Hey people, as many of you well know I am the author of Sins of A Colonial Empire, I did promise a sequel to my story but in planning it I have hit a brick wall of sorts.

I will make this Halo timeline, like in my other stories different than the cannon.

So since this is Halo AU I Dont want any reviews asking or stating that the timeline is different. I Know!

The reason I have made the UNSC a little more advanced is due to the fact that several key technologies that are not around or available to the UNSC 500 years in the Future are in the process of being developed right now, power armor and optical camo as well as weaponized lasers are examples.


Yeah this part is long but at it is an alternate timeline I have to tell you nearly everything.

I am including a description here so I dont have to describe them in the story and take away from the story.


2050- As space travel becomes as common as air travel and the moon becomes covered in settlements ,The four superpowers of the Earth, the United States, EU, People's Republic of China and the Russian Federation, along with the smaller space faring Nations of United Korea, Iran, Japan, India, Australia, Brazil, Argentina, Egypt, Kenya and Israel agree to form a single scientific body to explore and colonize the Solar system. All of the Nations space agencies are combined into one agency headed under the United Nations and is called the UNCA, United Nations Colonial Administration.

2051- With Earth's population reaching 12 billion and rising, the UNCA begins to terraform Mars, Saturn's Moons, and the Jovian moons, including Europa. The first orbital elevator is built and finished in five years by the UNCA in Hawaii allowing massive amounts of raw materials to be moved into space. Another four elevators begin construction, one in Cuba, one in Peru, Malaysia, and Mombassa, Kenya.

2069- Mars is successfully terraformed into a lush green world with several large oceans and dozens of seas and lakes. The great colonization begins, with Millions of people colonizing the Martian surface and the first cities beginning to appear. Extensive mining of the Asteroid belt begins.

2085- With Earth's population still rising and the increased production of food and resources struggling to catch up, the four Superpowers form into a single governing body, the UEG, Unified Earth Government. Artificial gravity is perfected and the technology soon revolutionizes space travel.

2095- Venus is terraformed allowing millions of colonists to settle. The Population of Mars reaches 1 Billion and the total Human population throughout the Sol system reaches 20 billion. The UEG and UNCA realize that the Human race must expand outside the Home system, research into Faster Than Light travel begins.

2115- Conflict erupts on Mars and the Jovian moons when a radical socialist movement, the Friedions, claim sovereignty over Mars and the Colonies on Europa. This leads to the first Inter-solar War and the Rainforest Wars.

2116- The UEG and UNCA create the UNSC, the United Nations Space Command, the military arm of the UEG, to combat the separatists Friedions. The UNSC creates a massive armada of the first Space Navy to combat the Friedions Space forces. The Earth's orbit becomes militarized as defenses are built as well as does the moon and Venus. Terrorist attacks supported by the Friedions all over the globe lead the rest of the nations of the world to join the UEG, uniting all of the Nations of the Earth.

2117- The first true Naval battle between fleets in space takes place above Mars as the UNSC engages the Friedions Space Fleet. Naval doctrine for the next several hundred years is established as the UNSC defeats the Friedions in several battles that last for a month with thousands of casualties on each side as the UNSC regains control over the orbit of Mars and its orbital facilities and space ports, as well as the planet's orbital elevators. However the Friedions have several ground to space laser batteries that are heavily defended that keeps the UNSC from landing large amounts of troops. A UNSC Marine Lieutenant named Andrew White suggests that teams of elite Marines be dropped from orbital warships behind enemy lines via Human Entry Vehicles, or HEV pods for Short.

The ODSTs are born.

2118- After a lull in the War the ODSTs are successfully deployed and the Friedions' lines crumble. Mars is soon liberated and the UNSC fleet, reinforced two fold, soon liberates the Jovian moons and the moons of Saturn, defeating the Friedions.

2132- Two brilliant Scientists named Shaw and Fujikawa create the Slipspace translight drive. The UEG soon tests the drive on a UNSC Missile Destroyer, the Columbia.

The Columbia makes a short jump across the Solar system, proving the drive works and that FTL has been achieved, but also that inter-system jumps are dangerous as the Columbia is nearly trapped in the Ort Cloud.

2133- The first ShawFujikawa drive equipped probes reach one of the nearest star systems to Earth with a known terrestrial planet, Epsilon Eridani. The probes upon return bring back images that shock Humanity, an Earth like planet.

