Naruto walked down the street, waving to people as he passes by, smiling all the way, but thinking hard about his current situation. 'This is not going to be easy; Sasuke will be hard to teach. If the same blood of his father runs in his veins he will be pretty arrogant just like the rest of those Uchihas.'

He sighed and looked at the clear blue sky. "Sigh, Itachi, I don't know why you did that, but we both know that revenge is the wrong way."

Naruto rubbed his hair in frustration. Then decided to go to dinner since it is around 5 already. He went to his favorite food stand, Ichiraku, when he got there he saw two people behind the stand cooking ramen, Ayame and Teuchi Ichiraku. He smiled and waved at them.

"Good evening Teuchi, Ayame-Chan". The said two looked up and saw their favorite customer. Teuchi smiled

"Evening Naruto, the usual?" Naruto sat down and gave a kind smile which Ayame blush to.

"Yeah and add a little spice to it, if you please", Ayame looked at him with a frown on her face. Whenever Naruto needs something spicy it is usually because he has something of importance or something stressful.

"What's wrong Naruto-kun?" Naruto looked at her and sighed

"I have to take Sasuke as my apprentice, under the orders of the Hokage and the Shinobi Head Council." Ayame looked shocked while Teuchi seemed to agree to this.


"They think that I can help Sasuke with his anger and vengeance persona. They think that I can change him to be a better person and less arrogant if I might add."

Now Ayame understood, and Teuchi spoke up.

"They are probably right Naruto, you are the probably the only person to change that kid. I mean look all the other people you changed."

Naruto smiled, 'Thanks Teuchi that means a lot to me." Ayame then served Naruto his order with a kind smile.

"Here you go Naruto piping hot and ready to eat!" He smiled and thanked her and started eating his meal.

As he ate, he was still thinking of how to train Sasuke not noticing the several glances Ayame was giving him, though her father did.

As he looked at the two young grownups, Teuchi was getting kind of tired of how Ayame was being without a boyfriend and knew how she had a crush on the blonde haired jounin. Finally he decides to take action

"Hey Naruto, I heard the Spring Festival is coming this Saturday (keep in mind say the current day is Monday) are you going?

"Of course"

"Well, do you have a date for that?" Ayame looked at her father wondering what he was up to, as was Naruto

"No, but where are you going with this?" Teuchi looked and smirked at her daughter, seeing her horrified look

"Well you are in luck! It happens to be a coincidence that Ayame doesn't have a one either, so you have a fine chance of asking her right now." Naruto blushed a little at this.

'I guess that's not a bad idea. Ayame is a good and a beautiful person. We know each other well. Why not?"

He looked at Ayame, whose back was turned towards him while cleaning the dishes. Seeing her movements of cleaning furiously one bowl, he can tell she was embarrassed also. He looked back at the old man who gave him a wink. Taking a deep breath he asked

"Ayame?" she looked at him, her face confirming his suspicions. He was right as she was red as a tomato not looking into his eyes.

"Would you like to go to the Spring Festival with me?" Naruto blushed a little more after he asked her.

"Y-y-yes, I think I would like that" she mumbled finally looking at him. Naruto smiled, relieved she said yes, even though Teuchi was giving him hints that she would said yes.

"G-great I guess I'll see you later then, thank you for the meal Teuchi, Ayame" he place the money on the counter, gave them both a bow and left, with a little bit of red patch on his cheeks. Ayame waved goodbye, then suddenly glared at her father, who was looking away acting innocent.


"What? I didn't do anything"


As morning came, Konoha is starting to wake up, preparing for what is to come. In Naruto's apartment we see Naruto still sleeping, as the other people in Konoha is starting to get ready. In his apartment we see a living room with nice comfortable, black furniture. Also a flat screen TV, with a couch some armchairs, a coffee table, surrounding them is dark blue wall. As the light show through the window into the young jounin's face, he started to open his eyes and get up. He looked at the time.

