Elisa has a nightmare.

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An island she had seeing before, and where she had being. And mistreated. And hated, and loathed. The clouds covering its entire surface was blown away by the wind as darkness fell. Fire erupted between the wonderful towers and angry shouts and howls was all there could be heard.

The city was silent. No people walk the streets. Darkness everywhere, the tall buildings threatining imponent shadows towering above her. Clouds departed, the glorious full moon allowed its light to give some aid to the blinded eyes. Booming steps, angry howls, sounds of a war.

There were no longer buildings. There was only ruins. Scattered bodies everywhere. Blood and dust, and the moon still above, glowing, as if wanting them all to see the carnage. One gargoyle among the bodies. Unmoving, female, one that she sobbed in horror when recognizing. Dead, gone.

Another one stood now in the horizon. Its sillohoute all well known and hated. Unarmed, her eyes glowing with a red light. Standing, her blue skin stained with blood. And others behind her. Monstrous creatures of many legs and arms, chaotic mixtures of species dancing on each one of their bodies. Howls, angry screams.

Elisa turned. More gargoyles, angry battered gargoyles. They all howled in rage and lunged at each other and she cowered in fear.

Monsters and gargoyles falling, slashing, biting, dying.

A watery green gargoyle fell, a centaur reared howling in triumph.

A red beaked gargoyle fell limp to the floor, an axe nailed on his back.

An olive green gargoyle twisted and howled, fire eating away his flesh.

An old warrior was slammed against the floor, and moved no more.

And a beast, terrified and wounded, merely stood in the middle of the chaos and howled in terrified agony to the moon. The monsters closed in, and she saw no more of him.

The female blue gargoyle made a sharp move, and a huge lavender male fell to his knees, his head lolling loosely on the shoulders, the neck broken. His face hit the floor.

Demona growled and hissed, the monsters stopped the slaughtered and turned to face her. She howled, raising her fist above her head, and they all howled in response, raising their own paws up in the sky.

Elisa sat upright on her bed, a scream ripped off her throat. Cagney lifted its head from the pillow and meowed in concern. Her frantic panting slowed, her heart settled down. She was home, she had a nightmare. All was just a nightmare.