2134- The first interstellar colonization ships leave Sol, lead by a titanic colonization ship that is escorted by dozens of slipspace capable UNSC warships, the Santa Maria, and head for Epsilon Eridani with several hundred thousand colonists in tow. The trip takes three days but the fleet arrives and soon colonizes the planet, which is named


2140- Colonization of the Alpha Centauri system takes place where the binary systems several rocky moons of a gas giant are terraformed allowing Colonists to settle , the system is named the Atlas moons with the largest of which is a planet called Pandora.

2150- All of the systems with planetary bodies within forty light-years of Earth are colonized, creating the Inner colonies. Many systems like the Epsilon Erindani system have several colonies. The UNSC begins to have more control over the colonization efforts as more and more alien fossils are discovered on several planets, allowing many to agree that a large military is needed just in case the likely first contact goes wrong. Humanity soon controls over 100 planets and Reach becomes a military hub second only to Earth as the population of the planet exceeds a Billion. The total Human population reaches 40 Billion.

2200- Reach becomes the official headquarters of the UNSC, (though Earth still can act as headquarters). The first MAC gun is created. Energy Weapons such as lasers become common and traditional firearms begin to use either Metal Storm tech or Gauss tech to revolutionize weaponry.

2400- The UNSC and UEG expand to over 900 worlds. The total population exceeds 120 billion. ONI claims to have discovered the remains of an advanced alien spacecraft, which little do they know is in fact a Covenant explorer ship. Expansion halts as the UNSC and UEG realize that protecting the outer colonies is difficult. Defenses on all of the worlds are expanded and increased.

2450- The Insurrection begins, leading to a gigantic build up in the UNSC as it finds itself surrounded by worlds in revolt.

2452- Project Orion is created. ORION's goal is to create genetically and cybernetic enhanced supersoldiers to combat the growing threat of the rebels. 10 test subjects are chosen and 8 survive the augmentation. These soldiers come to be known as SPARTANS.

2492- With the Insurrection still taking place on the outer colonies the Orion project is advanced, 100 children are "chosen" to receive extreme genetic augmentations. The legendary Spartan IIs are born.

2525- On the outer colony world of Harvest first contact is made with an advanced space faring civilization known as the Covenant. They prove hostile , and war begins as a UNSC battlegroup is engaged by a Covenant Super-Dreadnaught, leaving seven UNSC warships vaporized and the Covenant ship destroyed. The Human Covenant War begins as Covenant ships begin to invade and glass parts of the world.

2526- A large Armada of over 120 UNSC ships and Thousands of Marines led by famed Admiral Preston Cole retake Harvest. The fleet engages a Covenant fleet of 65 ships and wins but at the price of 52 ships. The Marines engage for the first time Elites, Grunts, Brutes and Jackels in ground combat as the Marines, led by several Spartans, retake the planet. It is found that the Covenant's superior technology allow their ships to have a 1 to 2 ratio advantage over UNSC ships thanks to mainly energy shields. Three more battles will later take place as both sides wrestle for control of the planet, the UNSC eventually abandoning the colony in 2528 to the Covenant, whom glass the entire surface.

2528 - After the loss of Harvest four more star systems and 20 more colonies fall to the Covenant. The UNSC initiates the infamous Cole Protocol as humanity massively fortifies its worlds and throws all of its resources into the war effort.

2530- At the battle of Sargasso a young Admiral named Gregory White, a direct descendant of the creator of the ODSTs Andrew White , through use of what comes to be known as space based guerilla tactics, defeats a larger Covenant force of 23 ships with a fleet of 12 ships by using a series of intricate traps such as nuclear mines and using asteroids as cover to lure in parts of the Covenant fleet and pick them apart one by one with minimal losses. The victory boosts sagging moral as Admiral White becomes a hero for humanity alongside of Admiral Cole, who two months later goes on an offensive with his fleet and retakes three star systems besieged by the Covenant. During the battles ONI manages to , thanks to a raid by Spartan II supersoldiers, capture a lightly damaged Covenant frigate and transport it to a remote outpost to be researched .

2534- The Covenant begin a full fledged invasion of the outer colonies, the UNSC, outgunned looses nearly 60 star systems and 100 worlds are turned to glass.

