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Matthew Williams always thought of himself ordinary, in no ways extraordinary. He was a B average student, he thought math was a tough subject, and he had struggled with the typical peer pressures that any teenager had to go through. So he was that typical everyday teenager. He was just…ordinary.

Shouts and screams filled the air as he watched a kid from his school sprint toward him, yards ahead of the other competitors. Without hesitating, Matthew kneeled down on one knee, raised the camera that was strapped around his neck, looked into the view finder and quickly snapped several pictures as he raced across the finish line. Lowering the camera, he pressed a button on the side that let him review the pictures he just took, and grinned in satisfaction as he saw that each one was clear, in focus, and just enough lighting was used.

It was a beautiful sunny Thursday afternoon. Just weeks away from summer vacation, kids rejoiced, and at the same time became lazy, many of them not finishing their homework the whole way through. Of course, in their defense everyone always complained that the fourth quarter was always the most stressful.

Matthew sat by the finish line at a Track meet as he watched other students from his school compete against their notorious rivals from Chancely Axis High. This was the final Track meet of the year, since the Spring Sports season was drawing to an end as summer drew closer. Matthew noted that so far, his school (Hetalia International High School) had the upper hand, since the last three races had drawn up victorious for them. But everyone had to remind themselves that this was just the start of the meet, and that it could turn around at any moment.

He and three other people from his Photojournalism class had been assigned to take pictures of the meet. He had been assigned to photograph all the running events, a Ukrainian girl named Katyusha had been assigned the jumping events, and a senior whose name Matthew couldn't remember, had been given the throwing events. It was done that way so that one single student wouldn't be given the burden to have to photograph each event, and become stressed out since they would have to continuously run back and forth from each event. Unlike most sports, Matthew noted, like Basketball or Soccer, Track was a spread out sport. It wasn't in an arena or just located on one field. In fact, all the throwing events (Shot Put, Discus, and Javelin) were actually held in a field on top of a hill behind the high school, while the running events (Sprinting, Relays, and Distance) were held on the 400 meter long track which was across the parking lot on the other side of the high school, where Matthew was currently located. The jumping events (High Jump, Pole Vault, Long and Triple Jump) were right next to the track, but on the other side of a fence. Basically their assignment was to take pictures for the Yearbook staff so that they could use them in the…well, the yearbook.

Matthew looked up from his camera and squinted in the bright sunlight. The boy that had just won the race was straightening up, still catching his breath. He shook his head, his curly brown hair moving out of his face, and his green eyes glinting slightly in the sun, full of energy. Matthew remembered the kid's name. Antonio Fernandez. He was a junior, going on to being a senior, and was famous for three things at Hetalia High. One was that he was one of the fastest people that had ever come to the school, breaking three sprinting records that had been set for nearly fifteen years, he was voted Most Congenial in the 'School Personality' contest, and third was that two months ago he had become openly gay. Even though a large amount of people were shocked to find out about this, surprisingly a lot more people were almost indifferent about it, even when someone famously quoted, "Well of course, he'd have to be gay, since all the straight men at our school are either jocks with huge egos, or complete douche bags that think they're better than everyone else."

But what surprised everyone the most had to be who Antonio revealed to be dating. Lovino Vargas, who if it were a possible category in the School Personalities, would have been voted, 'Worst Attitude'. Lovino was in Matthew's grade, and he had to listen to the to the hot tempered Italian go on in his thick accent about what the teacher was doing wrong, why their school system was screwed, and most of the time, just watching him flip out at another classmate, and to everyone's amusement, most of the time that classmate being his twin brother, Feliciano Vargas, dubbed the 'nicer version'.

So no one could really see how the nicest guy at their school could date such a mean, irritated person that always seemed annoyed by everything. What really seemed to leave everyone dumbfounded the most however, was that Antonio, standing true to his Congeniality, didn't seem to even mind the insults, and sometimes even laughed as if he were being told a joke instead.

As Antonio walked past Matthew, he opened his mouth and quietly said, "Congratulations." At first, Matthew thought he hadn't heard him, since his voice tended to be quieter than most people's and it often led him to being ignored, but when Antonio looked in his direction gave a smile and said a breathy "Thanks!" back, Matthew felt his cheeks grow warm. He hated being so shy, and as he grew older, he was slowly making attempts to be more open and social toward others. Even muttering a simple 'Hello' to a stranger was an ordeal for him that he tried to get over.

"Oi! Mathieu! Come over here!"

Matthew bit back a groan and rolled his eyes. He could recognize that French accent anywhere. It was his cousin Francis Bonnefoy.

Turning slowly, he saw Antonio standing by a blonde haired man with chin length hair who was waving at him. Matthew wanted to shake his head no, and ignore him, but he knew better. He knew that if he just ignored him, Francis would come over and bother him anyway. Sighing, he walked over to where they were standing.

"What, Francis?" Matthew said quietly, giving him and irritated look. Francis ignored the look and instead, fixed Matthew with a smile that could have outshined the sun. Francis gestured at Antonio. "My dear friend, Antonio wishes to see the pictures you took of him while he gallantly sprinted across the finish line in the previous race."

