Chapter 8


"I am Kira."

The statement seemed to echo in the silent command center. It resounded in L's mind over and over again.

"I am Kira."

For a moment no one knew what to do, they were stunned by the sudden admission and each silent second seemed to last for a lifetime as L's thoughts began racing.

"What are you saying, Light?" Soichiro demanded, breaking the spell and L was filled with a sudden, inconsolable rage.

You goddamned petulant bastard! How dare you take my victory from me! I knew you were Kira. I didn't need you to tell me.

"How dare you!" He snarled as he launched himself off his chair and actually punched Light, his knuckles colliding with Light's face with a satisfying crack. The force of the blow staggered Light and would have sent him to the ground if he hadn't connected with L's knee during his decent.

"Ryuzaki!" Matsuda exclaimed as he rushed forward to restrain the raging detective along with Mogi.

"You think you can throw yourself on my mercy?" L demanded as Aizawa showed enough presence of mind to haul Light to his feet and handcuff him.

Light snorted disdainfully and glanced away. "We both know what the chance of you showing me mercy is, Ryuzaki."

"Then why?" L snarled before taking a deep steadying breath, closing his eyes and ceasing his struggles. Despite the serene facade, his mind was racing.

Why would he turn himself in? This makes no sense. Light has to be close to killing me by now. Why would he give up the game now? What does he hope to accomplish by this? Nothing. What can he accomplish by turning himself in?

"I already killed you, L." Light smirked, despite his rapidly swelling cheek and the blood that was trickling from his split lip. "It just wasn't fun anymore."

L's eyes widened in shock. "Then you know my name?"

Light smiled enigmatically but didn't reply. L clenched his fist at his side and fought down the urge to attack the teen again. Light was always the one who began their physical altercations. L was supposed to be the ever-calm, level-headed detective. He was not supposed to resort to violence when things didn't go his way.

L frowned.

This doesn't add up. If Light was in a position to win, he would take advantage of it. No, if Kira was in a position to win, he would take advantage of it. Was it possible that L had been wrong all this time? Was Light being used?

"You're covering for the real Kira." L finally surmised.

Light chuckled softly and shook his head. "You know that I'm Kira, L. You've always known. I killed Higuchi so I could take back possession of the Death Note."

"Higuchi's name was never written in the Death Note. I checked every page." L informed him.

Light's eyes traveled slowly, significantly, to the watch he had removed. "Matsuda, pull the pin on that watch four times, please."

L narrowed his eyes.

Ah. I see what you're doing, Light. You have us all dancing on the palm of your hand. We have all the questions and you have all the answers. I get it. It's about control. You were always such a control freak.

Matsuda hesitantly picked up the watch and did as he was told. A moment later a small scrap of paper fluttered to the floor in front of him. The investigators all stared at it uncomprehendingly before Matsuda gingerly picked it up between two fingers and read it.

"Kyosuke Higuchi." He read in a disbelieving whisper.

The silence was almost suffocating as all the proof they needed came to light.

"So," L began slowly, "what is it that you want from me then, Light-kun?"

"You can't make a deal with a -a – a terrorist!" Matsuda exclaimed.

"But that's why you turned yourself in, isn't it, Light? There's something you want from me. And the only way to get it was to give me something in return. Right, Light-kun?"

A slow, wide grin spread across Light's lips. "I believe I've said this before, but it's almost scary how well you know me."

"Light! Think about what you're doing!" Soichiro exclaimed. "You can't be Kira. You're my son!"

Light's eyes traveled momentarily to his father before straying back to L. "I'll tell you everything you want to know, L. In return, you're going to destroy the notebooks for me."

"So you can lose all your memories of shinigami and Death Notes?" L demanded and was pleased to see the faint flicker of surprise enter Light's gaze before it was quickly suppressed. "That's what happens when the Death Note is destroyed, isn't it, Rem?"