2537- Seeing that the Covenant will likely reach the Inner Colonies within ten years and the fact that along the remaining Outer colonies the UNSC is stretched thin, Lord Hood and the UEG and UNSC HIGHCOM issue what comes to be known as the White Doctrine. The Battle plan, drawn up by Admiral White with help from Admiral Cole, Admiral Whitcomb and Lord Hood himself, calls for the evacuation of the rest of the outer colonies and for the populations of the planets to be moved to the well defended Inner Colonies. The plan calls for 75% of the remaining fleets in the Outer Colonies to be combined into two massive fleets under command of Admiral Cole and Admiral White while the remaining 25% of the fleet, under Admiral Whitcomb, assists in the evacuation effort and escorting the civilians to the safer Inner Colonies. The Two fleets would then engage in what could only be known as Interstellar Guerilla warfare as the two would lay intricate traps, using the abandoned worlds as what could only be called bait to lure the Covenant into traps and then pouncing with overwhelming numbers. The plan also calls for several more planets to act as Fortress Worlds which the fleets could use as midrange bases without traveling to the inner colonies and leading the Covenant there. The worlds that are chosen are the most populous of the outer colonies with the infrastructure necessary to do so, Arcadia and a world known as Midguard.

2540- With the evacuation of the outer colonies complete save for Midguard and Arcadia, the two fleets move to begin their work, destroying as many of the Covenant as possible while delaying the enemy's march towards the inner colonies and allowing the defenses to be further prepared and fleets upgraded and rebuilt. The two fleets begin to lay intricate traps and successfully begin to bleed the Covenant's forces as supply worlds are attacked and battlefleets are lured to abandoned worlds only to be destroyed by hidden mines and combined fleets in the hundreds of human ships. ONI research into slipspace jammer technology proves successful , allowing jammers to be placed around planets as to not allow anyone to perform intersystem jumps and forcing the Covenant to face defenses head on.

2543- The Overlord defense system above Earth is completed, consisting of over 300 Orbital Defense Platforms and a fleet of nearly 2000 of the UNSC's most advanced ships just to defend Earth alone. The defenses of the rest of the Sol system consist of another 500 ships and another 30 Super MAC ODPs over Mars and 10 over Venus, with Each Colony of the Jovian and Saturn moons defended by 20 warships and various defense stations. The defenses of Reach are expanded as well to include 90 Super MACs and a fleet of 650 Warships. All of the Inner Colonies begin to have around 10 SuperMACs to defend them and at all times at least a fleet of 50 ships.

2546- Research into advanced technology captured by the Covenant proves to be boon as energy shields, the one thing that hampered the UNSC in space, are developed and installed on UNSC ships as fast as possible alongside many other advanced technologies . The Spartans become revealed to the public and immediately are seen as legendary heroes.

2547- Arcadia falls to the Covenant, Admiral Cole and the remnants of his fleet escape to Midguard, the last Line of defense until the Inner Colonies.

2550- The fleets under Admiral White and Cole , having spent ten years successfully harassing the Covenant are pulled back to Midguard where they await the looming attack. The attack comes and the UNSC fleets, each once over 800 ships apiece, now have a combined strength of only 342 ships, only half of which have been refitted with shields , are forced to stand down over three times their number. Supported by Midguard's 23 Super MACs the fleets grind each other to scrap as half of Midguard is invaded by the Covenant ground forces while the UNSC fleet is reduced to 135 ships within three hours, the Covenant fleet reduced to around 300 ships and half of the ODPs taken out to enemy fire. The battle turns into a stalemate as the valiant defenders hold their ground. Five battles take place over the next year as the UNSC is unable to send reinforcements due to the Covenant launching the awaited invasion of the Inner Colonies.

2551- The UNSC manages to hold the Covenant at bay loosing only two star systems and ten worlds as the reinforced defenses and improved ships manage to drive the menace off in a series of hundreds of battles. Any incursions on colonial soil is defeated by UNSC Marines and the UNSC Army.

2552- A large Covenant Armada of over 800 ships, half of them CCS Battlecruisers is detected heading towards Reach. The defenses are prepared as the Colonist decide to all fight rather than flee. The UNSC fleet manages to hold their ground as the battle rages for weeks as both sides send reinforcements almost continually. The defenses hold and Reach is saved. Curiously a Covenant Assault Carrier that was acting as a flagship goes on a random jump towards the middle of uncharted space away from the Inner Colonies after receiving strange signals from beneath the surface of Reach. A UNSC ship, The Pillar of Autumn chases after the ship with one of the now 32 surviving Spartan II Supersoldiers, John - 117.

2552- The Events of Alpha Halo transpire.

2552- Operation First Strike takes place as 10 Spartan IIs led by the Master Chief attack and destroy a Covenant battle station and a fleet of 500 ships set to be part of an invasion force with a NOVA bomb. The Spartans uncover the coordinates of four heavily populated Covenant and Sangheilli worlds. An ONI force of prowlers delivers a deadly package to each of the planets, a NOVA bomb, killing billions of Sangheilli and other Covenant species and turning four worlds into asteroids.