"Hmm, its nine, Hokage-Jiji said to be at his office at 10 with the other jounins." He yawned at bit and started to stretch his muscles. He started to get ready thinking all the way of the taking the young Uchiha as an apprentice. As he finished putting up his last clothing on, he put on his gloves and his hitate. Then he looked at the time

"Hmm nine-fifty, ahh might as well as go to his office now", as he stood up light started to erupt from the center of himself, and then there was a great flash of light, he was gone.

In the office of the Hokages, a group of jounins were in front of the desk of the Sandaime Hokage. Whereas said person is behind the desk doing some paperwork, and reviewing some others. As he finished the last paperwork for today, a blinding flash of light erupted from the room, all the jounins and the hokage covered the eyes until the flash was gone, as it was replaced with a man with blonde hair and blue eyes. The hokage looked at him.

"Ahh Naruto it is good to see you, now all we have to wait is for Kakashi" said person arrived just after Naruto. Kakashi is a man that had silver hair that breaks the rules of gravity. He has the Konoha Headband over his left eye and is wearing standard jounin attire. He is also wearing a blue facemask. Right now his focus is entirely an orange book that he is holding.

As he arrived he and Naurto joined a particular group of jounins to greet them. Naruto stepped up first, "good morning Kurenai-san, Asuma-san, and Gai-san" whereas Kakashi said, "Yo Kurenai-san, Asuma-san, Gai-san!"

Kurenai is a woman with long black hair and red eyes. She is wearing her headband a regular style like most ninja. She is wearing a red and white dress. Asuma has spiky hair and a beard. He wears the standard jounin clothing with a piece of cloth that represents the 12 guardians of the Fire Daimyo. He also wears his headband like other ninja a last piece of description is a stick of smoke hanging from his mouth. And last is Gai. He as a bowl shaped cut hair and large eyebrows. He is wearing a standard jounin jacket over an orange green spandex. His headband is wearing as style of a belt

The first two said hello but Gai started yelling


Kakashi looked at him, "hmm you said something Gai?" After that Gai started crying waterfall tears.


The Hokage coughed gathering all the jounins' attention.

"As you know today is the day when a new generation of genins graduates from the academy. I already of the team placements". He took a sheet of paper out that holds the information for the team placements. "Alright for team 1….."

As finally the sandaime reached to a specific group of teams. "Now for team 7, it will consist of Sai, Sakura, and Sasuke that will be your team Kakashi." Kakashi nodded, Naruto had a look of confusion on his face, didn't the hokage said that he will be taking Sasuke as an apprentice? But he kept that to himself waiting for further information, as the hokage continued

"Team 8 will be Kiba, Hinata, and Shino, Kurenai you will be their sensei." Kurenai nodded as well.

"Now Team 9 will be the same as Gai is already teaching them from the previous generation. And so we continue to team 10 will be Ino, Shikamaru, and Chouji. Asuma you will be their sensei." Asuma nodded to the sandaime.

"Now as for the reason for Naruto to be here I decided that he will be taking Sasuke Uchiha as an apprentice. For the reason of teamwork, Kakashi will be taking Sasuke along for only missions and also training his sharingan. But for the other teachings will rest upon Naruto, understood?"

Everybody nodded but Kakashi walked up to the Sandaime. "Forgive me lord hokage but will the other students will be kind of angry for the Uchiha to get extra training?" The Sarutobi looked at him. "Think of it as you are a family member who teaches Sasuke how to work on his sharingan, like the rest of genin who has family members to help them with their abilities and Naruto will be teaching Sasuke on other things as you will do on his other teammates understood?"

Kakashi nodded, "good now if there aren't any more questions let us watch the our future ninjas shall we?" all the jounins nodded as they and the hokage watch his viewing orb, watching the genins waiting in the classroom, waiting to get assigned into teams.

In one of the Academy classroom there is a batch of graduated genins ready to get their team assignments. Here we see specific groups of genins waiting, (I won't be saying there last names because I don't know all of them)

Sasuke: a boy with black spiky hair that goes to the back, wearing a blue shirt and white pants, wearing white armbands, his hitate tied to his forehead. His black eyes of look of boredom

Sakura: a girl with pink hair wearing a red dress (I think), with green eyes staring at Sasuke, and her hitate is tied as on top of her hair as an accessory.

