzzled. She looked at me and then began to scribble in the note. She handed it to me and then looked straight at the board. It read, "Since when was your handwriting this pretty? How are you tired from running that far? You're captain of the track team." Shoot, I wrote it in my neatest calligraphy. I sighed as I slouched in the chair, what is track? Well whatever it is, it probably means I have to run more.

"I'm practicing. I didn't eat breakfast." I handed it back to Catherine. For the next two hours, we were writing to each other over and over again. She usually asked questions, making me stressed. I felt like I was going to die from listening to this lecture until there was a loud 'bing' and the teacher said, "Lunch break." At that moment all the students bounced out of their seat and took out strange boxes. Catherine, Michel, and Victor all crowded my desk.

"So, you and Victor both lost and got detention. You both owe us ice cream," said Michel happily. Catherine nodded as she pushed her desk near mine and took out her box. "I guess," I shrugged, "what is that?" Victor looked at me, "It's her lunch, her bento." I chuckled softly, "Of course I knew that! I meant, what is inside the bento." Catherine took the lid off of her bento and there were all sorts of food arranged in boxes.

"Wow, that looks delicious!" I thought out loud. Catherine took out two sticks and picked up some shrimp with it and then ate it. My mouth was drooling as I watched her. Her eye brow twitched, "Take out yours if you're that hungry." I looked through the bag, hoping to find a bento. "I don't have one" I groaned softly. Michel gasped as he slammed his hands on my desk, "You, the pig, doesn't have lunch?" I nodded softly as Catherine laughed at me. Victor handed me his bento, "You want to share?" I looked at him, "Sure, thank you," I said with a smile. Victor looked away as he handed me his bento. Catherine elbowed me softly on the arm.

"So, where are we going to get ice cream?" Michel asked, still chewing.

"Close your mouth, disgusting."

"How about Ben & Johnny's?"

"Why not some gelato?" Victor suggested, everyone agreed. We continued our lunch; eating part of Victor's bento was really tasty. Michel and Catherine kept staring at us. "Yo Victor, are you going out of something? You guys look as if you're married" Catherine nodded. Victor literally froze as soon as Michel said that. I, on the other hand, was not fazed by this at all. Suddenly a tall boy with pink hair rushed towards us.

"Victor, you fiend! You stole my honey!" he shouted as he pointed to Victor, at that moment he unfroze. Victor slapped his hand away, "What do you mean? We're not even going out. You aren't even going out anyway." The pink boy suddenly took out a handkerchief and then wiped one of his eyes, "I tried, but I was rejected." I simply stood there, watching everyone else in the class stare at us. Catherine stood up and glared at him, "Carlos, leave her alone. Not every girl in this class belongs to you." Carlos, he reminds me of Cesar, always being smitten with me and every other girl.

"Catherine, if I could give you a rose for every time you got mad at me, I would have to buy a whole florist," Carlos said flirtatiously. Catherine looked at him as if she was going to kill him. "Is that supposed to be a compliment?" she asked, "Any way, go back to those girls," she pointed to group of girls who were waving at Carlos. He sighed softly and then walked away he looked at me and said, "Good bye, my honey!" Catherine groaned as she scratched her long blue hair, "Damn, he's annoying." Michel laughed at her, "God, that was hilarious." We all continued to laugh together until the bell made another "bing" sound. Class began once again but it went by faster.

When the final bell rang, the instructor reminded me and Victor to stay for detention. We were both alone in the classroom with our teacher looking through a magazine, repeatedly looked at us. Victor and I sat right next to each other. I laid my head on the desk and look straight to the instructor. I heard a "psst" coming from Victor, I turned my head and he passed me a note. I took out a pencil as I read it, "What are you going to be for Halloween?"

I thought about Catherine always talking about Halloween, "A princess," I wrote back and secretly gave it back to him while the instructor wasn't looking.

"Wow, you're girly."

"What are you going to be?"

"Maybe you're prince?" I looked at Victor when I read it, his face was pink and he smiled goofily at me. I smiled back with my face becoming a little hot.

"You can be if you want. It's okay with me."

On the next note Victor wrote a smiley face. I didn't know what else to write so I simply drew two crowns. He wrote back, "So it's decided, we're both going to be wearing matching costumes!" We looked at each other and smiled. Eventually, after 30 cruel minutes, the detention was over. Together we walked outside to see Catherine and Michel talking together. "So you finally got out, how was it?" Michel asked.

"It was okay," Victor said with a bright smile. Michel looked at him then grinned slyly, "What happened?" Victor shook his head and said nothing. Then we began to walk together to get some gelato.

We walked into a surprisingly cold shop which had large boxes which contained colorful snow. Catherine looked at me, "So, which one of you are paying?" I don't have any way to pay for this, so I slowly looked at Victor. "I'm paying; I was the last one in." Michel and Catherine looked at each other then scoffed. "Okay sure, whatever you say." Catherine looked through the glass of the boxes and then picked the blue snow, Michel picked the rainbow snow, and Victor chose the white snow. "What do you want, Sabrina?" Victor asked as I peered through the glass. "I'll take the pink snow." They all looked at me like I was crazy.

As we were handed the colorful snow, Victor handed the woman on the other side some money, a different currency than the one we use at the kingdom. I took a lick of the snow, "It tastes like strawberry!" I said aloud. Catherine stared at me, "What's wrong with you lately? You've been so different lately!" Michel nodded, "You've seem so much more calmer now than before. Anything happen?" I'm a princess from another world and your friend Sabrina is in another world pretending to be me and dance at the Saint Lyon Ball. If only it was that simple to tell them. I brushed my hazel hair away from my eyes and looked at them. "I can't tell you."

Catherine looked at me hurt and then looked away. "I thought we were best friends!" She said as she ran out the store. Vince and Michel watched her run out and then fixed their glance to me. What could I do? I'm not Sabrina, I'm not her best friend. If I knew going to a different world would be this difficult and have this much drama then I probably would've thought twice about it. Now isn't the time to be thinking about this, I have to follow Catherine!

My Note: I used Ben & Johnny's because of copyright! The princess being in Sabrina's world really reminds me of princess protection program….lol. like how rosie is so oblivious to things. just me?