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Summary: Naruto is around Itachi's age and he is ordered to take an apprentice.

"You want me to what?"

During the afternoon in Konoha, the hokage's office we see the sandaime, Sarutobi talking to a young man with blonde hair and crystal blue eyes. This young man is Naruto Uzumaki also known as 'The Elemental Ninja' The man was dressed in a standard jounin uniform, also wearing his hitate on his forehead, though his long spiky hair covered most of it. Naruto also wore fingerless gloves with metal plates on the back with the Leaf symbol engraved on the metal plates. And last but not least, he wore a white rope as a belt signifying that he was a seal master. Naruto Uzumaki is known as one of the most respected jounins in Konoha. He was the son of Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki. At the image of him right now, most people would say that he's almost a clone of the Minato, except that Naruto has three thin whisker marks on each side of his cheek, therefore showing the difference between those two. Naruto kept his one of his last name Namikaze in secret because of the enemies outside of Konoha's walls. The only ones who knew his secret is the sandaime, him and a few others. His father also is the yondaime who sealed the kyuubi inside Naruto when he was a baby. The people of the village who knew about this, holds a neutral expressions towards him. But as time passed by they have a likeness to him, for the reasons of how well he works with the people. His kindness and power made him a well respected jounin in the village. Now let's go back to the real world.

The sandaime looked at the young man with amusement in his eyes. "You heard me I need you to take Sasuke Uchiha as an apprentice."

Naruto looked at his surrogate grandfather as he was drunk or something. "But surely Kakashi would be a better sensei for him correct? I mean Kakashi does have the sharingan, and what about the council?"

The hokage shook his head and look at the yellow haired man. "The council does not have any say on shinobi matters, except for me and the shinobi heads and me. And we decided that you are the best choice for the matter."

Naruto looked at him and sighed.

"But why me of all people?" The hokage looked at him and smiled.

"I'm glad you asked. You know of the Uchiha massacre yes?" seeing Naruto nod he continued, "After what Itachi had said to him young Sasuke's mind has been entirely focused on vengence and hatred. So the shinobi heads and I think that you would be best to teach him. We both know that you have a certain talent in changing people hearts and views about things. Take this village for the example first they would not even talk to you but after just a few talks and help, they loved you for who you are, especially the kids I might add.

Both men chuckled at that. Naruto looked at the hokage and sighed. "Alright, but with Sasuke's mind still on revenge, me training will lead him to face his demons and I need the permission to tell Sasuke the truth about the massacre and Itachi, but when he is ready, permission?"

The hokage looked at him for a couple of minutes thinking of what Naruto asked is wise. Finally he gave a smile and said "Permission granted, but only until he is ready. Oh and also for the sharingan topic you mentioned, I'll tell you later when the other jounins are here tomorrow for the genin examination. You're dismissed".

Naruto smiled at him. He bowed and left. After he left Sarutobi walked out and looked at his village through the window.

'I know you can do it Naruto, you always know what to do to help people. You will be a fine hokage one day. Just like your father.'


"Hey jiji, why does everyone keep on ignoring me?"

The sandaime sighed at this and look at the young Naruto. They are both currently on top of the hokages mountain side. Naruto was sitting on the yondaime's head while the sandaime was standing on his mountain head.

"You know about the kyuubi secret right?" Naruto looked at him in confusion.

"Yeah you told me that the kyuubi was sealed into me right? But it was sealed so why? Are they afraid of me?" Sarutobi sighed and told him.

"Yes they are a little afraid Naruto, but it was because they lost many of their loved ones, and they still don't know if they still trust your or not."

Naruto looked at the village for while, when suddenly hey jumped on his feet.

"Then my dream then is to be hokage!" Sarutobi looked at him with a confused expression on his face

"Why do you want to be hokage Naruto?" Naruto looked at him and smiled

"Because if I become hokage, then I will be able to protect everyone and they will change their views about me!" The sandaime looked at Naruto with a smile on his face

'Minato you would be really proud of your son right now' "Well then Naruto you better work on to becoming hokage okay?"

"Of course jiji! Who do you think I am?" both Naruto and Sarutobi laughed while the sunset was coming down.

End Flashback

Sarutobi smiled then went back to work. While he was working, Naruto left the building and talk with some of the villagers.

"Naruto, I know you will do well"