Sai: a boy with short black hair, having a short katana behind his back, currently painting, as it is his favorite hobby, and his special skills. Having black eyes focusing on nothing but his drawings. His hitate is also worn on the forehead

Ino: a blonde hair girl with purple shirt and skirt. Blue eyes staring also at Sasuke. Her hitate was worn as an accessory of a belt.

Chouji: a boy with brown hair, and swirls markings on his cheeks. Wearing white and green clothing with a white scarf, eating a bag of chips sitting next to a sleeping boy. Wearing his hitate on his forehead

Shikimaru: the sleeping boy with a spiky ponytail on the back. Wearing a fishnet shirt with a short green jacket. Wearing his hitate on as an armband

Kiba: a boy with a fur jacket, wearing his hitate on his forehead. Having red triangle markings on his cheeks and a small white dog named Akamaru on top of his head, with Kiba's hood off.

Hinata: a shy blue haired girl. With a heavy coat, wearing her hitate on her neck, looking down twiddling her thumbs once in a while.

Shino: a boy with sunglasses wearing a coat that covers most of his face with black spiky hair on going up. Being silent for the whole time, wearing his hitate on his forehead.

The whole classroom was chatting waiting for their former academy teacher, to assign them to teams.

And speak of the devil; Iruka came in with a clipboard. "Alright everybody now listen up". Everybody will still talking ignoring him.

Iruka had a tick mark, suddenly his head became big, "SHUT UP!" Everyone became silent "Thank you now I will assign you to your teams. Alright now Team 1 is….

Team 7 is Sai, Sakura, and Sasuke"

At the sound of this Sakura sounded annoyed of getting of getting Sai but was really happy in getting Sasuke. All of Sasuke's fans were annoyed of not getting their idol. Sai, just smiled and continued to paint. As Sasuke had a tick mark on his forehead for getting one of his fan girls, but remained silent.

"Now for team 8 will be Hinata, Shino, and Kiba"

Hinata just nodded, Shino remained silent, and Kiba just smirked, while Akamaru gave a bark in acknowledgement.

"Team 9 is still in circulation from last years' generation. Now team 10 will be Ino, Chouji, and Shikimaru."

At this Ino, was annoyed of not being with Sasuke, while Chouji and Shikamaru had small smile on their faces since they both are in the same team, because both of them were friends for quite some time.

"Now everyone wait here until you jounin sensei arrives here"


After 30 minutes, jounins started coming in and claiming their teams. Soon after there came a woman with black hair and red eyes, next to a guy with a beard and a cigarette sticking out of his mouth.

The red eye women stated "Team 8? Follow me." The next person that came was a bearded man. "Team 10? With me".

As for team seven they waited, and waited, and waited, and waited.

"Dang it where is our sensei? It has been two hours and he is not even here yet!" Sakura exploded.

Sai smiled, "I am pretty sure he has good reason for being late, maybe he held back by the hokage for an important matter." Just when Sakura was about to retort when a man with silver hair came in looking around until he spotted team 7. "Sorry I'm late I had to help and old lady by carrying her bags."

Both Sakura and Sasuke both gave Sai a look that said, 'you were saying?' Sai just smiled. And continued to look at the new arrival.

Kakashi looked at them. "My first impression is I don't like you; meet me on the roof in 15 minutes". Then he poofed out of the room.

Sai smiled, "well he seems nice".


As Team 7 reached up to the roof, they saw their sensei leaning against the rail reading an orange covered book giggling now and then. As they sat down the stairs waiting for to begin, their sensei finally snap the book shut and look at them. "Well now how about we introduce ourselves."

"Like what?"

He looked at Sakura, "Like tell me your name, your likes, dislikes, hobbies, and goals for the future."

"Well how about u go first and show us how it is done."

"Well alright I guess that's fair, let's see, the names Kakashi, likes? dislikes?...hobbies?...my goal? Well you guys are too young to know. Now why do we start with you pinky since you asked first.