2552 (Late)- A small fleet of covenant ships led by the High Prophet Regret jumps into the Sol system. The First Battle of Earth takes place as the Covenant force is slaughtered by the Home Fleet and the Overlord SuperMACs with minimal losses. However one Assault carrier manages to slip through the defenses by using its fellow ships as a shield and lands forces in the tether city of New Mombasa. The Battle of Mombasa takes place as Regret flees via an atmospheric jump, causing widespread damage to the city and nearly destroying the Orbital Elevator, the Master Chief on board the UNSC Frigate In Amber Clad commanded by Miranda Keyes manages to give chase.

2552- Events of Delta Halo transpire, Covenant Civil War breaks out.

Early 2553- Second Battle of Earth takes place when Covenant Loyalist forces launch an all out attack on the human homeworld. The battle rages as the UNSC holds the Covenant at bay , the Defenses of the Sol System and Earth proving to be nearly unbreakable to the Covenant, though casualties are high on both sides. During this time the Covenant Separatists led by the Sangheilli, form an Alliance with Humanity as battles rage across Covenant and former Covenant space. The Prophet of Truth, having evacuated the Covenant capitol city ship of High Charity via the Forerunner Dreadnaught, and armed with the code obtained from Delta Halo and Regret, heads to the Battle of Earth.

2553- The Third Battle of Earth transpires as Truth and a fleet of thirty Covenant Capitol ships penetrate the defensive lines over Earth by using the Dreadnaught as a Shield to reach the surface of Africa. There the small fleet, constantly under attack from UNSC ground forces vaporize lake Victoria and excavate a gargantuan Forerunner facility that acts as a portal to the Ark, the control station to fire all of the Halos at once. Truth and his fleet slips through the portal as the Sangheilli and Humans soon give chase. Truth is defeated as is Gravemind and the Flood. when the Master Chief, Sergeant Johnson , and Sangheilli Arbiter Thel Vadamee , activate the re built Alpha Halo and escape using a UNSC Frigate Foreword Unto Dawn through the Portal. However the portal collapses and the front half of the Dawn is safely transported to Earth with Sergeant Johnson and the Arbiter inside, and the rear half of the ship is sliced off with the Master Chief and Cortana inside and propelled thousands of light years into the Milky Way.

2553- The Human Covenant War ends leaving the UNSC as well as the Sangheilli and other Separatists victorious , though pockets of Loyalist resistance and fleets remain and Several Prophets did survive the destruction of High Charity. The Brute homeworld of Diasic and the Kig-Yar homeworld of Eayn however remain firmly in Covenant Loyalist control. The 28 year long war costs humanity 23 Billion civilian casualties, millions UNSCDF personnel , and all of the Outer Colonies not burned by the Covenant or ruined by Admiral White's Guerilla campaign save for Midguard, around 451 worlds in total.

2554- The UNSC and UEG Sign a defense treaty with the Sangheilli and begin to rebuild the ruined outer colonies and resettle the colonies that were unscathed thanks to the Inner Colonies remaining intact, where 80 percent of the human population was either concentrated of fled to during the war allowing the re-colonization efforts to proceed swiftly.

2556- The Great Schism still continues as Sangheilli fleets engage the Loyalists in short border wars. The Sangheilli, believed to have lost the technical expertise to create new ships and technology thanks to the Prophets, proves that they in fact did not and begin to create their own weapons and equipment designs. Though the peace and alliance between the Sangheilli and the humans still is in place many Humans begin to keep an eye on their enemy turned ally as a result.

2559- The UNSC is fast recovering from the war when a faint distress signal is received by a patrolling UNSC Cruiser engaging a minor Covenant incursion onto an abandoned UNSC colony .