Matthew tried to resist the urge of rolling his eyes again. Francis was indeed French, but he didn't have a permanent accent. He had grown up in North America, both his parents moving from France, but unlike his parents who had heavy accents, he could speak normally. He just chose to speak in a French accent because as he had told Matthew before, "It really wows the ladies if you speak like a foreigner. They find it, how would you say it? They find it swooning." Matthew thought without a doubt that the only people that had ever heard him speak normally without a French accent would have to be him, his family, and Francis' friends. Matthew turned to Antonio with a small smile and took the camera off from around his neck and handed it to him.

"Sure." Matthew said quietly and pointed at a button that allowed you to playback the photos. "Just press this button."

Antonio nodded and looked through the pictures. When he was done, he looked at Matthew and smiled again as he handed back the camera. "Wow, you're a really good photographer."

Matthew blushed and timidly looked down. "T-thanks…"

"Toni~! Franciiisss!"

Matthew looked up to see…oh no…he quickly put the camera back around his neck and turned to leave, "Um, well I have to, you know, keep taking pictures, so—"

"Hey, is that Matthew?"

Matthew froze in his tracks like a rabbit caught at a dead end with a rabid dog at his heels and slowly turned to the voice. White hair and red eyes, and yet just one year older than he was, stood Gilbert Beilschmidt.

Huge ego.

International asshole.

Matthew knew Gilbert from the few times Francis had come to his house and brought him along. Gilbert was courteous in front of adults, but whenever they aren't around…

Matthew fought back the memory. He didn't want to be reminded of the words that seemed 'innocent' but deep down, they all meant something else that were cruel and harsh. He was on the Track team along with Antonio. Francis didn't participate in as many sports claiming he was too 'busy' at home. He stopped in front of Matthew. He was wearing a pair of white sweatpants that were rolled up at the knee (Hetalia's school colors were white and gold). Wording on the right side of the pants read in a golden text: Hetalia International, and then on the left side it read: Track & Field. Gilbert was wearing a white t-shirt that he had obviously just pulled on, and he was wearing a pair of Adidas sandals, his spikes tied together with their shoelaces and draped around his neck.

"Taking pictures, shortie? Huh, I've never seen photography as something a guy would do. Isn't that a bit girlish?" Gilbert asked, looking at the camera. Matthew bit his lip and looked away. Gilbert was in his 'innocent' mode, which was asking questions that didn't seem too harmful to anyone else that would just be standing around, but really he was just starting to get mean. Francis laughed and sneered back, "Gilbert, it's not like there's anything 'wrong' with it. I mean, how many times have you run around with a camera taking pictures?"

"None. You know why Francis!"

"Oh yes!" Francis said and smacked his forehead as if he had forgotten, "That's why!"

Matthew bit his lip harder. Someone listening might have no idea what they were talking about, but Matthew was in on their little joke. It was something a girl would do, and Gilbert obviously wasn't a girl. But because Matthew took pictures, he was definitely a girl.

Antonio looked from Gilbert to Francis, then to Matthew and frowned. It was remarkable how the three had managed to stay friends, considering Gilbert and Francis were so well known for their cruelty towards other people.

"What are you two talking about?" Antonio asked, and the sound of the starting gun being shot off to start the next race could be heard in the background.

Gilbert snorted and turned to Antonio, "Nothing. Just something me and Francis heard about the other day."

Antonio didn't look convinced, and opened his mouth to say something else when a voice interrupted him.

"Hey, Matthew?" Matthew looked over his shoulder and saw Katyusha walking toward him. She had short blonde hair and a very large chest. She was just as timid as Matthew, but with just a tad more confidence. "Do you have any extra batteries for the cameras? I forgot to get mine charged."

"Uh…" Matthew looked over at the three guys, Gilbert and Francis wearing a smirk, and Antonio still frowning. "Yeah, I'll go get it, it's in my bag."

"All right, thank you!" Katyusha gushed and followed after him. Matthew gave a small smile that didn't reach his eyes and walked away from the three guys, ignoring the snickers. When they reached the stands where the spectators sat and watched the events, Matthew saw that the camera's battery charge was full.

"Um, Katyusha, the battery is—"

"I know." Katyusha interrupted and pushed her bangs out of her eyes, fastening them with a clip. "You alright?"

Matthew swallowed and wordlessly nodded his head. Katyusha didn't know that he was sometimes picked on by the two seniors, but it wouldn't be surprising that she had picked up. Her younger brother Ivan, who was a junior was often picked on by Gilbert (Francis preferred to leave this one to him), and it was once the talk of the school when the two nearly got into a fight. She was one of the kindest seniors Matthew had ever met. Katyusha smiled and turned around, "I'm going back, thanks for the battery!"

"S-sure!" Matthew said quietly back, but he didn't know if she had heard him or not. Matthew sighed and sat down on the bench and watched as Gilbert and Francis made their way over toward a group of popular girls that were seniors also, no doubt to flirt with them. He sighed and placed his head in his hands. Of all that he would give he could just leave him alone. Especially Gilbert.

But he didn't know that this was just the beginning.

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