Foreword: So this is a challenge fic from Yumemori. One that I asked for seeing as I was lacking motivation in the writing area, so here goes.

1st chapter: Must be a 3rd person past tense with a rating that can not exceed T. -_- joy…lol

Anyway here is my first attempt at a PERFECT DRABBLE (100 words….oh the horror!)

Team Sports

"Mmm…I pick Hibari." The boy smiled smugly to himself.

"What?" Another called out.

It wasn't long before the two had closed the gap between them to stand over Hibari's head, insults flying. The other children weren't really surprised by this, just annoyed, but not as much as the one who was argued over.

They'd continued to bicker, oblivious to the darkening glare leveling on them; that was until they were shoved onto the ground, "okkuu." He hated it when people crowded around him. He turned and walked away. Besides he wasn't a Team sports person anyway.

Afterword: TADA! Lol, please tell me how horrible or great it was.