The genin sweat dropped, "all we learn is his name"

Sakura started, "my name is Sakura and my likes…" she looked at Sasuke and giggled, "My dislikes is Sai and Ino-pig, my hobbies?" she looked at Sasuke and giggled a little bit louder."And my goal is…" she looked at Sasuke again and squealed out loud.

The rest of the team except Sai sweat dropped, while Sai made a comment with a smile on his face, "Interesting hag, you are really interested into dickless aren't you?"

As he said this, Kakashi chuckled, while as to Sasuke's eyebrow was twitching uncontrollably, and Sakura glaring strongly at Sai, said person just sitting there smiling.

After Kakashi stopped chuckling, he pointed at Sai, "Alright smiley you're up."

Sai didn't look bothered with the name and proceeded, "hello my name is Sai, my likes are painting, my dislikes are hag and dickless, my hobbies are painting and making new names for new people, and my goal is to make a lot of friends and have one nickname for each of them.

The rest of the team sweat dropped. Kakashi coughed, "alright now next you broody" as he pointed at Sasuke.

Sasuke look at him, "hn fine" he said, "names Sasuke, don't have many likes, have a lot of dislikes, don't have many hobbies, my goal, no my ambition is to kill a certain man and restore the former glory of my clan."

Kakashi looked at him thinking, 'how far has he fallen, whatever I am sure Naruto will be able to fix him up. Now onto to this team, seems the team is kind of normal, as far as normal they can be.'

"Alright now that's done, I have to tell that you are not really real shinobis yet"

Sakura interrupted, "but I thought we passed the genin exams!"

Kakashi shook his head, "That test was wheedled out the weaker ones, who doesn't have the right mind into being a shinobi. This test is to test out your will of being a shinobi, both mentally and physically. He he, ha ha ha

Sakura looked at Kakashi curiously, "what's so funny sensei?"

"Well you're going to flip at this every year of new batch of genins, only 33% passed this test."

All the genins we wide eyed, shocked at this information. Kakashi chuckled.

"I told you will flip out, anyways meet me at training ground 7 at 7 a.m. sharp, oh and don't eat breakfast or otherwise you guys will throw up tomorrow. Bye Bye!"

In a puff of smoke he was gone. Sakura looked at the other boys. "He's not serious is he?"

Sai answered, "Kakashi sensei is an unpredictable man, we have to be careful".

Sakura and Sasuke looked at him in surprise. 'He is actually looking serious!' until "See tomorrow hag, dickless". 'Never mind'.

The next day, team seven came to the training ground at 7 and waited for their sensei. Three hours later a poof of smoke came in front of them, revealing the silver haired man.


"You're late!" Sakura screamed.

"Yes well a black cat crossed my path and I had to take the alternate way to get here."


Kakashi chuckled, as he grabbed from his item pouch two silver bells. "Moving on, here I have to bells, the main point of this test is retrieve these bells from me the one who doesn't get a bell by the end of noon, and oh! The person who fails has to get sent back to the academy.

The three genins looked wide eyed at this information till Sai spoke up, "But sensei how is this test going to make us throw up?"

"Hm? Oh that was a small test to see if you guys were smart enough to disobey that order. Shinobis always need energy to prepare for anything. And to add a little bonus to this test, those who takes the bells from me gets eat with me my treat!

At this three stomachs growled out from the three genins, said people who glared heatedly at Kakashi, except Sai though if you noticed you can see a twitch on his right eyebrow.

"Now then let's get started, you got until noon for you to do whatever you can to get the bell from me, kunais, jutsu, exploding tags whatever. Oh and make sure bring the intent to kill, like I am a missing nin or something". At this Sakura said

"But sensei won't you get hurt?" Kakashi smiled "I'm not a jounin for nothing you know Sakura, Ready? Begin!"

As soon as he said that, all three genins disappeared into the forest behind them.

'Good they know how to move silently', Kakashi thought. "I hope they at least reach my expectations or I am going to pass this team for nothing"


In front of the Sandaime's desk stood Kakashi.

"I don't understand Hokage-sama" Answered Kakashi. Sarutobi sighed "I know it's wrong but you have to pass the team under no circumstances".

