You have to admit, you weren't so sure about this date, but Freddie's actually a really cool guy. He laughed at all your jokes and held your hand comfortably and even let you pick the movie, which is more than you can say for your last couple of boyfriends, so when he invites you inside his apartment when the date's over, you agree. But only because he seems like the last guy in the world to try and get in your pants three days after asking you out.

He, after you almost beg, tells you the story of the time he worked with Ginger Fox as you make the way to his bedroom, chatting and laughing in that polite way you do on first dates. You smile at him charmingly while he opens the door, and then it all goes downhill.

"Oh, hey, dude!" comes a greeting from what must be the bathroom, and it sounds female. You're praying it's his mom, oh please god, when the voice calls again. "Thish new toothpashte you got ish horrible!" she says in a familiar it's-really-hard-to-talk-while-brushing-my-teeth-but-I'll-try-anyway lisp.

You look at Freddie, alarmed, and he's grimacing, trying to shoot you a reassuring look. "I'm so sorry, Arianna," he says hastily, and you frown. So there's something to be apologizing for? "My friend, she, uh, regularly picks the lock to my apartment, and-"

Then his friend, that girl, Sam, appears in the doorway of the bedroom, and she's wearing pajamas that look a bit too big for her. It takes you a moment to realize they're probably his Webicon t-shirt and plaid pajama pants that she's wearing so comfortably. She has a toothbrush in her toothpasted foamy mouth and you can't believe you're so stupid. "Oh, shorry, man. 'Otally forgah about your date."

"What's she doing here?" you finally manage to ask Freddie, who is pursing his lips awkwardly.

"Arianna," he says. "look, there's nothing going on between me and Sam, believe me, just friends. …And Sam, you better not be using my toothbrush!" he yells the last part, kinda blowing your eardrum out.

Sam pulls the toothbrush out of her mouth and surveys it. "Whoopsh," she says sarcastically.

"Is she spending the night?" you demand, taking in the plastic bag of clothes and extra pillow on his bed.

"No," Freddie says forcefully, "and I have no idea what made her think that she could."

"Dude!" Sam protests, raising her arms in confusion. "Now I got nowhere to go! You said I could drop by anytime my mom freaks and Carly's busy!"

"Freddie! Does this happen a lot?" Your jaw drops.

"Sure," Sam rolls her eyes, turning back to spit out her toothpaste. "Couple times a month?"

"Sam!" Freddie hisses.

"I'm sorry," you say, grabbing your coat out of his hands angrily. "I don't think this'll work out."

As you run down the hallway in your nice shoes, you can faintly hear them yelling at each other. You come to the cynical, bitter conclusion that they'd make a wonderful married couple.

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