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The large oak doors finally gave and the swarm of people crashed in.

"Look everywhere! That demon scum could be anywhere! Spread out and yell if you see him. Don't kill the girl! I want her alive." ordered Lance.

The mob dispersed and Lance walked upstairs.

Kurt was quite good at hiding in darkness. In fact, the only part of him that was visible, were his glowing golden eyes.

Kurt teleported to the rafters above the mob. He closed his eyes, in fear of being discovered. He knew the castle rafters like the back of his hand, so there was no chance of him falling. Instead he listened with his abnormally sensitive ears.

When he heard what was said, he was furious. He wasn't frightened for his own life, but he couldn't let Kitty be injured, or worse. That guy wouldn't lay a finger of her as long as Kurt was breathing.

Kurt teleported to the kitchen, where one guy was nosing around all alone. Kurt teleported behind him and tapped the guy on the shoulder. The guy turned around and almost screamed. Kurt caught on and rapidly covered the man's mouth.

"None of that!" said Kurt as he hit the guy upside the head with the butt of his sword and the guy fell to the floor. He was out cold.

Good. One down, thirty more to go! thought Kurt.

A little voice in his head said that it would be a whole lot safer to just kill the men and be done with it, but Kurt had firmly decided that killing would be an absolute last resort.

These men probably had wives and kids and Kurt would take to take a father or husband away from someone. These men just didn't understand Kurt at all. Despite the way that humanity had treated him, Kurt would be merciful and spare their lives, if he could.

After that, Kurt set off to clear the castle of the invaders.

Kitty stood shivering in her room. The moon was the only source of light for her as the cold blade glistened in her shaking hands. Kitty couldn't hear anything downstairs except for the muffled thumps of heavy men walking on the old wooden floorboards.

Kitty wondered if Kurt was alright, what if he got hurt or worse.

Kurt's fine, you dunce! He's the best swordsman that you've ever seen and he's more silent than a cat that's creeping up on a mouse. Anyways, he's almost invisible in the darkness. You should really be frightened for those men. They don't stand a chance. Kitty thought.

But Kurt won't… Kill anyone would he? He's not a murder, is he? Kitty thought desperately. Before she answered that thought, she heard the heavy footsteps of boots in the hallway. Kitty froze. The sound of boots drew closer and a loud creak of an old floorboard made the walking stop. Kitty had pretty much stopped breathing at this point.

She could hear her heart pounding in her ears. Then a man with brown hair and brown hair leaped into the room and pressed the sword against Kitty's throat.

Kitty couldn't utter a shriek Then the pressure of the sword was somewhat softened.

"Kitty?" said the brown haired guy. The sword was lowered.

"Lance?" whispered Kitty. "Why are you doing this?"

"What? You don't want to be rescued from the demon?" said Lance harshly.

"What, no! I mean he's not a demon! He's my friend! I can't go." said Kitty.

"What? Is this foul beast holding you prisoner? I will slay it and we will go back yo our little town…" started Lance as he grabbed Kitty's hand. "and get married."

"Lance, what we had is over. I told you that before I… left." said Kitty as she pulled her hand away.

"No, Kitty…" growled Lance. "That demon has confused you. You love me!" Lance put the sword point to her throat again.

"Lance! I never did love you! I love Kurt!" shrieked Kitty as she took a step back. The sword was pressed harder against Kitty's throat. A bead of blood trailed down from where the sword was edging it's way into Kitty's neck.

"Love? I'll show you real love…" said Lance as he walked closer to Kitty. Kitty quickly used the sword, that she had stupidly forgot that she had. She knocked Lance's blade to the side, just like Kurt had taught her.

"Very nice, pretty Kitty." said Lance as their blades met in a few quick strikes. Kitty was a decent swordsman, or woman, but Lance was too fast for her. In one complicated maneuver, Kitty's sword clattered across the floor. The sword was once again against Kitty's neck.

"But not good enough." cackled Lance. Kitty let out a terrified scream as Lance walked closer.

As Kurt knocked the last guy out he thought to himself,

I didn't even have to kill anybody!

That's when Kurt heard Kitty's blood curdling scream. Kurt was terrified for Kitty and raging mad at the guy who dared to hurt his Kätzchen. Kurt teleported to the hall outside Kitty's room, so that he could take Kitty's attacker by surprise.

"Fine!" snapped a man in the room. "If you don't love me, you shall love no one!"

"I will always love Kurt more than anything and you cannot take that away from me!" shouted Kitty. Kurt's jaw dropped unintentionally.

I never thought that she loved me too! I was surprised that she became my friend! I hoped that she would love me but still… Kurt thought in awe.

"Go away, leave me alone!" stuttered Kitty as Kurt's keen ears picked up the sound of boots walking slowly. Kurt had had enough. Kurt teleported into the room in front of Kitty.

"Leave. Her. Alone." growled Kurt.

"Be gone, demon!" shouted Lance as he swung his sword. Kurt easily parried the blow.

"As long as you are near mien liebe, I will never leave!" said Kurt.

"Then you will die!" snarled Lance as he attacked. Lance was a formidable opponent, and Kurt knew that the only way win, was to kill. Lance finally lunged to the left and Kurt went to block it, but Lance faked it and hit Kurt on his unguarded right side.