UNSC Equipment

MA6D Assault Rifle- First adapted in 2431 this rifle shares many looks with the older and conventional rifle the MA5 series as well as being around the same size. However the overall appearance is where the similarities end. The weapon has a unique three barrel layout where the barrels are arranged in a triangle inside the barrel shroud as the weapon uses a firing system known as Metal storm technology to use an electrical charge to ignite the propellant of a 7.62mm tungsten round which , along with each bullet's propellant, is stacked end to end with about 15 rounds in each barrel (45 rounds total). The initial problems with MS tech were overcome as the first round has a 10 inch barrel, the accuracy and muzzle velocity is dramatic, accurate range of 300 yards and a muzzle velocity of 1840 m/s (more than double the MA5 series), and accuracy only improves the more rounds are spent as the barrel length each new round in each barrel has to travel increases. Though the Metal Storm firing system allowed for incredible rates of fire, the firing rate is toned down to that of 750 rounds a minute. All rifles come standard with an under slung 40mm grenade launcher and the D model has, as well as iron sights a holographic red dot sight atop the ammo counter and the miniaturized targeting computer for users lacking a targeting interface. This weapon is known to be able to drain or penetrate standard Sangheilli Energy shields in 4 to 6 hits.

BRM-99 Stanchion II Gauss Rifle- The original M99 Stanchion Gauss rifle was a sniper rifle that served throughout the 2400's and into the Covenant War. However the UNSC Realized that it needed a weapon halfway between the range of a sniper rifle and the MA6 with power also halfway between the two. Gauss technology was in use long before 2538 when this weapon was introduced , but the Stanchion II revolutionized weaponry. Helped along with technology reverse engineered from captured Covenant weapons the BRM is a fully contained Coil Rifle in the size of a Battle Rifle, albeit a bit bulkier. Though it sacrifices fire rate for power. The weapon's 8mm tungsten slugs can take out Sangheilli shields in as little as one hit with its muzzle velocity of 3,600 m/s and the magazine can hold up to 70 shots. The weapon looks similar to the long retired BR-55 Battlerifle but with the smooth features of a MA6 and DMR thrown in. The battery of the weapon is contained in a small magazine like pack attached to the weapon in front of the trigger guard which gives enough power for 1000 fully charged shots, after which the battery is simply ejected like a mag and replaced with a new battery. the Weapon comes with a 2x and 4x scope with full thermal and night vision capabilities.

Marine M-51 Armored Exoskeleton Suit- The UNSC had power armor technology long before the MJOLNIR armor of the SPARTAN II Commandos and can trace its roots to the Mechanichal exoskeletons employed by the United States in the 21st century. Using carbon fibers the M-51 Suit allows for the wearer to leap three times as far as a normal human, run twice as fast as an Olympic marathon runner, lift three times their weight. On top of the nano fibers, which themselves are resistant to small arms fire, composite Ferro- Titanium plates with laminated Kevlar complete with a layer of heat resistant materials. This makes the user able to take several direct hits to the Chest from Covenant Plasma weaponry, though it can only protect against at most 8 hits before succumbing. The newest models have personal energy shields for increased survivability. The UNSC Army uses a simular system while the ODSTs have the more powerful M-62, though all of these power armors look like a minivan parked next to a Race Car when compared to the MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor. (Imagine the UNSC Marine armor and gear combined with the futuristic looking armor for Tom Clancy's Future Soldier)

Grizzly II MBT- Based off the venerable Scorpion the original Grizzly Variant had two 90mm high velocity cannons and a flamethrower with a more powerful engine and thicker armor. The Grizzly II was introduced in 2531 and became the most powerful tank ever created. The Grizzly is armed with a 125 mm Gauss cannon, two 50 cal machine guns, a flame thrower and two 25mm anti-air chain guns or LAAGs mounted on the side of the turret, which like its predecessors is towards the rear of the tank more and is slightly flatter as well and is lower towards the main hull. Armor is far thicker and the titano-ferride armor can withstand numerous hits from Hunter assault cannons and several direct hits from a Wraith, as well as dozens of hits from conventional cannon shells. Another feature is that the armor is more smooth with curves in places. The tank usually supports a Black Paintjob . The far sleeker looking tank uses a fusion reactor to power the beast to speeds up to 60 mph.

FS-837 Falken Starfighter- Replacing the venerable Longsword the Falken is a leap in fighter technology and capabilities. under half the size of the Longsword the Falken is half again faster and far more maneuverable. Designed with a long dagger nose with a fully enclosed cockpit that uses viewscreens called a COFFIN system to give the single pilot a 360 degree view the fighter had a deadly swept forward wing design with two large omni directional thrust capable engines that allow the Falken to flip over and spin on its axis for better angles of attack during dogfights, a deadly advantage. Also having two inward swept tailfins and two canards in front of the wing the Falken is just as deadly and capable in a dogfight in atmosphere as in space. Armed with two 50 mm cannons that are far more powerful than the larger cannons on the Longsword as well as a pulse laser and up to 20 missiles for dogfights as well as hardpoints for anti ship missiles and bombs.