"But Hokage-sama what's the point of making them shinobi if they don't understand on how to work well with their own teammates? If they have their first c ranked mission, they will be end up committing suicide!" Kakashi exclaimed.

"I know but the council agreed there is no other choice. Sigh, okay how about this, I know you will be doing the bell test Kakashi, if they failed on that one, give a little test after of proving them if they work well with each other at all understood?" Kakashi nodded. "Good then you know what to do, in time they will work better as a team Kakashi, and as Naruto will be helping Sasuke , team 7 will be strong just have a little patience, now go". Kakashi saluted and left through the door.

End Flashback

Kakashi was continuing on remembering what the Hokage said he realized something, 'aww man that means I have to help Sakura with her fan girl state, Kami must hate me' Kakashi thought as he sighed.


As Kakashi was thinking over about his new genin team, the genins were still figuring out on how to get the bells from their jounin sensei. Even though of her fan girl state, Sakura Haruno was still one of the top students for her knowledge of the shinobi ways.

"This still doesn't make any sense" Sakura thought, "why would Kakashi-sensei pass only two genins, there were always a four man beginner squad, so why is only passing two? It's almost if he was trying too.. Oh look! Sasuke is attacking! He so cool" Sakura squealed in delight seeing her favorite man in action.

In Sasuke's side, he was thinking of the same thing as Sakura except a different ending interruption, "It doesn't matter, I need to get that bell and pass, and it's the only way to help me be stronger to avenge my clan". Sasuke thought. As he waited behind the bushes looking at his sensei.

Who was just standing there reading an orange cover book, giggling once a while, looking as though he was oblivious to the world and the only thing matters is the book.

Suddenly Sasuke send a flood of some of kunais to Kakashi's direction fast, who just stood there when suddenly Kakashi single handedly caught all the kunais with his left hand while still focusing on the book on his right hand.

Sasuke looked shocked, amazed at the speed the jounin contained and catching all the kunais with one hand, also considering the fact he was also reading at the same time, and to add the pressure, the jounin was reading with only one eye.

"You know Sasuke it will take a lot more than that to get the bell from me". Kakashi looked and smiled at Sasuke's direction considering the fact that Sasuke was still hiding. Scowling Sasuke ran towards Kakashi sending a bunch of kicks and punches was sometimes also jumping in the air to do those actions.

As Kakashi was a jounin for nothing, he still blocked them all with only his left hand, and still kept on reading. While reading Kakashi said, "You know Sasuke that's not really go to help at all, I thought you were the top student of your class, huh I must heard wrong."

That statement made Sasuke angry, and when Kakashi said that was still reading only infuriated him even more. He jump back a good distance and did same hand seals, as he stop on a tiger seal(I think that's what the last seal is) he said, "try on this! Fire Style! Fireball Jutsu!" then he quickly took a deep breath and blew out a huge fire ball and send towards his sensei.

Now the jounin was surprised, at a mere genin that was able to do that kind of jutsu. "Now that's a surprise, I didn't know a genin like him have enough chakra for that kind of jutsu". Kakashi thought.

Even though surprised, Kakashi managed to escape replacing him with a log. As he disappear he went underground unnoticed by Sasuke, who was looking around for the jounin also while thinking, "substitution! Where is he?" Till he suddenly felt two hands grabbing his ankles from the ground, "what the?"

"Earth Style! Headhunter jutsu!", suddenly Sasuke felt his whole body buried underground except his head. Then he saw his teacher pop out of the ground in front of him.

"You know I am impressed but don't you think that you should ask the others for help?"

Sasuke scoffed, "yeah right, like I need their help! I can do this on my own, I will get that bell". Kakashi sweat dropped at the genin's stupidity. "Well I tried, now let's see what the others are up too?"

Kakashi suddenly poofed in a cloud a smoke and disappeared. After he disappeared Sasuke was thinking ways of trying to get himself out of the situation when Sai came from behind a tree showing himself in front of Sasuke.


After Kakashi left Sasuke, he went to find the other genins, later on he found Sakura, who was walking through the woods to fund Sasuke. Then Kakashi formed a hand seal.