Light glanced over at the shinigami who was silently creeping closer and closer to the drama unfolding in the command center. "What are you doing, Light Yagami?" She asked in apparent confusion. "You haven't forgotten -"

"No, I haven't forgotten our deal, Rem." Light interrupted firmly.

Ah, this is interesting. So Light's made a deal with the shinigami. What for? Can they offer more than the shinigami eyes? What's Light bargaining for?

"Do you want me to kill them?" Rem asked. "Is that what you -"

"For the last damn time, just stay out of this!" Light snarled. "No, I don't want you to kill them. I believe I told you not to interfere. You will lose that which is most precious to you if you do."

"I see." Rem said monotonously before falling into mute silence.

"Rem . . . what is most precious to you?" L asked slowly. But the shinigami didn't respond, instead it simply stared at Light.

"Light, what deal did you make with the shinigami?" L asked.

Light's frustration instantly evaporated and was replaced with the same overbearing confidence he'd exhibited before Rem had been brought into the situation.

Light's afraid of the shinigami. He's afraid that it will ruin whatever it is he's planning. Maybe if I push him, if I try to interrogate the shinigami, he'll make a slip. Light obviously has some leverage over the creature. If only I knew what was most precious to a god of death.

"I'm not saying any more until you've agreed to my proposal." Light said calmly. "I want the Death Note's destroyed."

"You want us all to die along with you, is that it, Light?" Aizawa demanded.

"You wont die." Light said lazily.

"Then that rule is fake?" L said, jumping on the opportunity.

Light pursed his lips but remained silent.

Well then, now what? It's my move. If I agree to his terms, then I'm playing right into his hands. I probably have enough to convict him now, especially with Higuchi's name from the watch. But if Light suddenly decides to go on the offensive during his trial, he could punch a lot of holes in the case. I don't intend to catch him just for him to be released after trial. So then, I have no choice. Sometimes I really hate that boy.

"If you can promise me that we wont die if we destroy it, then I will agree to your terms." L said.

"Rem, what would happen if Ryuzaki burned your Death Note?" Light asked casually as though it weren't a matter of life or death.

"You would lose all of your memories about shinigami and Death Notes." The creature answered monotonously. "And I would have to return to the Shinigami Realm."

"And what would happen to Ryuzaki and the other investigators?" Light prompted.


"Why would your memories be erased but not ours?" Mogi asked.

"I'm the owner of the Death Note." Light answered arrogantly. "That you were allowed to touch it is of little consequence."

"I see." L murmured. "Then, I will destroy the Death Note for you. On the day your fate is decided in a court of law."

"Of course. Did you think I was trying to stand trial without my memories?" Light asked mockingly.

L frowned. "Aizawa, Mogi, take Light to interrogation room one and wait for me there. Don't take your eyes off him for a second. Watari, release Chief Yagami. I'm sorry, but I think that it's best if you're no longer involved in this case, Yagami-san. Therefore, I'm removing you from the case. You are hereby relieved from your duties and can return to work with the police as usual."

Soichiro stared at him mutely for a moment, utterly defeated, before nodding slowly. "I . . . I understand. But I refuse." He said. "Light is my son. My responsibility. And I will see this through. . . until the very end."

L hesitated. "And you're prepared for what that end will most likely be?"

"I am."

"Dad, you don't have to do this." Light said softly.

"You're wrong. Kira. If I back out now, I wont ever be able to forgive myself. If I put my family above the law, I'd be no better than you." Soichiro said gruffly. "You are no longer my son. As far as I'm concerned, Light Yagami is dead. And I will see you, Kira, pay for destroying him."

Light visibly winced at the harsh words.

I will break you, Light. And I will know everything. Every single thought and action that you made as Kira. You think playing into my hands will give you control? I'll take that from you too. I'll take everything from you. I will win this.

"Everything in your profile says that you would destroy even your own family if it would ensure the successful completion of your goal. So you can drop this act, Kira."

Light dropped his gaze for a moment before a small, cruel smile spread across his lips. "You do know me well, L."

"Get him out of here." L sighed before turning back to his monitor.

I will not lose to you, Light.


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