Lance's blade left a large, deep gash that immediately started to bleed crimson blood. The wound was so deep, in fact, that it left Kurt gasping.

"Kurt!" Kitty screamed. Lance was never a gentleman, and to prove it, Lance lashed Kurt on his other side as well. The wounds sapped most of Kurt's energy, and caused him to let his blade clatter to the floor. Kurt fell to his knees. Lance grinned evilly.

"I finally have the pleasure of killing you, savage!" smirked Lance as he poised to strike the final blow.

"Goodbye, Keety. I love you too." said Kurt as he looked at Kitty one last time.

"No, Kurt don't leave me with him!" screamed Kitty with tears rolling down her cheeks.

"I don't want him, I want you!"

Kurt's eyes opened with a new fire. He would not leave his Kätzchen to suffer with that horrible excuse for a human.

"Enjoy your last breath, demon." Lance said darkly as he aimed for Kurt's chest. There was then a flash of silver and the sickening squelch of someone being stabbed. Lance looked utterly stunned as he looked upon the silver blade that protruded from his chest.

"But, how?" Lance managed as he fell to his knees.

"It pays to have a tail!" grinned Kurt as his tail tightened it's grip on the sword's handle. Kurt pulled his sword out and Lance fell onto his back. Dead. Kurt left the bloody sword on the floor.

Kurt then realized that a pool of blood had formed on both of his sides. Kurt had done his job, and now he could finally rest. Kurt drifted onto his back and his eyes were about to close for the last time.

"Kurt!" yelled Kitty as she ran over to his side. Tears were cascading down her rosy cheeks.

"Kurt." said Kitty softly as she pressed her lips against his. Warmth spread from where his lips were touching hers, to the rest of his body. Kurt decided that he could live off this wonderful feeling.

"Don't leave me here alone said Kitty as more tears dripped down from her eyes. Kurt softly wiped the tears away.

"I'll try." said Kurt. He then started coughing and blood dripped off the side of his mouth Kitty tore the hem off of her dress and wrapped it around Kurt's injuries. Kurt winced but didn't say anything.

"What am I thinking?" said Kitty suddenly. Kurt jumped at the sudden noise. He had enough of surprises for one day.

"I'll be right back! Please, don't go!" said Kitty as she phased through the floor.

Kurt glanced at his makeshift bandages.

I'll stay alive for her. thought Kurt.

Kitty couldn't get over the feeling of kissing Kurt. It was the best thing that she had ever felt!

Kitty had finally arrived at the cellar. She had discovered the cellar's existence when she was looking for a place to store the fruit jams that she had made. She looked at a rack in the corner and found what she was looking for. Wine.

Kitty didn't really like the taste of alcohol, but it would clean Kurt's cuts. She grabbed a bottle and sprinted up the stairs, or at least as fast as an old fashioned dress would allow.

When Kitty appeared in the room with a bottle of wine, Kurt cracked a smile despite his pain.

"Kätzchen, you really shouldn't have!" said Kurt hoarsely. Kitty managed a smile. She felt that Kurt's injuries were her fault.

"Kurt, this is for your cuts. Unless you want a sip of it…" said Kitty. Kurt attempted to shrug, but because of his injuries, it didn't work out so well.

"Sure. I'll have a sip. I'm parched." mumbled Kurt. He took a swig and handed the bottle to Kitty. Kitty poured it on the bandages, and Kurt winced, but he didn't say anything.

After she had properly tended to Kurt's injuries, she helped him up.

"So, Kurt, can you teleport?" asked Kitty.

"I think I can…" said Kurt.

"No, I don't want to risk it. Never mind. I'll help you." said Kitty. Kurt put his arm around Kitty and she did the same thing. The stumbled down the hall to Kurt's room. Kurt had put his tail nonchalantly around Kitty's waist.

"Danke, Kätzchen." said Kurt as they reached Kurt's room.

"Are you sure that you are going to be alright?" asked Kitty. Kurt kissed Kitty again.

"Now I'll be." grinned Kurt. Kitty smiled and walked down the hall. The days at the castle were much, much better after that day.

"And that is how your father and I fell in love." said Kitty to her two children.

"Tell us again!" said Kitty's daughter. Kitty's daughter, Sapphire, favored her father when it came to appearances. Sapphire had Kurt's black hair, blue skin and pointed ears, but she had Kitty's eyes and no fur. She definitely favored the elf's side of the family.

"Can you skip to the fighting part?" asked Sapphire's older brother, Fang. Fang was a year older than his sister. Anyways, He had Kitty's pale skin complexion, but Kurt's black hair and glowing eyes.

"It's time for bed. Maybe tomorrow night." said Kitty as she tucked her children into bed.

"Goodnight mommy." said Sapphire.

"Goodnight mom." said Fang.

Kitty blew out the candles and closed the doors. As Kitty walked down the halls of the Xavier manor that she had become to love so well, Kurt appeared next to her.

"Are the kids in bed?" he asked.

"Yes. I can't believe that it's been eight years since we met…" said Kitty. Kurt kissed Kitty.

"And I still love you as much as I did then." said Kurt.

"I love you too." said Kitty as the two left for their bedroom.

The End!

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