Breach knelt down beside the limp body of the teenage boy. Tilting her head to the side, she looked over his lean, boyish form with greedy eyes. Her venomous gaze traced every curve of his body, outlined every facial feature. He was so shiny and beautiful and new, so perfect. These traits only added to her mixed feelings about him.

She hated him, because he was perfect. Why did he have to be so perfect, so unbroken? Why was it that he could have all the magnificence and power of being an Evo and still be beautiful, but she couldn't? Why did she have to have these ugly, gigantic arms always poking out of her like some sort of hideous growth? Why did he have to have it all—power and beauty? And there was something else he had that she wanted, something she couldn't identify... She had always reassured herself that power and beauty could never coincide peacefully, and that fact had made her safe, made her feel less like a broken thing... less empty... Why? It wasn't fair! Not fair at all!

But she loved him, because he was perfect. He was everything she had ever wanted to be, everything she had tried to be... everything she had failed to be... Every detail was flawless, right down to the shape of his nose and the sound of his voice, which was so warm and soft. Like blankets. Bundles and bundles of the softest and warmest blankets. And safe... His perfection made him safe... could maybe make her feel safe, too? Perhaps that was why she wanted him so much... Or it was just because he was really shiny, and she hadn't had anything so shiny in the longest time.

"I want you, Rex. You're going to be mine. My new favorite, my pretty little shiny thing... You're going to be my best friend, Rex..." she reached out one of her smaller hands and stroked his dark mess of hair, "I'll talk to you, and you'll talk to me... We'll play together. You'll put on little shows for me with my other toys. They're not as shiny or as special as you, though... not even close..." Carefully, she cupped his cheek with her hand, taking great care not to ruin her newest toy with even the smudge of her finger. Then she raised her two massive arms, bending her larger hands into claws. A black and red portal opened above Rex, and she cast it down over him. "You'll make everything perfect and new and clean, just the way I like it..." she whispered softly, watching the portal swallow him up. And she sent him to her only place.

She felt a sudden fullness swell within her chest, but at the same time, underneath the false feeling of being complete, there was more emptiness.