Sakura looked around for Sasuke quietly until she heard a whisper, "Sakura, behind you", she turned around and saw an after image until she grew unconscious. Soon she woke up and looked around "Kakashi sensei? Sasuke-kun? Sai?"

"Sakura", a weak groan came around and Sakura looked to the source of the voice and saw a shadow, she looked a little closer and saw who it was. "Sasuke!" She squealed "you're ali-!" She stop mid sentence when she saw him walking out from behind the tree and saw the state he was in. Sasuke in a terrible state, he had several kunais stabbed on his back and a couple of throwing stars. Sasuke looked at her, "Sakura.. Help me…" then he fell on the ground dead.

It took a minute for Sakura's mind to process what just happen, and then she screamed with her banshee scream "SASUKE! NOOOO!" then she fainted. As she fainted Sasuke's body and her surroundings begin to dissolve, until it turn the place back she was in without Sasuke's body. On top of one of the tree branches Kakashi stood with his book in his hand he looked and sweat dropped on the sight of Sakura.

'Maybe I overdid it in the genjutsu', he thought, 'ah well now let's go find Sai'


"What makes you think that I would work with you of all people?" Sasuke questioned.

While Kakashi was torturing Sakura a little bit, Sai came to see Sasuke trying to convince him to work together. At his question Sai just kept on smiling and said in response, "Well dickless" twitch "do you think that any of us have any chance on defeating a jounin like Kakashi-san? He is a jounin and we are mere genin, and even you are the top rookie of the class, you are still a genin, so I ask you if you want to join forces and get that bell".

Sasuke thought it over, while he didn't want to be stuck underground during the whole time, he didn't really want to work with Sai and to make it worse, Smiley even suggested working with Sakura also! And that's pushing it. After a minute he thought it over. "Fine just get me out of here!"

"Alright no reason to be in a hurry, need to go right now tiny bladder?"


Sasuke and Sai looked to the source of the noise and look towards the forest.

"Well looks like Kakashi-san just got ugly" Sai said with a smile as always

"Well then hurry and get me out of here, we're going have to help and find her" Sasuke growled.

"Oh? Looks like someone is desperate to rescue ugly from distress". Sai grinned



After Sai got Sasuke out of the hole, they went to find Sakura, and they found her alright. She was sprawled on the ground, pale as white. Both of the boys sweat dropped, yes even Sai, though he still had that smile on his face.

"I think our new sensei overdid it on the genjutsu on Sakura" he said

"No kidding", Sasuke agreed. He crouches and down and try to wake Sakura up. "Sakura.. Sakura wake up". Even though shook roughly she still didn't wake up. "SAKURA!"

"I WILL AVENGE YOU SASUKE" Sakura yelled with the top of her lungs. And punch right into the air, or in this case Sasuke's nose. As he was clutching his nose, he swore he could've heard Sai chuckling.

Sakura sat up and looked around then she saw Sasuke, who was clutching his nose gently while looking a way. Then she looked at Sai who was smiling at her, though she could see that his shoulder were shaking a little bit as though trying not to laugh. Realizing she had woken from a genjutsu she said "Sasuke? Sai? What are you guys doing here?"

Sai look back from Sasuke to Sakura "Well dickless and I think it's best for all three of us to work together to get the bells" Sakura looked at Sasuke who still was clutching his nose 'Sasuke really wants to work together? Oh well, as long as I am with Sasuke!' Sakura looked at Sasuke again with hearts in her eyes. Sasuke looked back at them and groaned when he saw Sakura staring at him. "All right huddle up, let's see what we can do" Sasuke said.


