Chapter 2

After an hour's worth of conversations about money, idols, family, and movies we decided to set up camp. I knew the Sol Emerald were safe where they stood, so I decided to leave them there. Besides, the young man told me he would retrieve them for me in the morning. So far, things were going well!

"So, I told you my name like you asked. May I please get yours young man?"

He just laid there, on his sleeping bag gazing at the stars. The night was a sight so magnificent, I couldn't even keep my eyes off of it. The darkness that surrounded the stars and the moon made their luster shine brighter. They all stood out so stunningly.

"My name is Ellis, and I'm from Savannah, Georgia. I own a repair shop along with some of my buddies."

He took a deep breath.

"I was in a band, I played the bass guitar. I played real good. Yeah, real good." He sounded somewhat sad after saying that.

I looked at him distinctly.

"Your own friends ceased you? They threw you out of their…your band?"

He stood up and looked apprehensive. He looked at me differently than usual, well since I've known him (about an hour I have). What did I do to hurt him now? I need to be less shy and more social. That's what I get for being part of royalty and over protective of myself. Out of the blue, Ellis filled the empty silence of the night. The devoted and astonishing silent night.

"One day…a very bad day an infection got loose," His voice cracked.

"So many of my friends either died or became…became…monsters. And I ain't talking about the Lady Gaga type of monster."

I chuckled to myself softly.

Then his voice shifted a notch.

"I mean flesh eatin' monsters that kill each other for the fun of it or they're just hungry! For the most part, they try to kill you! My own friends tried to kill me!"

His breathing became heavy, and I could tell he felt horrible over this. As I just stared at him, he finished. Only his voice now grew very quiet, he tentatively became calm.

"I was one of the lucky ones. I guess somethin' in my blood saved me from becomin' one of 'em monsters."

I was shocked by this. The last time I was on Earth, there wasn't an infection! Unless, I transported to the wrong dimension. But I I hadn't transported here, Ellis could possibly of died without my help.

"Ellis, I didn't know…I'm…I am so sorry." I felt foolish for even saying anything. What a pity for Ellis.

He just looked at me and smiled. Ellis didn't care, he was just tired and hyper all at the same time. He really does remind me of somebody from a book. I just can't think of the name of the book! All I know is that he reminded me of a certain "greaser" from the particular book. Not like Ellis was a greaser, it was just Ellis's personality was so jive and irresponsible yet grateful. I somewhat adored it.

"Awww, it ain't your fault Blaze! All ya' did was ask me a few questions. That's all. It's not like somethin' bad happened."

Out of nowhere, Ellis took out a beer. It was too dark out to tell the brand name, but I didn't really care. I just can't be too close to alcohol when using my abilities. The fumes of alcohol with my pyrokinetics don't go well. But I can actually control my powers, so it didn't really matter. Ellis shortly took a sip then looked back at me.

"Where are my manners! I'm sorry, but do ya want any? It's light brewed!"

My eyes just widened. What the heck was he thinking? Me drinking? I could never picture myself drinking. NEVER! I can't! Maybe wine, (of course when I'm older) but that's because wine is preferred more in my family.

"I can't, I just can't." I pushed the drink away.

"Ya know the drinking age is twenty-one, right?" He winced at me.

"Oh believe me, I do! I'm just not…twenty-one."

His eyes widened, wider than mine were a few seconds ago.

"Shit…what do you mean you ain't twenty-one! You most certainly sound twenty-one or older. Well, in a mature way.

If you ain't twenty-one, then how old are you?"

I just smirked and went along with it.

"I'm fourteen, not twenty-one."

Ellis once more filled in, contented and surprised.

"Talk about fourteen going on twenty-one! You sure don't seem fourteen. Aren't you a little too young to be wearing heels.

I could tell Ellis finally figure out why I wore heels. He looked like he was about to kick himself in the face. I mean, I am a princess, I kind of have to wear heals in order to be regal.

"Okay, forget I said that. I'm just a little tired from all that runnin' and killin' that Witch."

I just sighed in relief because I now have the chance to get a good night's rest. To my extent, I was very surprised at myself that I'm camping with somebody I just met about an hour ago. But I felt something I normally only feel around Silver and my family. It was…trust. I felt as if I could trust Ellis even if he was somewhat irresponsible. I just yawned and went to sleep in my pajamas (white shorts and purple tank top with gold trim around the neck). Ellis just wore his casual and fell right asleep. I decide to follow suit and I went to sleep.