Kakashi, who was still standing on the training ground area, looked up from his reading towards the forest. "What in the world are they taking so long?" He looked at the sun, "Time is almost running out". As he said this, he had to suddenly dodge kunais coming to his direction from the tree line. As he kept dodging them, he suddenly Sasuke jumping from the tree to air while do some seals, Then Sasuke set loose some fireballs towards Kakashi. Kakashi jumped back and as he did a white tiger made entirely out of ink cam jumping on him roaring out, trying to slash him with one of its claws. He dodged then suddenly had to dodge more ink tigers coming from all round him, then one of the claws manage to cut the bell strings from his waist, letting it fall at the ground. Even the bells were on the ground, the ink tigers kept on attacking Kakashi, then he started to fight back, taking his kunai out he started cutting ink tigers left and right. As he was fighting he noticed a path of pink hair coming to the spot where the bells were. Dodging a slash from a descending claw he turned to stop the pink retriever he was cut off from the path from another set of fireballs blast right in front of him, then the retriever was nowhere to be seen. The fireballs have stopped but not the tigers, and so he resumed in killing them. As cut the last one he turned around to find the bells seeing that they were gone. He heard a cough. He looked around to see the three genin standing next to the wooden posts, with smiles on their faces, though Sasuke's was a smirk, as usual.

Kakashi looked at him and chuckled, 'interesting, I didn't really expect them to work together, I thought I would have to use plan B, anyways I'm not complaining.' "Good work you three, you managed to get the bells, but the question is who gets them?"

The three genin lost their smiles, and all four of them were silent for the time, until Sai spoke up, "Ugly, Dickless,(at this Sakura's and Sasuke's eyebrows began to twitch) you can have them, you guys were the ones to at agree with me to work together, both of you deserve it". Both Sakura and Sasuke looked at him, with shock written on their faces. Then Sakura said, "No you guys have them, you guys did the harder work than me go get the bells, you guys take it". Now Sasuke was the only one with shock written over his face, then it changed to an emotionless expression.

"Sasuke?" Kakashi asked, "Would like anything to say?" his lone eye focusing on the black haired genin. Sasuke looked to the sky thinking for several moments. Then he finally looked back towards his teammates sighed and said, "No you guys both deserved it." He took a deep breath and said, "Without you guys'" help I would never have gotten this far."

"Well it seems that none of you want the bells, are sure you want to fail?" Kakashi Asked

"If it means that we cannot past together, then yes that's our decision" Sasuke said. Kakashi looked at the other two, "And do you agree with him?" They nodded without any hesitation. He looked at three of them, thinking, 'I have never expected this, I don't think even the Hokage would have expected this, he was right about one thing, this team will become strong in the future.

"Well then, if that's what everybody wants, then I have only one thing to say to you" The three genins nodded; knowing what was about to come next. "You all pass!" scratch that, they really didn't expected what he just said. All of them with confused expressions as the jounin were giving them a one eye smile.

"But Kakashi"

"Ah ah ah..." Kakashi told Sai waving a finger in front him back and forth. "From now on it is Kakashi-sensei!" he smiled.

"What I think he is saying Kakashi-Sensei is that he doesn't get it and is confused as we all are" Sakura said.

"Yes well let me explain it to you, and no interruptions, you see the main goal of the test is for the genins to work as a team. In the shinobi life, there was never more or less of three genins in one squad, as it always has been. Teamwork is important for a genin squad. The genins need to trust and help each other, in order to get missions done. As the genins grow more bonded they grow stronger in other ways. Now as for the bells, it was to throw you off, and trying to break you three apart, and also test if you three are ready to work as a team. And I say you are ready" He told them with another eye smile. "And now I congratulate you three on becoming a genin squad!"

The three genins, including Sai, let out a sigh of relief, then they all formed smiles happy to becoming official genin.

"Now I think it's time for lunch, and it's on me"

After that has been said, the three genins went to walk with their new sensei for lunch, happy that they pass and they get to finally have food in their stomachs. As they walked Kakashi pulled Sasuke for a bit of talk "oh and Sasuke, tomorrow, please go to training ground 9 at 10 a.m., you, under orders are to be taught under another sensei" Sasuke looked at him with a raised eyebrow, "don't worry, I'll explain all about it in the restaurant"

"Kakashi-sensei, Sasuke hurry up!" They both look forward seeing Sakura waving at them, with Sai standing there, both already in front of the restaurant.

"Yeah! Come on Sasuke", Kakashi said as he walked to the other genins, while pulling out an orange book and reading. Sasuke looked at the back of his Sensei think of what's going to happen in the future. The he shrugged and went to catch up to his team.